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Design Flaw

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Solid gameplay, this would work really good on mobile phones.

Adding small vfx and specially simple sound effects would go a long way in improving your game, these things are more effective that you might think

Dam son this isn't the first time people comment on my games that the volume is too loud, i should probably figure how to do volume sliders for the next time

Thanks for the feedback

Very interesting puzzle

difficulty curve is all off but making them in puzzles is hard so you get to pass on that

everything else is solid

Fairly good execution of the game in general.

The controls are a bit wonky and intuitive at least at first but this also makes the controls inverting mushrooms much more threatening.

Also the level is always the same, this makes this kind of games rather repetitive and more of a memorization challenge than anything else.

But that kind of thing is to be expected, making a procedural level generator in a game jam is very hard so i am not going to complain much.

Thank you for feedback

the white things can be used to block bullets and are the only way to stop/kill the enemies that try to ram at you

they where a better idea in my head tbh

Pretty sure this counts as juicy

Nice and interesting platformer. I like the idea and the level design looks good and the polish is very good for a game made in 2 days.

The only complaint i have is that the physics are weird at times and the controls sometimes are a bit unresponsive, most notably the double jump that works just fine with spacebar but using w or up arrow sometimes doesn't actually register. this doesn't break the game or anything so i'm not mad about these issues.

Overall, pretty good.

Mine fits the description so

The idea is a bullet hell shoot em up where you only have to dodge one bullet

Fun and juicy game

if i had to come up with one compliant is that the enemys can spawn right next to you, making you lose before you can react. or at least i think that happened to me a few times.

good game, got a high score of 80, i guess that's good

LMAO bad fan art

i want some :P

I will take this opportunity to ask you (or really anyone reading this) to try my entry