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Phew... this game is potentially very good, but has some really weak points.

First off, I like the graphics, they are amazing. And the intro sequence is just awesome, I love it.

Also, the two button gameplay is good. Very direct and responsive, well done.

For the most negative part, the music is basically a no-go. I think it's some sort of a nice funny idea to play that song for a short moment, but having a popular song just play in a loop, - yeah. A no-go, since, as a player, it's just annoying. I played it with my computer sound muted since I really wanted to play it, but hated to be doomed to that one song.

I think I would have like the game more with health seperated from the energy system, for this reason: The energy being the health at the same time often results in situations of check-mate, where I can basically just kill my virtual self because I will run out of energy, no matter what I do. It dooms me as a player, which is just not good by design.

Finally, I think bigger bullets would have been a good idea because, despite the reaction / precision gameplay core: Especially the missiles 'wobble' in the air and with the two button input, it's almost impossible to reliably land a precise shot (by intention), which reduces player agency a lot and adds an unnecessary potion of luck to an otherwise nice quick-reaction game.

I made it till the yellow / brownish area where I then ran out of enery and crashed into one of the boxes.

Hope this feedback helps somewhat and I hope it's not too harsh! ;-)

Glad it's helpful!

Good luck, keep it up!

Oh, gotcha!

Hm, maybe it should more communicate that tactical aspect, be a bit more slow paced and look less doom-ish, or also, Unreal Tournament - alike.

But anyway, good luck, make whatever you want to happen happen!

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Well, at first I thought: Damn, this is going to be ****ing good!

But yeah, the game has very basic core issues. Mainly the combination of level design and enemy placement, I think. But also weapons stats.

I have to say, I was really impressed by how direct and great the player movement feels and how great the enemies navigate, shoot and just feel.

Here are some ideas:

  • The sword could be much more powerful, killing an enemy with an instant hit. That would feel so much more powerful and not have you dancing around a single enemy, but rather like a super great Samurai. And some enemies could be invincible for specifically the sword (armor, shield, ...), which would not make it a pure match winner. OR the player could be able to block bullets for a certain time (or even reflect them) like Genji can in Overwatch, don't know about this idea, though...
  • Enemies should chase you down only so far. Otherwise, you see yourself backing up all of the time (a problem solved by the modern 'doom' by giving the player special rewards for going close-in on melee attacks)
  • Overall, it was not clear to me whether this game is a power fantasy (Doom) or a survival fantasy (Dead Space, Amnesia ...). If it is a power fantasy (which I assume), I want more ammo. Lots of ammo. And lots of shooting. I don't even want to care so much about checking my ammo constantly, I want to shoot 300+ bullets without having to worry. -- So, IF it is a power fantasy game, then maybe take a closer look at what Doom does (and yeah, bascially, I'm telling you how to run your life, ... ;-)

Hope this helps somewhat, Good luck with the game, I like the basic approach!

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Mhh yeah a nice idea! I also love how the dash feels at first. But the core mechanic falls a bit flat very soon. I think a basic issue of this game is that there is not enough player agency over the game events:

1) The camera does not let you see enough of your surroundings, 2) the player dash attack has an 'invisible' cooldown in which 3) enemies attack out of nowwhere and 4) you can do nothing to counter it.

For me, this means that, when I die, I don't think: "Yeah, well played, they really got me", but rather "hm, how did that happen? Not much I could have done here"

Hope this helps you somewhat! I like the idea! :-)

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By hit feedback, I mean that, when an enemy is hit, he could flash white, play a certain animation and/or trigger a certain particle effect, debending on what he was hit by. These indicators would help to identify more clearly what I, as a player, did, if and how effective it was and would create a better resonance with my chosen weapon and skill.

The games best core strenght is the very interesting skill tree that is fun to explore and that sort of takes the players hand and guides him through.

The game also does a good job creating fun and diverse waves of enemies that are fun to fight and overcome.

You could have been more effective explaining the goal of the game inside the game itself. I was pretty sure I'd need to defend the existing houses, so I sort of did it … but then again, I sometimes was teleported to the houses and had no idea why. Seems to be connected to the 'wildness', however, although I beat the game, I don't know what that exactly is and how it works.

You should also focus more on communicating game events clearly. What I mean is, again, the wildness thing (that I didn't understand), but also hit feedback on enemies is very vague and so the different weapons and skills very often don't communicate to the player if they had a massive impact or not. The later skills do, but especially at the beginning, more hit feedback would be great.

The games best core strenght is that addictive gameplay. The core mechanics work great, picking the game up and playing it right away feels natural and the game creates a sense of flow immediately.

The game also does a good job with the nice pixel art look and feel.

You could have been more effective explaining the controls in the game. I just found out there is a settings menu by re-reading the page here, and X is not the most intuitive key to press to start a game anyway.

You should also focus more on giving the player a sense of progress. Passing by planets or some nice background art or giving the player constant XP for unlocking new ships might be a good addition to the game.

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The games best core strenght is the nice pixel art look and feel. This makes it interesting to explore at the beginning.

The game also does a good job creating an immersive dark dungeon world.

You could have been more effective using the energy mechanic. It actually feels totally redundant as it has no risk-reward or strategy element to it (at least for me, but the problem also was figuring out the controls in-game, I never used turrets or changed the gun during my run). Apart from being displayed as a dominant blue bar, I felt I don't want to spend any attention to it as I don't run out of energy anyway (which, on the opposite, is a good thing as such, since it would be annyoing, I think. But still, this just makes the mechanic just feel even more out of place).

You should also focus more on making the game goal clear. When I played through the exact same level (apart from some lights that I don't know what they did to the level) and encountering the exact same monster again, it was not clear to me if I was doing something wrong or was going the right way.

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The games best core strenght is the creation of that urge to leave the ship. It really got me going and had me very motivated to beat the game.

The game also does a good job explaning the player how and why he has to make the sacrifices. It feels intutitive and understandable.

You could have been more effective with the camera of the game. Using double jump almost always leads to jumping into the unknown, taking all player agency away from the player. Also, using the left mouse button mid-air leads to instantly falling down like a rock.

You should also focus more on not punishing the player too much for dying. Instead of a game over screen, you could instantly take him back to the "strategy/sacrifice" screen with a "try again" hint as the player dies a lot in this game and the game over screen is a pretty annyoing interruption then.

Overall, a good platformer.

The games best core strenght is how easy it is to pick up and to get playing right away. It immediately creates flow and feels good.

The game also does a good job explaining the controls, what just happened when I picked a certain thing up, and so on. It guides the player perfectly.

You could have been more effective with the stun ability. I tried it sometimes and absolutely hated using it because it stuns me myself for a short moment when launching it - making me actually weaker rather than stronger in fights where I really wanted to use it (when many enemies are around). I think it should really activate instantly and without drawbacks.

You should also focus more on getting the AI to work flawlessly. When many enemies are around, it happens quite often that a bunch of enemies decide to never attack again. They just give up (may be wise, on the other hand :-)

Overall, an incredible top down shooter!

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I just love the 'grenades' in this game, feels so good to use them. Also, the game has an awesome atmosphere.

But this game also has some issues. Mainly the gameplay core: This games doesn't really know whether it's Doom or Super Mario. The jump and run doesn't feel so interesting and got me lost due to issues in the level design. More simplicity in the level design and more focus on just simply delivering a good doom-ish fps experience would serve this game really well in my oppinion (the boss fight *really* delivers, wish the entire game kept me on my feet before like it!)

Still, overall, it's a great indie fps experience!

The shooting part on the planet is very cool and absolutely awesome, but I don't get the part about the 'overworld' ... apart from getting lost, I don't know what it's doing. Which is sad, since it's killing much of the great experience.

Also, the controls for confirming messages / info is unclear to me, I just messed around with the keyboard until the game continued.

Overall a very good, pretty short, experience.

*Really* cool arcade game!

An idea would be an easy mode that has save points so you don't have to start all over, but not sure if it's a good idea. The game play really nice as its current difficulty.

A health bar for the boss is almost a must-have ... really wish the game had one.

Anyway, good job, will keep an eye on it.

▲ The games best core strenght is that it actually feels like a laid back, easy-going mario-alike platformer. It's easy to pick up and mostly fun to play.

▲ The game also does a good job creating small 'open world' levels with the key-door mechanic. Although it's simple, it feels very nice.

▼ However, the game could have been more effective explaining the menu controls (I was unable to purchase that cloak suit because I didn't know how to do it)

▼ The game should also focus more on its core mechanics than introducing half-hearted side mechanics (the water sections didn't really make any sense on many levels; also, the shop appeared to be useless?)

Overall: A fantastic little indie game!

I took the time to give your game some thought! Hope you like it and it helps! :-)

Really great game design, good job!

I would suggest to show some sort of level-end-screen in-between levels (where you just show the scores so far, maybe with a rating, whatever...) just to interrupt the game pace for a short moment so the player can breath for a short moment (and you, as a game designer, acknowledge the player has made it to this point).

And maybe ramp up this game profile a bit with screenshots, video or gifs. The game deserves more players.

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Excellent arcade shooter! This is how it's done!!


  • Would have loved to see my highscore / end score on the menu + game end scren
  • At the screen edges, the player ship would sometimes get stuck for a short moment due to collision with the edges. that could possibly be solved
  • The player ship, in comparison to the enemies, looks a bit 'flat'

This is an unimpressive a pretty decent game! ;-)

Here is some personal feedback!

- Simple but nice graphics
- Good music and sound design
- Direct and good controls

- Goal and setting of game not explained in the game anywhere
- Platformer controls are not required for winning, you can just stand on the middle platform and shoot left/right
- Enemy Death animation is unclear (doesn't communicate that the enemy is dying)

- Enemies should could stop movement when they die and flash bright when they get hit

Cool game! Here is some personal feedback:

- Great Graphics
- Cool Music
- Very exceptional concept

- Pretty complex  and unintuitive controls scheme
- The helicotper responds pretty 'clumsy' to all input
- Goals of Patrol unclear

- A tutorial would be great

Outstanding, well done!

A fantastic looking game! Great job, here is some personal feedback:


  • Fantastic visuals
  • Great music and sound
  • Nice intro


  • Fights are not engaging or exciting. They just take long with many enemies around.
  • Only one enemy type.
  • Empty rooms that offer no tactical options.


  • Enemies with low HP but tacital behaviour inside rooms that demand the player to fight tactically
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Windows version, right on start of the game, unfortunately.

Hope this helps. ;-)

Windows 10 64bit

Excellent space shooter! Here is some personal feedback:


  • Nice pixel art
  • Sound Effects
  • Gameplay


  • All enemies have the same mechanic
  • Having to keep pressing the fire button over and over gets annoying after a while, especially on a gamepad
  • Music loop of... like... 1 second? :-)


  • Add some powerups and twists

Hey, nice prototype! Here is some personal feedback!


  • Clear HUD
  • Visual perspective (ISO 2D well done)
  • Navigation arrow very helpful


  • Empty, vast levels
  • Enemies have too many HP to kill
  • No story/setting context


  • Zoom the camera a bit further out

Cool game! Here is some personal feedback:


  • Great Cam Shake
  • Awesome gun handling and controls
  • Cool graphics


  • In-Game music doesn't fit
  • Gun-Countdown-Mechanic wasn't clear, overall game/level goal is not clear
  • 1st level already very hard and very long, frustrating


  • Add guns and powerups

Nice game! Here is some feedback:

- Graphics
- Music
- Minimalistic HUD

- Main Menu is poor
- Ship only shoots when key is held down
- Negative "Power Ups"

- Add more, interesting power ups