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Break tiles to score points in this turn-based mech-themed strategy game!
Submitted by PoodlePilot — 8 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#103.9233.923
Audio (Does not apply for Physical Games)#143.7313.731

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • Great little puzzler. Loved it. No notes.

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This is a nice retro puzzle game. It was simple and fun. I recommend to add a timer to every level so that player gets less time to stay idle and think. 


I like the the aesthetics, its cute in a retro and endearing sort of way, same with the sound effects. Normally I'm not into puzzle style games, but I found it fairly intuitive and quick to learn how it plays, as well as easy to figure out what the better routes for destruction are. Mix of puzzle elements with analysing and planning your route, and minor arcade reflexes with quick thinking with the breaking blocks.


Thanks for playing, cool to hear that you liked aspects of it even if it's not your typical style of game!


Is it even possible to get a perfect score on all levels?

Maximizing the view unfortunately slows down the game's performance significantly...


Thanks for playing it! It's not always possible to get a perfect score. Due to how the levels are procedurally generated and the difficulty is increased by having fewer tiles on each level, it's almost guranteed that you'll run in to an impossible level eventually (usually >10 levels in). I'll admit that this could be made better, but the time constraints of the jam prevented me from building a better generator in time.

The slowdown you describe is surprising - This game runs fine even on my fairly slow handheld RG351 and I've made no changes to the game for when it runs in full-screen, so this is very likely related to the TIC-80 HTML-export, which I have very little understanding of.  Are you experiencing the same issues in other TIC-80 titles? If you don't mind sharing what OS/browser combo you're using then I'll try to replicate the issue and see what I can do.

I hope you liked the game despite the issues, and thanks for the feedback!


I think I have seen it with another entry based on TIC-80, so probably something with TIC-80 itself...

I use Firefx on Ubuntu. Also note that I have a higher resolution than full HD...


Ohhh making games on fantasy consoles is such an arcane thing to me. You guy fantasy console people are a bunch of wizards. Really fun game, graphics, audio and so on all mesh so well together. Congrats!


Thanks :) Fantasy consoles are so much fun and just perfect for game jams, the limitations really keeps the scope in check. I can highly recommend both PICO-8 and TIC-80 if you feel like trying one out!


Very cool. one of my favourites so far! Great music, fun to play lovely character - well done!


That's great to hear! Thanks for playing!


I loved it! Fantastic visuals, fantastic gameplay, and just really nicely polished. 


Thanks! And even bigger thanks for hosting the jam and playing BridgeBreaker on stream! This was a very well organized jam, with a fun theme and just the right length of time :)


What a cool game! Excellent graphics and audio, with an interesting premise as well. Nice job!


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


Super to see such a finely executed TIC-80 title. Everything feels coherent. Great job!


Thank you for playing! Learnt a lot from working in TIC-80 and will probably make more things using it.


Great game! I thought it might be too hard, but it was actually very playable. I loved the puzzle strategy element. And great retro pixel art and old school music. Love that touch!


Thanks! I'm glad you found it very playable :) The music was a last minute addition, but I think it was a good idea to add it.


Very fun puzzler ^^

I really like how you gotta plan your route to try and maximize the number of tiles you traverse, that's a nice change of pace to usually having to do the least moves possible to complete a level.

Everything is clearly readable and easy to get, which is grandly helped by the included how to in the game menu.

The pixel art is also really good, especially considering this is probably not just an art choice but also to fit the limitations of pico-8 :o

Overall fun solid and a chill game, well done :)


Thank you! You are absolutely correct about the limitations, although it was made in TIC-80 which have a similar set of restrictions to Pico-8. The game was limited to 16 colors total and a resolution of 240 by 136 px, which probably only helped keep the scope managable for the Jam.  Sometimes restrictions are great :)  

I'm glad you liked it and relieved someone else understood it and found the main mechanic fun!


Love the "just one more level" feeling, the rating of your performance upon finishing a level really helps out - as well as the design of the lil' construction mech. As someone who really enjoyed the ice tile puzzles in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire this was right up my alley :)


Thanks for playing!  One of the concerns I had was that people would go straight for the end of the level and missing that the fun is in finding a way to break as many tiles as possible, so the messages was an attempt to encourage that. I haven't played Ruby/Sapphire, but I'll have to check those out, since they sound like something I'd like  :)