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I don't remember all of the specifics I had to do, but if you check the acknowledgements section of the games page you can find a list of bitsy hacks I used :)

this was very sweet! congrats on your first game!

Absolutely infuriating, but in a good way. really captures the kind of grim interaction that seemed normal a decade ago online

Yowch, that hit pretty hard. Really related to a lot of this one, amazing work...

thats a good suggestion actually, I might tweak those values when i update :). Maybe there'll be a nomad option one day too

Oh for sure yes! The orange AI actually doesn't know how to use its unique unit properly right now, but hopefully I'll fix that with an update! Blue only winning a defensive victory is kind of intentional, as they're meant to be the 'survive' decaying empire faction rather than the 'win' faction

Super pretty art and css, I really enjoyed the writing so I'm excited for the full version now!!!!

This is neat, looking forward to the full version :)

Cute game, it's nice to walk in the woods :)

This has such a neat style, I'm really excited for the full version!

me knowing all the bugs that are still in it: ye :)

Very sweet, reminds me of going through my old things at my parents place, meloncholy, but also a little happy

They're from my previous games, The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith and Three Lesbians in a Barrow :)

That's strange :( I'm also on firefox with similar plugins but don't have any issues. I'm sorry the game doesn't work!

What are you playing on?

anythings possible ifu  put ur mind to it

Actually Iosefka is my gf. The ideal woman. Gods favourite angel.

Thank you Mia Cain!

Wales is great i highly reccomend it


good job poppy proud of u

It's really cool that you made the sims in less than a day.

This was so stylish and well put together. I loved the home made skill system : )

I had a lot of fun eating plants and throwing up. Thank you.

NO. thank YOU for reading it.

no basilleafeon thank u

I've been using this engine for a while on a project, and it's very powerful!

Such a beautiful and special game!

you cant stop her

I think so too : )

A quick google makes it sound like this is a false positive that renpy games sometimes generate. I haven't had the same issue flag up on my end though : )

I'm always amazed by how easy it is for silly typos to slip past multiple people before publishing, good spotting :P

I'm so happy my games have meant so much to you, it makes it feel like it was worth making them <3 thank you so much

I dont know if i can put into words how much this review means to me, but thank you so much. I'm so happy my work meant something to you and thank you so much for playing <3

this is a really well thought out comment, thank you so much for this perspective ! Originally I never planned for trixie to work out with tabby and nikita, I felt she was too emotionally unstable and not ready for this kind of thing, much like I felt early in my transition. Over the last year though finding two amazing partners has changed my life, and when it came to finally writing the script for my goofy feel good holiday game I couldn't bring myself to hurt trixie. She's done so much for me over my transition and I couldn't bare to end this little arc on a sad note for her.  I wanted her to be happy :)

I'd love to explore the less cheerful aspects of her character again in future though, here's hoping :)

aww, this means so much to me, im so glad you've enjoyed my work <3

Beautiful art and beautiful words. I really enjoyed this short story.

This is exceptionally cute. I loved it : )