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Hey folks,

I just published John The Alien as a one level prototype version to

🎮 Play John The Alien Now

John The Alien
Play John The Alien Now!

It is an arcade shoot-em-up game about an alien conquering our planet.

Help John the alien to conquer Earth, defeat our military, enslave our people and be back home before dinner!

Platforms: Browser, Windows, MacOS, Linux

🎮 Play John The Alien Now

I hope you find it enjoyable!



Really cool game! I love it 👍👍

It gets a bit repetitive over time, I didn't fully make it through as it got a bit dull / frustrating at some point, but it was a hell lot of fun for me until that point, so - great job!

Had to stop at Deagle Dreamland 2 as I couldn't make it.

Really cool game 👍

It's a bit rough, but a good start. I love the concept that I believe you have in mind here.

What I totally dislike is the level design. The room to navigate within does not play hand in hand with the AI very well and creates pretty uninteresting combat situations. Which seems like harsh critic, but it really means with a little more detailed eye on level/gameplay mechanic design (and overall a more polishedp presentation, of course) , this could be big.

I do like it as a start. I hope this feedback helps 👍

This game catches the Nokia vibe really, really well - this includes also the kinda 'trashy-vibe' that those games had.

Good job 👍

I love the vocals as well. The overall atmosphere is good.

What I don't like is the pacing. There is not much happening on the screen the whole time, the game could use more 'action'.

Hope this feedback helps ✌

Well, how should one post the highest score if the score is not displayed the moment the game is over? 😉

Also, the audio is really weird regarding stereo positioning. The music seems to come from the left only and the sounds don't always seem to positioned well either. Might be due to the frequency overlap, though.

I like the background art and the chosen music + sound.

Hope this feedback helps ✌

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🎖️ 3:53 / 2 Deaths / Jedi

Awesome game! 👍👍

The first elevator level really made my smile.

Good job 👍

🎖️ 115s / 18 Enemies / 67 Coins

Cool game, I like it 👍

Hmmm, the level design seems like some random platforming stuff thrown together. There is no theme to the levels or mechanics. I think you could easily improve upon that 😉

The controls are very responsive and direct. 👍

Cute! Well done 👍

Awesome music and sound design! Really lovely!

It's got quite a learning curve at first (at least for me), but it was really fun. Thank you 👍


I totally loved playing this game. Really great job ! The sound design is awesome!

The only thing I totally disliked is the first level with a moving platform. I'd scrap it all together as it totally kills the pace for me. But that's super specific criticism.

Again, this game is super good 🐱‍👤

Love it. Well done 👍


hm the game always freezes in the second desert level. Sad.

It's a cool little platformer that would definitely excel on mobile devices. 👍

My suggestion is to get rid of the lerp function for the camera altogether and just set the cam to be pinned to the player character.

Mhhh I think the game could be a bit more forgiving regarding the player / spike hitboxes.

Apart from that, really neat idea and well done 👍

Sebastian was alone. Wow. A weird first thought to have.

So, in essence, the deer will always jump right into certain death for a single cherry. Totally worth it, I suppose 😉

🎖️ 2:29

Really awesome game, really well done!! 👍

Awesome! Good job! 👍

🎖️ 57.87 sec

Cool! Neat idea! 👍

Cool, very enjoyable! 👍

(When I hit replay, that "cody" effect was all over the screen all the time, I don't think it's intended.)

Wow! Awesome! Really good job!! 👍

Lovely! Great job! 👍

Looks awesome!! 👍

I played until level 8 and gotta say, the atmosphere is really great!

This game is crying out for a progression system, with more and more obscure enemies and creatures showing up. And more sound effects and some music or background atmo.

Very solid start, I hope you turn this one into a bigger game 👍

Awesome! Massively well done! 👍

Huge! I love it 👍

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Hmm, that's a tough one to answer. To me, personally, it feels much just like adjusting a few parameters that do not change how I behave inside the game. I'm not changing my gameplay style. Unlike, say, an ability skill-tree maybe would make me. So for me it did not really do the thing - but that may be a very, very personal impression! 😉

I basically just pushed firerate to the max because that made the game most engaging for me and then played a bit with the health stats.

🎖️ Best score: 19,734

Quite cool, I like it! 👍

Having more than one enemy type and adding some powerups might be good.

I personally dislike the boss fight, but the rest of the game is cool. I love the minimalistic presentation 👍

🎖️ My best run: 5,460

I think the game could profit a lot from having some actualy level architecture rather than just open space. The open space makes it a bit monotonous.

Still, quite enjoyable for a few session 👍

Cool! 👍

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Veeery solid!

Some enemies are placed so that the player cannot predict he will jump into them until it's too late.

And I'd suggest to adjust the controls scheme a bit: There is no reason to enforce mouse input for shooting as all of the other input comes through the keyboard. Also, if you simultaniously allow WASD and arrow keys, it would make sense to bind the up-arrow key to walk through doors as well.

But that's a highly specific criticism, overall, this game plays really well and the presentation (music, art, sound) is very good, too! 👍

Cool, I love the presentation and the concept!

The player character gets stuck at the edges of platforms I wanna jump to very often. Once I let go of the keys, he then drops down to death. That's quite annoying.

Apart from that, really cool and enjoyable 👍

Mhh, it's not bad, but maybe a bit too simple. A more interesting level with some unique challenges and gimmicks (items, powerups, moving platforms, ...) would probably add some spice.

It's a solid start you can build from ✌

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🎖️ Score: 12,000+

(I simply stopped here because I was practically invincible)

Took me a while to realize I need to collect the blood (that could be more obvious via animation/sound), but once I did, the game was really fun for a while. Well done 👍