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▲ The games best core strenght is that it actually feels like a laid back, easy-going mario-alike platformer. It's easy to pick up and mostly fun to play.

▲ The game also does a good job creating small 'open world' levels with the key-door mechanic. Although it's simple, it feels very nice.

▼ However, the game could have been more effective explaining the menu controls (I was unable to purchase that cloak suit because I didn't know how to do it)

▼ The game should also focus more on its core mechanics than introducing half-hearted side mechanics (the water sections didn't really make any sense on many levels; also, the shop appeared to be useless?)

Overall: A fantastic little indie game!

I took the time to give your game some thought! Hope you like it and it helps! :-)

Really great game design, good job!

I would suggest to show some sort of level-end-screen in-between levels (where you just show the scores so far, maybe with a rating, whatever...) just to interrupt the game pace for a short moment so the player can breath for a short moment (and you, as a game designer, acknowledge the player has made it to this point).

And maybe ramp up this game profile a bit with screenshots, video or gifs. The game deserves more players.

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Excellent arcade shooter! This is how it's done!!


  • Would have loved to see my highscore / end score on the menu + game end scren
  • At the screen edges, the player ship would sometimes get stuck for a short moment due to collision with the edges. that could possibly be solved
  • The player ship, in comparison to the enemies, looks a bit 'flat'

This is an unimpressive a pretty decent game! ;-)

Here is some personal feedback!

- Simple but nice graphics
- Good music and sound design
- Direct and good controls

- Goal and setting of game not explained in the game anywhere
- Platformer controls are not required for winning, you can just stand on the middle platform and shoot left/right
- Enemy Death animation is unclear (doesn't communicate that the enemy is dying)

- Enemies should could stop movement when they die and flash bright when they get hit

Cool game! Here is some personal feedback:

- Great Graphics
- Cool Music
- Very exceptional concept

- Pretty complex  and unintuitive controls scheme
- The helicotper responds pretty 'clumsy' to all input
- Goals of Patrol unclear

- A tutorial would be great

Outstanding, well done!

A fantastic looking game! Great job, here is some personal feedback:


  • Fantastic visuals
  • Great music and sound
  • Nice intro


  • Fights are not engaging or exciting. They just take long with many enemies around.
  • Only one enemy type.
  • Empty rooms that offer no tactical options.


  • Enemies with low HP but tacital behaviour inside rooms that demand the player to fight tactically
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Windows version, right on start of the game, unfortunately.

Hope this helps. ;-)

Windows 10 64bit

Excellent space shooter! Here is some personal feedback:


  • Nice pixel art
  • Sound Effects
  • Gameplay


  • All enemies have the same mechanic
  • Having to keep pressing the fire button over and over gets annoying after a while, especially on a gamepad
  • Music loop of... like... 1 second? :-)


  • Add some powerups and twists

Hey, nice prototype! Here is some personal feedback!


  • Clear HUD
  • Visual perspective (ISO 2D well done)
  • Navigation arrow very helpful


  • Empty, vast levels
  • Enemies have too many HP to kill
  • No story/setting context


  • Zoom the camera a bit further out

Cool game! Here is some personal feedback:


  • Great Cam Shake
  • Awesome gun handling and controls
  • Cool graphics


  • In-Game music doesn't fit
  • Gun-Countdown-Mechanic wasn't clear, overall game/level goal is not clear
  • 1st level already very hard and very long, frustrating


  • Add guns and powerups

Nice game! Here is some feedback:

- Graphics
- Music
- Minimalistic HUD

- Main Menu is poor
- Ship only shoots when key is held down
- Negative "Power Ups"

- Add more, interesting power ups