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This game was trippy. Pretty interesting concept. I only played for a few minutes, but I may have to sit down and beat this soon. The art style is nice, and the music was pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback. This isn't quite my first project in the engine. I've built some smaller prototypes of stuff before. I've been keeping an eye on this engine for a couple years. I keep going back to LibGDX though. I'm trying to really learn Godot though, cuz I do find some stuff to be pretty easy to do. Especially exporting the game. Super easy.

I am struggling with getting used to a couple of things though. The jumping is one of those things. The jump could probably be improved by spending more time tweaking the gravity value. It's just there was a lot of stuff I wanted to tweak. I'm used to writing my own physics in LibGDX, and because of that, stuff like move_and_slide() feel like magic to me. I say magic because move_and_slide() really shortens the code, but also makes it harder for me to understand what's happening, or control things as much as I'm used to.

I have this same problem with collision detection. I'm used to manually checking hitboxes against each other to find collisions. I'm starting to get more comfortable with the way Godot organizes stuff though. 

As for the theme. I wanted rice power to be a bigger part of the game, and due to the time limit(I didn't set aside enough time for this jam), my plans didn't work. But rice power is a joke on Gohan from dragon ball Z. Gohan is Japanese for rice. So the joke is that rice power, is unleashing your hidden potential, or your true powers. I think my ideas were good, and I'm looking forward to implementing them in something a little more complete.

I do think most platformers are melee based games. But, there is stuff like Metal Gear Solid. I think this game worked better with guns than melee. Partially because I had bigger ideas for the rice power. And partially because It was easier to animate.  I considered having a few melee enemies. But I couldn't find a good spritesheet for a melee character I liked, and I"m not an artist. The characters are supposed to have run and jump animations in my game by the way. The characters I used actually had spritesheets, but I couldn't make them work with an animatedSprite node. I would have needed to go into GIMP and cut up the spritesheet, and didn't have the time for that.

It's the same reason the game had no music. I can't make music, and didn't have time to find a royalty free piece I could use. I listened to a couple and didn't like them at all. The game also had no sound effects until half an hour before I published it. I quickly made some sound effects in SFXR(a favourite piece of software). They definitely made the game 30% better by themselves.

Finally, the enemies shooting through platforms was a mistake I didn't catch. They aren't supposed to be able to do that. In my playtesting I somehow was blind to the fact they were doing that. Oops. I'll put that on the list of things to fix when i go through and refactor my code for open sourcing. Same thing with a pause button. Pausing is something I totally forgot about until I was trying to take a screenshot of the game as I was uploading it to Itch. It was just totally overlooked. I'm also not even sure how I'd add it, the way the game is currently structured. I'm not sure how to go about pausing all of the enemies and bullets.

Thanks for the feedback though. This game isn't what I wanted it to be, but I am pretty happy I got a working game made in the relatively small amount of time I had.

This game was pretty fun. I really like the art style. So far I've beaten 3 levels and they were pretty decent. Not too easy, and not too hard. I did get a little bit annoyed with the first jump that you do with the squirrel. But, That was probably me just being bad at the game.

My only real complaint is that I find the goal marker thing at the end of each level, to be a little weird looking. And that's barely a complaint.

This game was pretty neat. The tutorial said I had to rock a certain number of the crowd, of each color, during each section of the song. But, I couldn't really tell if I was meeting that target or not. I understood everything else.

Also, I only played Level 1, and it was a tad difficult. There either need to be fewer aliens spawned, or they need a little less health, so they change faster. I think this game has a ton of potential though.

I wish you'd have done a Linux export for this. It'd have made this almost perfect in my opinion. 

That being said. This game is beautiful. I had several ideas for a game to make for a music themed game jam. Nothing like this was anywhere near one of them.

This game has great visuals, and soothing sounds. Flying was pretty easy and "collecting" the other birds was neat.  I really liked the art style.

I do think the game needs a little more, uh, game though. There should be some obstacles that are tricky to get around, or some enemy birds to dodge or something. There wasn't quite enough to keep me playing after a couple of minutes. I think this has 80-90% of what could be a great game though.

In your video playing my game, you mentioned whenever someone says they made their game in 24 hours it's better than yours. I think it was only true this time, because of the state of your game. With a bit more polish it'd be better than mine.

I've only done 2 attempts at trying to beat the boss here. But, for some reason my bullets stopped working, and idk if that's a bug, or I missed something or what was happening. Also, as AiriKarin said. One of the bullet patterns did seem almost impossible to avoid. The thing is shooting out its flowery/spiraly kind of thing, and then starts shooting the more targeting beam type thingys. You have to move to dodge the things that kind of target you, and it makes you run right into the normal spiral pattern. It was tough.

Overall, I like the game though. I want to make my own bullet hell at some point. It didn't even cross my mind to try one for a music themed game jam.

Since you played my game I wanted to come give this a shot, but I'm away from my windows box at the moment. Can I ask what engine/framework you used to build this game? It definitely looks neat.

I enjoyed this game. I wish there had been more of it. I also really enjoy seeing more Godot games in the jam.

I found the game a little tricky at first, because all I did was read the bottom of your instructions on this page. I didn't see there was double jump. So I skipped the tutorial. After that, it wasn't too hard to beat the level. 

And as others have said, I don't think the music was really synced to any of the platforms, but I think with a little work you could get that done for real, and have a pretty neat game.

Thanks for the feedback. I lightened the color of the bottom bar.  And there were definitely issues with the objective changing randomly. I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to do with that mechanic. I've now added a 2 second countdown timer to the lower right corner of the screen, that will pop up and let you know the target is about to change. It can take anywhere from 3 to 9 seconds for the target to switch, but the game will only show a warning for the last 2 seconds.

It's pretty neat seeing my game in a youtube video. Also, I just posted an update to the game that fixes some of the issues it had. There's now a 2 second countdown timer that pops up before the notes change.

High score, is at the top of my to do list, and should be done pretty quickly.

The indicator thing, is something I felt the game needed, but couldn't quite figure out how to do that. Screen flash is a pretty good idea. I could also probably add a little countdown timer somewhere on the screen.

 This game looks pretty nice. What framework/engine did you use to build it? Love2D?