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A bit rough around the edges (enemy hit feedback could be more clear, also the recharge-mechanice could be displayed better within the game), but overall very enjoyable.

๐Ÿ‘ I like it!

Really cool. I played through it twice.

I love how the level design often allows multiple solutions and that the ammunition amount is 'forgiving' (instead of you got x bullets and the level can only be solved by using exactly x bullets, these kind of puzzles always turn me off). This is really creative.

๐Ÿ‘ Good job!

That's exactly what a virus programmer would say.

That's tough. I'm taking guesses here, but I can do that at least:


  • the gun shooting animation is a bit wobbly (maybe a simple 2-frame-back-and-forth would be better)
  • the overall recoil could be much lower (maybe it's just personal perference, but I like an automatic rifle to be more precise)
  • mouse sensitive adjustment would help some here as well to achieve higher rprecision feeling


  • Very tough to answer. It just does not feel vey impactful to take damage from enemies as a player. It's rather that, without the HUD on the left bottom, I would basically have no idea I've been hit hard. Maybe in "impact" sound plus some low-on-damage-hud... you'll find something! :)

Hope this helps somewhat!

Hm. It's very good on the presentation side, plus it delivers quite a good experience.

First person shooters are so damn hard to make plus to get all the details right, and you really got a strong start here.

The pro: Visuals, sound, good surprise attacks, pretty good gunplay (could be more steady, though), interesting level design. Good job ๐Ÿ‘

The contra: First and foremost, the bossfight. It feels very enforced (like, it was your very best idea to end on a high note with a boss fight without having an interesting boss-mechanic in mind). Now, this sounds so arrogant of me, which it isn't meant to be. What I'm trying to say is: Find a better high note for the end (like a big horde  with a hold-this-point-mechanic, for instance) or find an engaging boss mechanic, either would suit this otherwise excellent indie-shooter so much better than what this boss is doing (maybe take a look at doom 2016).

I also disliked th strong head-wobbling during sprint, you could be more decent on the presentation side here and it would even feel better.

Finally, a strong player-damage-feedback would be very good in my oppinion.

Okay, so... let me make this clear: This is a very, very good start. Very, very good.

Keep it up, you've proven you can make an engaing action fps here. My critics are only meant to help and mayyy come over a bit harsh, but only with the intention to help me to be precise, not because I think I could ever create in my whole life what you've done here so far. I loved the level so far.

Looking forward to a full game!! ๐Ÿ‘

It's backwards because of the movement direction of the parallax background. For a forward direction, the background art should go from top to bottom ๐Ÿ™‚

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๐Ÿฅ‡ Score: 130,331

The game is pretty repetitive without much sense of progress and the powerups are pretty confusing - I can't tell health from the 100 energy powerups each enemy spawns and I really don't know what the energy powerups did :-)

It's a good start, the controls are direct and responsive, sure oyu can build up on it.

Hope this feedback helps! :-)

(oh, and why is the player ship flying backwards?)

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๐Ÿ‘ It's very good! Good job.

Beaten two times. :-)

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Beaten. Absolutely enjoyable.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Score: 806,732

This game is a bit rough on the presentation side (sounds, hud, visuals), but still a very good game. I love a lot that it's a complete game to experience rather than another endless/mindless shmup game. You really put a lot of thought into the level design. The resource management is simple and fun for that exact reason and works well.

The choice of music is good, too.

๐Ÿ‘ Totally recommended. Thanks for the great experience!

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Mhhh not too bad. Quite enjoyable. I like it.

You could make it more obvious that the player died or takes damage by adding a sound for it (once I thought I had beaten the game due to the fade-out, but it was actually a death.)

Awesome! Very good, I enjoyed it a lot!

I love the level design a lot. The enemy design is cool, gameplay-wise, too!

I think you could improve the controls by having a way lower acceleration and deceleration phase in the character movement. It feels pretty 'wobbly'.

Good job!

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Really nice so far!

The bullets are rearlly hard to tell apart from the background, maybe make them a little bigger and give them more saturation.

Also, some hit animations would be good (like, a white flash when hitting an enemy).

Haven't played it through yet, but wanted to leave my feedback here alredy. I like it!

Edit: Beaten. 115800

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Wow, really solid!

It's so insanely simpel and comes with basically zero features... and yet, it worked for me. I really enjoyed playing it!

Great job!! Would love to see a bigger/extended/full version of this!

Looks cool! Keep it up!

It's pretty cool, I like the gameplay!

The game is definitely missing out some cool music tune and maybe make the enemies flash in white when they get hit!

It's a nice start.

Try to make enemies flash white when they are hit! ;-)

Cool! I like it!

A campaign with some levels that can be completed would be great!

Good job!

Outstanding! I love it, good job!!!

Nice, good job!

It's actually possible to expoit the fact that enemies will only get activated once you get near them. YOu can shooter them from far away without even making them "notice" :-)

Different enemy types might be a good idea, plus maybe some kind of special attack!

Cool! Good job!!

Awesome! Simple, insanely well executed!

Hmm yeah, I think the game suffers incredibly from poor readability (it's hard to read what's going on on the screen) - enemy bullets are hard to tell apart from pickups, the debris and clouds in the levels add to that.

Plus, the boss behaviour includes no telegraphing of any kind, so they are pretty much unpredictable.

This all being said, it's really a fun game and very entertaining. If these weak spots were out of the place, it would be super awesome even!

Hope this feedback helps! :-)

Just brilliant.

Maybe the special attacks could be slightly improved. The special attack could feel more impactful (I often hoped it would do more damage) and the shield could maybe just be timeboxed only (so it's easier to handle and more intuitive).

But that's a design decision with pros and cons.

I like this game a lot!

Seems like, after a while, just no more enemies are coming? -- seems like a bug. The score counter keeps going up, but no enemies appear on the screen :-)

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Finished the game with a score of 2,510.

It's quite entertaining, good job!

The player ship (I only tried the red one) feels realllly heavy and also a bit wobbly to control, though. Some more precision would be nice here.

Also, it's strange that the game just ... ends. Like, really, it just does, right? :-)

It's really nice, I enjoyed playing it!

Score: 971.655

Quite enjoyable, good game!

I think it would look better without that overbright-lighting. The very saturated colours below look like they might play out really well if you let them shine.

The gameplay is a little bit too simple maybe, but it was still a good experience for me. :-)

Good job.

Okay, at 67 followers, no more enemy ships appeared for me anymore. Which is sad, because I really like the gameplay and would have loved to play more! :-)

Yeah, it's has potential and it's already quite okayish. I think you should improve the level design which is currently quite uninteresting, give the AI some recognizable behavior patterns that depend on the enemy and simplify things like weapon pickpus (maybe it was buggy, don't know, I could not pickup HP hearts and no weapons apart from the first assault rifle).

At the end of the first level, when I reach the horizontal platform, it will just move the player out of the viewport, but nothing happens then, so after a time, the player object just fell down to death.

Hope this feedback helps you somewhat! Keep it up! :-)

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Ah okay. Then I don't try further to beat the game :-)

I think it's pretty good. The only thing I disliked a bit is the fact that, at some point, if you get hit, you have pretty much no chance to recover your powerups. This feels bad because on the one hand, you are basically dead already by a one hit (which is fine), but on the other hand, you're left still fighting without seeing any chance to recover. It's like when in a platformer, you land on a low platform where you cannot get back up to the main level and you are forced to jump to death - just not so great.

Oh, and a highscore system would be great as the game is endless!

Apart from that, it's quite enjoyable. Good job!

Can this game acutally be beaten? Or is it endless?

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Hm, doesn't the fact that I can insert coins without limit make the whole high-score-aspect of the game obsolete?

I played it single-player, it's okay and fun for a few minutes. It falls flat pretty quickly due to the very limited gameplay core. Also, for the most powerups, I have no idea what they do.

I love your clour palette and the music and sound!

Hope this feedback helps you somewhat! :-)

Hmmm it has a lot of potential, but it's messed up in some critical points for me:

  • The attacks charging up again after, for instance, a combo attack feels way too long. I think it doesn't do anything for the balancing nor does it feel good to wait so long in the kind of arena gameplay you're probably aiming for (or that I was expecting, either way).
  • The pacing is totally off. If the attacks come in waves, let me at least finish a wave off before starting the next one. The way it's now, I cannot take some time to breathe, and therefore, after a while with the screen being constantly filled with enemies, it just feels dull rather than thratening or exciting.
  • The game takes place (for what I've played, I've come to wave 3 before I got turned off) in only one arena rather than taking me from arena to arena which would be way more interesting. Plus, the arena has a really boring design gameplay-wise as the layout does nothing for the combat.

I believe all of this sounds very harsh, like the game is really bad, but it's not. Like I said, I see the potential, and I'm a huge fan of the kind of gameplay you're going for. In my personal view, you're kinda missing the goal only slightly, but enough to ruin the experience.

Maybe it would be worthwhile for you to take a look at Doom 2016 and especially look at how light-weight and fast the weapon handling is managed there and how the game pacing is designed for that game ;-)

Ok.... so, I hope I'm coming over as a helpful feedback-giver rather than a demotivator. You can do it, this game will be great! Keep it up and good luck! :-)

Hm, maybe try to have the ship not rotate around its own axis due to gravity, but due to player input only.

And then maybe I'd speed up the incoming planets, play around with their HP stats until it feels fast-paced and build in times where more planets come and where less come (so the player can breathe in-between).

Those are ideas of mine, see what appears useful to you as the game designer and what you like and what not. After all, I'm just one player giving feedback :-)

Finished it with a score of 85,750.

Brilliant shmup, love it!! Excellent job!

I found the ship rotation quite 'wobbly' and uncomfortable to control. Apart from that, the game seems to have a pace that's too low... it feels like "nothing's happening on the screen" for the most time for me. 

Just to give you some feedback, hope it helps :-)

I really like the idea, but I feel it would require mouse aim to really work out well regarding gameplay. Excellent art style, though!

Genius! Awesome demo, insane quality! Good job!

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Nice one! I played it single player (just let the other player die), 15.840.

I think seperate levels and overall a little more polish would really add to the the game as such.

But like I said, it's quite nice.

Not a bad start. Try adding a score counter and maybe a rocket that can only be fired every x seconds! :-)