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Haha I really enjoyed that!

Clever puzzle interactions and mouse movements 


Have you tried turning down your resolution?  That makes the greatest impact on FPS

Thanks :)

Cheers mate!


:D aye that's awesome

Thank you so much!  :D  This honestly made my day.  

I'm glad you enjoyed it and remembered Eliza's Requiem (ENDO almost feels like a spiritual successor to that game)

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This was a really neat experience.  I liked the art style and overall trippy aesthetic.  The green smoke eyes that grab you are spooky too.

BTW the fade in/out texture doesnt seem to work on different aspect ratios.  I played this on a 16:10 monitor and the fade texture didnt stretch to fill the whole screen.

Good work my dudes!  This was solid.

Hello again!  :)

This is (hopefully) the final update to the demo!

I've been busy working on more content for the full game and I can't wait to eventually release it.  This game is my pride and joy in life at the moment and I want the demo to be almost as polished as I expect the final game to be.

Thanks to the feedback I have received so far, I was able to make some improvements to the overall experience.

This update brings minor adjustments to the levels and overall interaction, as well as fixing a few overlooked bugs from V1.1

Peace and much love!


ENDO is a first-person adventure game focused on physical interaction

All interaction is done physically with your mouse, such as shaking a tree trunk or sliding stones around.  Even the title screen and pause menu are physical environments.

Embark on a surreal adventure set in an abstract psychedelic landscape, accompanied by original art, music and sound.

ENDO is still a work in progress.  This demo does not reflect the quality of the final version.

All feedback is welcome :)




The grotesque characters mixed with the trippy art style is such a unique aesthetic.  The sound design was also really satisfying.

This game has some serious potential keep up the good work mate!

Thank you for all your support on the demo!

It means a lot :)

I took a small break from working on this project after I released the demo.  Now I'm back and ready to turn this proof of concept into a full game!

I'm migrating this devlog to the main project page.  Go follow the development HERE

More updates coming soon!


Aye thank you so much! :)  Creating a calming atmosphere was one of my main goals!  There's going to be much more in the final version!

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LMAO this is amazing!

This means so much dude I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

(BTW I use source engine / half life style movement so if you BHOP you could probably cut that time in half)

Thanks!  That's really usefull feedback!

Ill work on improving these things for the final version.



Migrating this devlog to the official game page --->

If the installer gives you the Windows protected your PC window, click more info and click run anyway.

Big upgrade to the shader used in the game.  It honestly looks at least 3x better than it used to.  The video doesn't do it justice.


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🌟Big Announcement🌟
I will be finishing and releasing a free demo October 1st! ▶️
The demo will be available for PC and Mac.

Had a productive week and improved a lot of things.  I created a better portal and added more interactive elements to mess around with.

I made an Instagram page for the project if you want to check it out!

ScreenshotSaturday!  8.12.2020

Hey guys!  I've been very busy playtesting and fixing bugs this week so I don't have any new content to show off.

From the feedback I've gotten through lots of playtesting, there are so many things I will improve on and change.   I'm really excited for what's to come!

I am thinking about releasing a free demo within the next few months.  Let me know if that sounds interesting!

Here's a quick showcase of some of the interactive elements.  I've been spending a lot of time refining the audio and it pays off.  I made some more music and ambient tracks and it gives the game a better atmosphere.

ScreenshotSaturday!  8.29.2020

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Aye thank you!  :D

Looking back at this project, it was a bit rough around the edges but I have greater things in the works if you want to check it out!



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Just implemented a debug noclip mode to easily take screenshots and get places faster.

My mantra with this game is that it doesn't matter if it makes logical sense.  If its interesting and/or fun, then I'm creating it.

I'm working on more trippy / abstract levels.  I'm currently planning on using abstract levels to space out the main levels and to give the players a break from puzzles.

ScreenshotSaturday!  8.15.2020

ScreenshotSaturday!  8.8.2020

8/7/2020 Update

ᔕᑌᑎ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗰOOᑎ


I made some music for this world and I really like the atmosphere.

Comparing my concept art VS the actual levels

I'm excited to be working on a new world in the game!  I love the diversity of the environments in games like Samorost 3 and Super Mario Galaxy and I want each world to have a distinct feeling when playing it.

I'm working on a new world.  I also finished refining the interaction system and its working great!  

I've officially completed the first two worlds.  I added lots of interactable details to the environment and its a lot more fun to play :)

I'm at a place with the project where I know how much detail all the other levels will have to maintain.

Here's another preview of the game.  I've been spending a lot of time refining the gameplay by getting feedback from playtesters.

I'm really excited for the what this project has to come!

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Just finished the second "world" in the game.  It took a lot of time because of all the interactive puzzles.  I plan on expanding all of the worlds once I have a rough outline of the entire game.

I'll keep this devlog posted when I have some of the 3rd world completed.


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ENDO - Demo

ENDO is a first person adventure game focused on physical interaction. Embark on a surreal adventure set in an abstract psychedelic landscape.





Thank you so much mate!

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Thanks so much man I appreciate it!  I'm sorry but there is no way to save and load in the current version.  I haven't touched this project in over a year so I don't think I'll be adding anything to it but I have bigger, more polished projects in development.

Thanks!  I appreciate the criticism and I'm glad you found it fun  :)


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Thank you for the feedback  :D  I found out the hard way that making an open world by yourself is super time consuming so thats why the environment can seem very empty.  I appreciate the criticism so i can improve as a developer :)

This game is fantastic!

The only critique I have is the jump animation is super nauseating but besides that, great work!