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Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed Trixe! 
Strangely I feel Bells route is the weakest : ) But that might just be because it was the last one I wrote!
Bell and LeRose were actually hinted at in one or two lines of dialogue in Parsnip, but I think they were fairly hard to find : )

Tabby isn't great at dressing appropriately. Thank you for the kind words!

pauwi sa amin was very sweet, I often worry about missing out when I'm no longer with people, so it felt very personal ^^

Thank you! ^^ My avatar is actually by PossPal! I'm afraid my drawing skills aren't quite that good :P

I can't take the credit for the art! ^^ That goes to

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I'm poor and can't afford to go to GDC! And even if I could they don't let rats on planes! Unfair! I thought it might be nice to talk about my story in game development though! The last year has been a big adventure for me, from my first publicly released game to my first job in professional game development.

About two years ago me and my friend ( decided to work together on a game project where I could focus on writing and learning some programming skills, and she could focus on animation. It was a long process, and we both learnt a lot from it, but just under a year ago we released Parsnip ( We never expected anyone to play it, so when 100s of people played it soon after release, and we got feedback from reviews, lets plays and social media we were super blown away. It was amazingly motivating to make something people enjoyed!

A few months before Parsnip was released I came out as trans, and this was a big influence into our next game, The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith ( LGBTQ representation is something I wish there was more of in games, certainly in AAA games, so having a chance to write a cast of fun LGBTQ characters in a spooky story was incredibly nice! Trixie in some ways become a way for me to discuss my own feelings during my early transition, and I feel the game and its characters have a lot of meaning to me for that reason. The game was also very funny. I am allowed to say this, even if it is vain.

It was a big dream for me to work in indie game development, but unfortunately it wasn't something that came close to being affordable, especially not with my medical costs, so it was a good job I finally got a job in a large games studio! This was super big, and something I never really thought would happen, given my impostor syndrome! While it is sad that I don't have much free time for my own projects, working on a new project much bigger than anything I have done previously has been really exciting!

More than anything, the last year has rekindled my old love of writing. As a little one, I was always telling stories, but I lost that passion during my teens, when I was hideously depressed. Spending time writing about my characters for over a year though has really encouraged me, and I look forward to writing more in future, maybe even professionally! Who knows though, not me!

If any of my work sounds interesting feel free to check it out! It's all free, besides Trixie, and you might even enjoy it!

I released a short visual novel about a bored rat writing some self insert fanfication! It has romance! Action! Morals! It's about 20 mins long and has some "great jokes" - me

Check it out here!

Would that still work if my payouts are collected by itch and paid later?

The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith has been released!

It's a comedic horror visual novel with sanity mechanics, and is 10% off until monday!

There's a detailed description of the game on it's page, and a free demo too!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The big tortoise died because it ran into  one of the pillars while it was chasing you and hit its head btw :D you just wern't facing it!

I'm glad you had fun! Sorry about the bug! Lets pretend you unlocked a secret alternate ending!

Sadly I don't have a mac which makes packaging the game quite difficult, if I manage to export it for mac in future I'll let you know : )

I've added a 32 bit version : ) I can't guarantee it will run as well as the 64 bit version, but hopefully it works for you!

I think if you press F11 it should go fullscreen. Not 100% sure why it isn't by default, i'm sure it did in testing (although I made it over a year ago so my memory isn't great :D

Glad you enjoyed yourself! The jumpscares were added very last minute just to make the creepy faces seem more malicious I definitely agree there should have been more variety! If I re release this at any point thats definitely a change id be making (among many!) 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game : D Always fun to watch people play through my stuff!

I'm glad you had fun! The crawling crazed guards are one of my favourite characters in the game so i'm glad you found them creepy!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game! It was great seeing a project I didn't bother releasing for over a year because I wasn't sure it was good enough give someone some spooks! I'd love to go rework it sometime and fix up some of the issues (and make it even spookier!). There's only one ending do don't worry about replaying for a different ending, though there's a few extra things you can do, including find some extra rooms and 'fight' a big tortoise boss in the woods!

The original Hex Empire is one of my favourite browser games ever to play during breaks, so its awesome to see you're making another one! I'm enjoying it a lot so far.

I was wondering if there is a way to break pacts? At the moment I seem to have to wait for my ally to betray me, while I would like to be the one doing the betrayal >:)