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Thank you, and no problem :)

did you know this is on coolmathgames?

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geez calm down, I actually think this looks pretty cool. The art style is more original than most games coming out.

I think you might need a higher spec computer/laptop because it works just fine when I play it.

A new innersloth member is always welcomed!

Thank you for your answer! I think it's an ok title, however I already have a name for my project. I should have probably closed this topic (if thats something I can do on I hope you have a great day!

PS: The project IS in alpha, so it's possible I could change the name if I liked it enough.

PSS: Here is the link if you want to know more: (no it's not called rhythm)

PSSS: Bye.

Here is a current list of all the dev logs made for updates to the game

Alpha 1.0:

Kadência a1.0 community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Please write any suggestion or tips you have here!

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There is a game I have been working on, and I finally have a working, semi-playable version of it up on! It is called Kadência, it plays similar to a game called Project Arrhythmia . The game is easily accessible through the browser. Keep in mind that It is in a very early stage, so anything could change and there are still a lot to be worked on. I am hoping with community input, I can make a game that is truly spectacular. 

Here is the link:

The game is currently in early alpha, but anything could change, so I will think about it!

I just edited my post with some information.

I edited my post with more information.

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HELLO ITCH.IO COMMUNITY! Ok, to cut to the chase: I need a cool name for a rhythm game I am working on . I'm not very good at coming up with names, so I am asking for YOU to come up with names. Cheers!

Edit: The gameplay is similar to Just Shapes & Beats and the look In-Game is similar to Project Arrhythmia 

PS: The topic will close when the game is in an official beta phase, as I will not make  many drastic changes after that.

Thank you for your feedback! This game is in a very early state, so that will all be fixed soon :) .

oh sorry i forgot to post the theme XD

Can't sleep? CAN sleep? WHO CARES!? Join the Insomnia Jam and make a cool game! This is my first jam that I am advertising so I hope it will do well!

Compete in a 2 week jam to make the best game that fits the criteria! Didn't win? Don't worry! This is just a for fun jam, there is no big prize... except bragging rights of course!

For more details, or if you would like to join, visit the main page:

Wait, don't hesitate! Join the Insomnia Jam!

Insomnia Jam Logo

PS: All submissions will be manually ranked. Any NSFW submissions will be disqualified, no exceptions! Also, if you have any suggestions, let me know on my profile!

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   I finally got a working multiplayer mode in my newest game, The Facility.

    Just in case you didn't know, The Facility is a game i've been working on where you go through maze-like levels in order to activate all the generators inside. 

   Multiplayer works a bit differently. Instead of going through maze-like levels, the multiplayer levels are more like puzzles. 

Though the game still doesn't have much content, it is still a work in progress, but more content will be added soon. I just haven't gotten around to adding a way for me to fit more levels into the menus.

   I really hope you enjoy the game I have made, and be sure to leave a comment if you have suggestions! If you do have suggestions, I make games in GDevelop.

Click here to see the most recently updated version of the game (as of now)


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Having trouble playing The Facility? Have trouble no longer! The Facility is now available on as a browser game! All new game updates will be added to the browser version as it is more reliable. See ya!

Game link:

Check the description of the game to see what's planned.

Other notes: In the future (possibly far) I may try to bring The Facility back to a desktop application, I'm still not sure though.

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Tread, Jump, and Drag your mouse in this Robot-Platformer!

Price: Free!

Here is the link:

What to expect: More levels, more worlds, multiplayer (local)

Planetoid community · Created a new topic Ideas

Post ideas you have for the game under this topic!

Planetoid community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Post bugs you find under this topic!

Avoid the oncoming blocks and shoot your way to victory in this retro action space game, with tons more updates on the way! NOTE: The game is very early in development.

Here is the link: