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Thank you for updating with the windowed version, this is the entry I was most looking forward to trying out!

It is everything I wanted it to be and I won the heart of every Kaiju in town.

For anyone wanting to play the game - download the "" version and you are good to go a Kaiju dating bonanza 🐸🐟🐛🐜

Fun dialogue, lovely Kaiju dates, the whole jam package is here.

p.s. sometimes it is hard to swipe the photos but don't worry it will work after a few tries (or maybe it is my mouse playing tricks on me!), think of it as extra date anticipation time

Oh no I ran out of water pushing the cars around! I got 4 of the fires out and had fun stomping and spraying water everywhere sirens blazing!! Nice entry, well done

I haven't been able to play a game yet, but would like to try it out some time. The presentation is great for a jam entry, with the background info and art throughout. We have started meeting up for game nights again recently so I hope to introduce it one session -I look forward to rescuing my friends with a tin opener and trying to survive the Deimeka!

Challenging, but fun to survive and get the upgrades - the radar is worth getting early on!

It would help to see the either the player character or the direction indicator through buildings as sometimes when the mech obscured I wasn't sure which way I was facing.

Overall great as a jam game, nicely done.

Love the mech design, town and enemy sprites! I read the other comments first so I had an idea about the controls and was able to do some kicking - I agree it can be fiddly though.

Nice unique jam entry, well done as a team to get it all together and with your own music/sfx too!

Fun to be inside the mech as the pilot and I enjoyed the enemy death animations .

It took me a moment to understand the healing but I like the idea that it makes you blind while you crouch down and get health back.

The art, the sounds, the gameplay, THE FEET!

This game is 600% mech. Yes please let's go on a mech adventure today!

(secret scroll wheel zoom cam is great to get lovely photos}

I played with my graspers and enjoyed! One of my favourite entries in the jam so far - thank you

Very cool idea! I was confused at first with the controls but with the left ctrl/alt it works fine with the download version.

Nice job for the jam, well done - I am very happy to punch down all the other team and score!

Cool unique experience and use of the themes. My ocean is no longer gross!

At first I was scared to leave my ship so I stayed inside for a while.

When I found courage I travelled to a planet in the stars and became like a bat under the mushroom.

Now I am one with the void of space.

I enjoyed this one, thank you!

Nice job with the art and animations and doing the music yourself as well. The menus were very polished too. 

The battle music could be a little longer I think as it seemed to repeat often while I was reading those parts, but that is not a big issue.

Fun little game, I liked the death animation oh no my head! Nice background art and enemies, it was good that there are the poison clouds to watch out for so it isn't too easy. 

The duck was my fav so I made sure they were in the screenshot! 

I did find the other door, but at first I didn't realise dashboard was a button to see progress. With the building, you can walk out while the menu is still open and I got a few bugs that way with menu objects remaining on screen (I liked the "I didn't make this bit" notices though!).

I think I saw a message in game about collecting the small ones first, but I was just going for whatever I could catch so maybe I didn't play correctly sorry!

Amazing! I love this one, the art, the concept, the gameplay. It was great to have the team working together to control the fires and deciding how to tackle them.  A complete little experience, perfect for the jam.

Nice work releasing something even with getting sick during the jam! I died a lot but had a good time.

Perfect art, and a unique take on the theme. I had most fun looking at the different emotion designs - I am euphoric!

Fun mech design with the transformation and I enjoyed finding some friends hidden on the map! 

Adding a minimap was something I was hoping to include on our entry but didn't end up with enough time so it was nice to see you had one.

I survived! Cool idea, I enjoyed building my mech and picking what to do each day. I would have happily played for longer if there was additional content - well done

(and I think this qualifies for the "Build It, Then Use It" secondary theme!)

It is perfect

Lots of promise for the short time you had on it! 

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The mech animations are very cool and ambitious idea with the grapple. The sense of scale is really there when it is little you vs the mechs. The lava is a great addition! 

Very creepy! glad I was inside the mech not outside

Very funny one, love the chaos of it. I agree with the other comments it could be easier but it was quick to retry so it didn't bother me. Well done!

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Nice mech design! I always fall for the strategy games so I enjoyed this one

Very cute and original, I enjoyed being the PEPpeR mech and tending to my babies.

Nice work on this! I liked the detail in the animations when the mech feet go on the ramps and the kick from the rockets. 

Wow! I loved the environment and atmosphere. There is something particular about the lighting, I felt like I was playing - in real time - a render of a PC game from the 90s or early 2000s. Like walking around myst/riven but free to go anywhere as it was no longer prerendered. Well paced and explained so I knew how to get through it. 

Climbing the mech was amazing! The scale and the drama of it! Nice intro with the little mice families too. One of my favourite entries for sure

BOOM BOOM BOOM very silly, congrats on your first game with unreal!

Maximum enjoyment! Funny little game, entertained until the end thank you

Fun entry for the mech jam, nice idea to combine the challenges from a few jams into one game!

Nice setting and visuals

The cutscene drawings are amazing! 

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Very tense! I found it easy to get into and imagine the situation. A great entry for the jam

Nice attention to detail with the animations. I made my own alternate game mode where you need to get all the spiders to follow you. Then you can take them safely to spider school...

Great looking entry! I like the player movement but agree with the other comments it is quite a hard game. I always enjoy local co-op for games like this so we can take on the horde of enemies together 

The rockets and flying are fun, I did feel a bit bad for the enemies though they are kinda cute. 

About 5 min in you get the power to fly with your mech! This part is super cool so stick with it to try that part out. It is very satisfying to fly around the level. The mech covering the pilot while they solve puzzles has a lot of potential. Sound helped set the mood, I liked the ambient waves and powerful shots from the mech gun.

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oh wow I loved this one, the mech, the sounds the lighting/shadows - super cool game

I don't think I did too bad either only 3 got away!