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A great submission! The idea was interesting and the levels utilised it well. The one where you had to curve around the wall was my favourite. I feel like more could be done with the mechanics and perhaps analogue controls.

I really liked the idea but I think the execution needs some tweaking. If you shoot a key far from wasd the game is pretty much impossible to play because you need one hand on the mouse and can't reach all the movement keys with one hand. Even if the key can be reached I found it very difficult to dodge the bullets after switching keys. Also, check your Godot settings. I had Windows set to 125% scaling and when I first launched the game I could only see the top left portion of the screen. I had to go into display settings and change the scaling to 100% for this game to be playable.

Still, a really good idea with nice simple graphics but too difficult for me.

Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely see how the sound could be interpreted that way.

I like the idea and how it changes aiming challenges into timing challenges. Maybe the random aiming should be relative to the player. It took me quite a while to get through the vertical chute on level 3 because the random aim tended towards the centre of the screen.

It's a neat idea with promise for more. It would be interesting to try this with moving enemies that would challenge you to time two different things in your head.

Drifting around the store in the cart is super fun and completing the list felt like a fair challenge. A few times I got stuck to walls and corners, though, when the cart's turning torque wasn't enough to overpower the forward acceleration.

Yeah, I pretty much just threw the sfx in at the last minute after realising the game was completely mute. I should prioritise sound a bit more next time. Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe I just sucked but it felt really difficult, I struggled to get to a hundred points. The animation and audio were superb, though!

It felt contemporary and the sound design worked well. Interesting how it offered personal questions with set right answers, taking control of your life away from you.

It's a nice game! Consider adding a bit more contrast to ui elements in the future. Although I think the fuel usage is reasonably balanced, I died to running out of fuel a few times because it was hard to read the fuel gauge.

Any sort of instructions completely slipped my mind in the heat of iteration. I’ll try to keep it in mind next time. Thanks!

You managed to gamify such everyday actions as cutting and pasting really well, and adding common hotkey functions as upgrades was smart! I would have continued playing had there been more levels.

The morphing effects looked great but it's sort of frustrating how little agency the player has. (But then again, the maze is out of control)

This was a really fun game to control! The plane tilted as expected and chasing the birds added some depth. With an objective other than survival (standing in the back section of the plane is a bit too powerful a strategy) (maybe an airfield to land on) and some extra obstacles this could really work as a game.

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You have to click the game window for it to register keyboard input. You can also click on the keys if you have a different keyboard layout or are playing on a touch screen (it might be easier, too).

Sometimes the pure RNG can be pretty harsh. Thanks!

The game looks nice and I like the engaging controls! I just feel that the boat turning in the wrong direction is unnecessarily confusing.

The dialogue was funny and the unbalanced economy and the inconsistent key bindings fit the parody nature well. It was just a shame to have to restart quite a few times due to the insta-kill disasters.

It was a fun puzzle game, the audio design was simple but satisfying and effective, restarting and tweaking the objects was smooth. Really great!

This was really fun! And the later levels added enough twists to keep it interesting. Sometimes the game said I had missed although the green cursor was clearly on the apple or I hadn't actually intentionally clicked. This might be caused by me playing it on a touchpad, though. Also, it would be nice if the hit registration was generous enough to allow this game about touchscreen calibration to actually be played on a touchscreen. Maybe the relationship between the small, scrambled squares and the big clean squares could be the other way around to make it easier to control?

I was a bit confused since Bark Mrown kept sending me angry messages but congratulated me in the end. I'm not quite sure if I identified the offending comments correctly. Otherwise, I love the theming!

The game feels polished and it's a very nice take on the theme. Top marks!


You were sneaky making me bookmark your game in level 7. A very fun puzzler but rigid grid movement would remove some frustration.

This game looks really beautiful and the story interpretation of the theme is nice. Very atmospheric!