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I think so too : )

A quick google makes it sound like this is a false positive that renpy games sometimes generate. I haven't had the same issue flag up on my end though : )

I'm always amazed by how easy it is for silly typos to slip past multiple people before publishing, good spotting :P

I'm so happy my games have meant so much to you, it makes it feel like it was worth making them <3 thank you so much

I dont know if i can put into words how much this review means to me, but thank you so much. I'm so happy my work meant something to you and thank you so much for playing <3

this is a really well thought out comment, thank you so much for this perspective ! Originally I never planned for trixie to work out with tabby and nikita, I felt she was too emotionally unstable and not ready for this kind of thing, much like I felt early in my transition. Over the last year though finding two amazing partners has changed my life, and when it came to finally writing the script for my goofy feel good holiday game I couldn't bring myself to hurt trixie. She's done so much for me over my transition and I couldn't bare to end this little arc on a sad note for her.  I wanted her to be happy :)

I'd love to explore the less cheerful aspects of her character again in future though, here's hoping :)

aww, this means so much to me, im so glad you've enjoyed my work <3

Beautiful art and beautiful words. I really enjoyed this short story.

This is exceptionally cute. I loved it : )

thank you fio deer!

im sorry you got sad but im glad you got ok : )

thank you dog girl! Bark bark bark!

Thank you so much! <3


Thank you so much!

Thank you for your help deer girl!


thank you so much for inspiring me to use custom art! It's so fun!

I was watching your playthtough of the series in the background while I worked last week so I could get back into trixie nikita and tabbys heads before I wrote something! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, it means so much to me : )

This is so cute :) and so so sweet!

send ur ladyfriend a message saying u love her RIGHT NOW

Thank you so much : ) im so glad to hear you've enjoyed my writing!


aw thank you so much!


Lovely :) This made me smile and want to bake myself some bread :)

We all love her!

i made it out of the maze because i have a high rodent IQ

I do not have either sorry : ) I assume most of my characters sound very british, which is unfortunate.

This is extremely cute. My favourite character was cute furry Freya : )

Cute art, a soundtrack that slaps and lovely writing. I look forward to unlocking the rest of the endings!

Thank you for such a kind comment! I'm so happy you enjoyed the game!

aww this is wonderful, thank you : )

If i do ever find time to continue trixie and her friends story I do intend for Niktia to be the protagonist : )

It sounds like a few people have this issue. sadly im not sure what could be causing it, and since i dont have the ability (or time) to easily look into the games workfiles anymore im unlikely to be able to fix it anytime soon : (

Trixie may be a wimpy coward but she is my wimpy coward, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my writing! It really helped my self confidence *rise* (bread joke)

Glad to announce I have learnt grammer since writing my visual novels :) I would like to patch my games, but there's a lot of fiddling about involved and I font have much free time :( Sorry if it hurt your enjoyment!

Thank you so much! I'm excited to see what weird queer stuff I can write too!