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ENDO is a first person adventure game focused on physical interaction and exploration. Embark on a surreal adventure set in an abstract psychedelic landscape.

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Just finished the second "world" in the game.  It took a lot of time because of all the interactive puzzles.  I plan on expanding all of the worlds once I have a rough outline of the entire game.

I'll keep this devlog posted when I have some of the 3rd world completed.


Here's another preview of the game.  I've been spending a lot of time refining the gameplay by getting feedback from playtesters.

I'm really excited for the what this project has to come!

I've officially completed the first two worlds.  I added lots of interactable details to the environment and its a lot more fun to play :)

I'm at a place with the project where I know how much detail all the other levels will have to maintain.

I'm working on a new world.  I also finished refining the interaction system and its working great!  

I'm excited to be working on a new world in the game!  I love the diversity of the environments in games like Samorost 3 and Super Mario Galaxy and I want each world to have a distinct feeling when playing it.

Comparing my concept art VS the actual levels