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Sounds and looks very promising, but sadly doesn't work. Are you planing on updating the game, or reuploading the game somewhere else (in that case, could you send the link ^^)?

I really enjoyed your game. The characters and alliterations were quite quirky^^  I also really like the concept, only things like the collision detection for Marth could have maybe been a little bit more polished (even though that could have been a lot worse concidering the time constraints)

Very interesting game, I would love to see different levels

Cool idea and neat simplistic aesthetics

The game runs fine on my computer. I like the gameplay. Might be better with gamepad support.

I like the idea of the game. It is hard, because you have to do everything right, but it gives you checkpoints and quick restarts. I will add that to the list games I want to play when I have time ^^

I like the idea. At some point, it gets really hard

I like the Idea, At some point, it get's really hard

I would love to see a longer game