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Oh ok so I didn't solve the puzzle in the next room ! I found the hidden passage but can't fit through it, is that normal ? That's related to the puzzle ? 

Yup cool relaxing game ! For some reason I really got a lovecratian eeriness from the giants in the distance just standing there. Especially with the fact the ride was mostly silent, the character has no apparent reason for being here, and the people in the desert are dressed somewhat strangely. It felt some of those highers places found in dreams by Lovecraft characters ;)

Is opening the door with the key the end of  ? I found something "hidden" in the room, but couldn't interact with it in the way I though I could ! Neat idea, the 4 color limitation actually works in its favor

Really cool puzzle mechanic ! Just wished there was a reset button (well there might have been but I didn't find it) for a couple of those levels cause you're forced to quit the game if you're deadlocked ;) But I'm nitpicking right now

I actually like the idea of a rythm game with the mouse and fast movement ! I would have tried locking the mouse horizontally or make it an in-game cursor (OSs cursors are a bit small for this case) but really it's good :) Oh also the A rating can't be seen on the bottom lane and B on the middle and top lane, but with the 4 colors limitation I can't see a solution except making an outline of a second color, which makes sprites bigger so not taking that into account, just pointing it out !

Nice one ^^ The bullets become a little distracting as they create a big red area of smoke when they travel far but other than that a solid jam shooter :)

Cute game with some rythm I liked it ^^ The music did some weird clipping on my headset though (there's one note that plays only like every 5-10 seconds at best, and it's this one that does it ;) ) ! I kinda could see this as a full game idea if you could move, with belt that would get more complex in shape, more meals and customers that want specific meals so yeah neat idea !

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Yeah I did hesitate to go that route which in turn would also have made it easier to make an Android port =/ As someone near me suggested me too I could also have had a "spawner" under each machine so the travel distance was not as big. Thanks a lot for the comment though :)

I don't see why people have issues with the gameplay ! After my 4th try I was able to get great quality consistently, without even reading this page's howto (I did read the controls though). IMHO It's a fun little game that has the potential of being turned into a full fledged game ;) With some new mechanics along the road (maybe different gears that require different processes, ala Overcooked and its recipes) and maybe a "business management" side (setting the price to see how it sell (like Tycoon management games or Moonlighter) it would really rock ^^