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Hey, I didn't even understand how to play the game... the first three enemies always kill me immediately. Is there a way to shoot? Or do they need to be avoided?

Quite a good start. The controls are solid and the music and art are both lovely.

Maybe show the controls in the main menu or on an extra screen for the pc version before the game starts. And sounds would be a huge addition.

Also, I think the bullets should be about 10x bigger to improve readability drastically.

Hope this feedback helps you somewhat!


The gun feels good, the game looks good, you got a minimalistic target priority gameplay core loop, and despite its simplicity, it's quite engaging. 

THIS is how it's done!

Any plans on developing it further?

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Hmm, on my system, the game looks quite different. Everything's very bright (so, no darkness at all). And the shaders are quite a mess: Some objects are totally dark while others are not, the light models don't have a light shader (or it's not visible because the global light is kinda 100%?).

So the atmosphere wasn't installed for me due to this bug. Also, gameplay-wise, the game would benefit from enemies not just standing around doing nothing for two entire levels and then, suddenly, in level 3, a zombie is starting with no distance to me in the level, smashing my face right at the start without any warning.

Overall, the game felt rather like an early alpha than released.

Hope this feedback helps you to find a start to improve upon. I think this game could become good if you keep working on it, and I can see you put quite some thought into it already! You'll do it!

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Cool, good idea, made it to the first boss so far (score 59), but it's really difficult.

One issue I have that really needs fixing is the readability of the game. Which means it's super hard to see the dark bats in front of the dark background. If that is intended, then okay, but it feels a bit like the art was put first and gameplay second.

Yeah, and sound would be huge, of course!

Anyway, good job, it's quite entertaining already!

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Hm, I tried it, and it has potential, but the game is not really making use of that potential yet from my point of view. The main issue is that the enemies, despite looking different, do not act different. At least for the first three levels, I didn't play past that point as the core gameplay loop (kill the enemies) was rather time consuming than challenging.

That may sound harsh, but the good news is: By giving the enemies variety in behaviour, you can easily fix that in almost no time :-)

I like the controls, they are very good.

(by the way, in the grass level, I had just black background, looks like no texture was loaded or something like that).

So I hope this feedback helps you!

I tried to play with keyboard controls.

I like how your logo has windows mouse cursor in it ;-)

The game itself - is right away unplayable for me. The ship is so slow, the firerate is so low, the enemies so unpredictable, there is no "protection time" after you die - I basically didn't get anywhere. The first enemies to appear on the screen always kill me.

You should definitely give a short info in your game that it is solely mouse controlled and that shooting is automatic, it would highly increase the pick-up-and-playability! (Yeah, it's in the jam, but I missed that since I was just picking up arcade shooter games on itch, I didn't pay attention to that).

I like the game and played it for a few minutes, 1500 points was my maximum. What I don't like it that it feels a bit too random for me. I feel like I got those points out of pure luck, not so much by skill.

Also, the shooting mechanic kinda doesn't really "do its job" well enough from my perspective, unless I missed the point of it. Maybe, when the ship shoots, it should at least have some sort of aim assist so you only have to turn the ship into the right direction at the right time (which is quite difficult already), but then can be sure you will wipe out some enemies.

From my point of view, with a few tweaks, this could become an awesome game! Hope this feedback helps somewhat! :-)

Ahhh - it took me quite some time to figure out that this game uses mouse look to aim, but it not just keyboard controlled (you should really show the controls scheme within the game in my oppinion).

Yet, I didn't quite figure out the basic idea of this game. You shoot the stars and avoid those pacman creatures for as long as you can, right? But is there any other mechanic that I missed? Very abstract art, hard to tell what this game really is, quite strange :-)

Quite enjoyable.

It's strange how the missile decide the targets for themselves and don't focus a target near the cursor (which might feel more intuitive maybe).

Also, I didn't understand what those squares are that appear around the planet after some time.

If the game had levels (and an end), I'd find it even more interesting to play, I think.

Good job. :-)

The tank felt really strange to control for me. I think mouse look and LMB fire might work better. But still then, it's hard to aim and that whole light on/off feature doesn't really feel so great for me.

But I only played in single player, maybe it feels better in coop.

Anyway, just wanted to leave you the feedback here! :-)

Very, very good game!

The boss is quite hard compared to the rest of the game, that feels slightly unbalanced. Apart from that, just a short but really huge experience. Good job!

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The game has quite a pacing problem. There are situations in which the pressure is really up (like, instantly), and then there are situations in which you are really just waiting for the game to "continue", as a player (at least for me, let's put it that way :-) -- my point is, the pace is either 1 or 0, there seems to be nothing in-between.

Also, readability is a major issue. Some ships seem to damage me, others don't seem to do it -- overall, the game is pretty, but it's hard to understand what's actually happening on the screen.

Hope this feedback helps! :-)

I really like the idea, however, the gameplay just doesn't really create any kind of flow for me. Maybe it's because the player doesn't get enough time to get used to the mechanic. I think an issue is that the mechanic doesn't really ... "come to play" for me. I didn't get to use it in a clever way, and so it was rather just a pretty short and frustrating shmup for me.

But don't let my comment bring you down, like I said, I can see you put some thought into it, maybe with one or two tweaks, you can really make it good (even for me), and maybe others will find it very enjoyable! :-)

Huge! Really well done!

The game really is high quality. You could even improve it by adding more enemies, a little cam shake, some enemy hit feedback and the boss arenas were basically always very similar plus not more than just plain space.

This all being sad - it's just room for improvements and you're getting 5 stars from me gladly!

Ohhh I see. I was already wondering how one would get the idea to use these specific key bindings.

Unfortunately, the game did not accept my controller and I can't figure out the key binding given, would have loved to try the game! Looks promising! :-)

Thanks for the explanation!

Keyboard controls Z,S,Q,D ? Really ? :-)

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Hmm okay I can say what you're aiming for. If I could change one thing about this game, I'd go for the controls. The whole stick-to-the-wall mechanic is almost impossible to control viably in level... I don't know, 4 or 5. But I like the idea of a simple puzzle platformer. Maybe you find a way to make this mechanic easier to use or to exchange it for a different one.

(in the level with the falling floor tiles, where you need to use the wall on the left side to climb, my character won't climb, but always just jump about 2 pixels high, and then stop, and there seems to be no way to overcome it).

edit: I figured out the issue is that, in order to wall jump, you need to first press into the opposit horizontal direction and then, a few frames later, press jump. So that's the point I'd improve if I could :-)

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Okay, I gave it another go. You didn't mention the left control key anywhere and due to how the missiles work, I didn't get any feedback this might be the key.

I gotta say I love the atmosphere, the visuals and the audio of this game. All of that is very satisfying and I think it's even carrying the game at the moment. I am not very experienced with this genre (I only played Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Aquanox), but the game very quickly appears to lose all pace once you start disassembling the station screw by screw. I wish I could give you feedback on what to improve, but I'm afraid I can only say, at some point I started to feel more like a space engineer than a space fighter.

For the fights, the best exploit I found was to disengage entirely from the fight, then turn around and shoot missiles at the enemies one by one. Which is pretty dull. On the other hand, I was glad it worked as the close combat I suppose you intended would have been too much to take for me - the enemies are so fast and difficult to hit on close distance. Maybe this is what you're going for, but, again, from my gut feeling, I would have said maybe look at how AAA genre games handle this bit and copy the good parts from it.

In summary, I was suprised by the overall presentation of the game. Really solid. I believe you will be able to turn the game into the direction you want. Keep it up!

Hope this feedback helps! :-)

by the way, I have a hama urage gamepad that works with almost all games, but this one couldn't detect it, which is why I played with keyboard.

Ah dang, I would have loved to play with game with keyboard or keyboard and mouse. But the mouse sensitivity is so ultra low that it is entirely impossible to make any useful turns with it. And the keyboard controls don't offer secondary fire... really a shame!

The game looks great! Would have loved to try it, made it till past the nebula until I gave up due to the controls.

Z,Q,S,D instead of W,A,S,D? Seriously? :-)

Well, and this, kids, is why you don't do drugs :-)

Quite funny, nice job!

Really solid and nice platformer!

I think it would be cool if the sword choices were not solely cosmetic, but actually had different gameplay stats.

Also, if you could push enemies backwords by hitting them (the skeletons), the weapon impact might feel more powerful!

Overall, really enjoyable! Great job!

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gml_Object_o_player_Create_0 (line -1)


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Yeah well, the mouse controls work out really nice and the game is actually quite fun to play for a few minutes.

However, why do I constantly have a different kind of special ammo? Especially, why is my special ammo sometimes less powerful than my primary ammo? I don't see how that happens.

(The boss would need a proper collision mask and good hit feedback.)

The pacing is just 1/0 ... 1 for boss fights, and 0 for default enemies.

Then, there is the music. I can't think of any reason to put this music track into this kind of game apart from... guys, I already have it on my hard drive, so it's basically free, and the file format is the right one already, too ;-)

Okay, that may come over very negative (actually, the more I read it, the more do I see myself coming over as a jerk), but really, I mean to be the opposite. I like the controls and how the game generally "feels", it has a lot of potential in my eyes that I believe could be easily unleashed by fixing these issues, and they can be fixed relatively easy.

I honestly hope this feedback helps you :-)

Keep it up!

(the music is alright, it's a nice solid pixel art track, but it doesn't suite the game, that's what I meant to say regarding this point!)

Well the game imitates Sonic very closely and inherits its strenghts and also its very obvious and numerous weaknesses in game design (low player agency, pointless speed, etc.)

In regards of implementation, you did a great job here! Thumbs up! :-)

Excellent atmosphere and fantastic story telling!! The story may be simple, but it's engaging, I love the whole presentation a lot!!

Quite an issue is actually the readability of this game. The colour scheme makes it hard to spot the bullets on the screen. It doesn't impact the difficulty of the game (as there hardly is any), but it's still unpleasant. It also makes the turrets on the big ship almost invisible. A few simple outlines might already solve this problem (I know these outlines may effect the visuals a bit, but it makes the game more comfortable to play).

Also, the mouse controls don't make any sense as the only thing on the mouse available is the left mouse button. You could remove that entirely and make the main menu controllable via keyboard, that would be great. (The main menu font is pretty unreadable to, I have no idea what settings were available in that sub-menu).

Still, an awesome game I enjoyed a lot! Great job!

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Brilliant game, just excellent!

Would be awesome to see the progress through the game at any time though (or in-between waves), not just at the end.

Oh, and explain the controls somewhere, that's a must-have!

I like the audio of this game a lot and it's really pretty, too!

However, unfortunately, for me, the gameplay loop lacks all kind of motivation. The overall combat experience is not engaging. I have no reason to push forward ever, since there are not items to pickup, no goals to reach, nothing to do. On the other hand, just waiting in the corner and luring enemies in is not that fun, either. The weapon feedback is also pretty much zero, it's not interesting or fun to use.

Overall, these are the points I would start with regarding improvements. Hope this feedback helps :-)

I love the audio of this game. The pixel art is great, too!

However, you're making an absolutic basic mistake in the platformer game design which is enforcing micro precision jumps. Most of your platforms require the player to use the collision box of the player model to such a precise extend that it just feels absolutely bad. In platformers, reaching a platform should just never be difficult as such. The difficulty comes from timing, interceptor enemies, platform movement, etc. But if the basic jump feels bad - the game feels bad :-)

You might also want to look into adding jump sustain, it's a basic platformer feature.

The combat is also pretty much non-existent. There is no back-and-forth, now dodging, no interacting with the enemy, you just see him and shoot him before he shoots you.

Now, all of this sounds worse than it really is, the game still feels even sort of good to control, I just want to point these things out because I feel you can easily fix them and it would be a shame not to! (- these issues would come much more into play if the game had a serious scope).

It's a great start, good job! Hope this feedback helps!

First of all, the sound design is really fantastic! Awesome job!

You really carefully designed around most of the issues that fpsc has, really good job. What you didn't handle so good is the combat itself. It feels good in the first level where enemies always come from the front, but once they can attack from different sides (second level), things start to feel very fpsc-ish again. I think you could handle this with more linear level design, as the open areas you provide are not truly open at all, anyway.

And as all models are just slightly retextured default models that come with the engine, here is quite some space for improvement, too.

But really good job on this one! It is good *for an fpsc engine game*

I didn't expect much from the theme and the screenshots, but this is really a brilliant platformer! Just right away awesome!!

However, with one restriction: The last year/episode stopped me playing because here the difficulty requires very often a higher precision than your controls actually can offer. By which I mean to say: To demand precision reactions from your player, you must offer high precision input. And the treadmills, just as an example, reduce the precision at which the player object responds to the space bar press drastically.

Still, it takes time to get there and all previous episodes are well crafted and got me smile quite often!

Great job!! Hope this feedback helps somewhat! :-)

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Hm yeah the game looks very, very pretty! And the player basic movement (W,A,S,D) feels also pretty nice (which is not just natural).

However, the rest of the controls and gameplay need quite a lot of improvement. After two runs, I still can't tell for sure whether the weapon is a hitscan waepon or not. Which means my combat experience was very... uhm, pointless. The overall weapon handling is very 'wobbly', in every aspect. That's a classic issue with non-AAA fps, so no need to feel bad for it! Still, if you want an fps that plays great, dig deeep into weapon handling, weapon feedback, aiming specifically for this genre. It's a science of its own and it's probably best to just 'copy' a style that you like for your game from a successful AAA game as good as you can.

Also, maybe you want to consider the dash system of UT (double tap left/right to dash) rather than using single buttons for it (just an idea).

You got a great start here and damn pretty screenshots, I can see you really handle the visual aspect of the engine very well!

Hope this feedback helps! :-)

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Whoah, this feels insanely uncomfortable to play for me. I like the idea, might have worked better for both ships on the same screen rather than two different ones for me.

Sad, it looks very fun to play from your screenshots! But I'm getting cross-eyes even trying :-)

How crazy are these controls mapped? Y,S,D,E instead of W,A,S,D for a first person controller? You deserve a special place in hell ;-)

Seriously, though, it kept me from playing it at all.

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Hmmm yeah, I like the general shader usage and the particle effects, the music is nice, too.

The main issue of this game is, I think, the fact that you cannot make any informed decision on where to go. You cannot move in a clever way through the level (like, for instance, in UT) to be in the right spot at the right time to destroy the cubes. - And, if it was possible, it still wouldn't be as the level is pretty much unreadable regarding navigation. Which, in sum, means, that the progress bar is not giving away helpful information, but is rather just a display of how lucky you are at the moment as a player, sort of.

I would have also liked an even higher mouse sensitivity than 150 (oldschool hardcore UT gamer) but 150 was okay-ish :-)

I think you got a nice start here, but it's prettier on the technical side than what it can really offer deep down in its core design. But you can definitely build on it. Hope this feedback helps somewhat! :-)

Awesome shmup, really great!

The issues I have with it so far, are, though, that the game is a bit lacking readability. It took me forever to find out where my amount of bombs is shown and what the bar on the left means (which means, I was not making calculated strategic decisions, but often just hoped for the best when pressing 'x').

I didn't understand at all what the green boxes are, but collected them anyway.

Also, giving the key binding away in the game itself is always a good idea (and be it as a simple display on the menu screen).

But I really enjoyed the playthrough, great job!