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Yeah Horse races being able to race is a great idea. It would also be cool to have a specialization that can help them win. Maybe like Jockey or Racer speclization.

Since I've played the game for so long I haven't paid attention to the totorial so that's probably why I haven't seen that they can't run.

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Huh I've never heard that oppents can't run away. They just like your party can run on the 2nd turn when you see the flag icon on the portait. Just use the shackel spell to stop em and they won't be able to escape for 6 turns. I think to get the shackel spell all you is join the Mage's Order and by it. I've always went for unlocking the brothel on the first day and got the gold pouring in and putting off combat for awhile till I can build a sufficent 4 person group but defenetly get agility up to 2 on your team quick, equip your group with longswords and chain mail and combat around Wimborn gets pretty easy quick.

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True dat. Also it's only 4 toxicity a day that is removed I think it was.

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I do think it would be cool being able to run a city like that but by implimenting things like that after the story would be turning Strive into a completely different game altogether after the story ends. I also have thought it would be nice to own some other buildings on property or otherwise to be able to keep more slaves or more rooms in the manison so you can meet luxury requirements of high class slaves and have more in the communal room. New mechanics like those however would be really awesome in a sequal to Strive where you start out as the head of the Mage's Order and now have to run it.

Yeah I've found potions make a slave's toxicity go up a whopping 30% when just 1 potion is used. Lab mods don't seem to raise toxicity from what I've seen. I modded some slaves, casted mind reader on them afterward and they still showed 0 toxicity. I did several mods on a slave and also no mutation ether.

I was succsessful in downloading the game through Drive. Thank you for taking the time to look into this matter.

I get 404: not found when I click the download link and  the itch app tells me there's no compatible version for windows.

Yeah it would be so much better to do something true to Strive itself and beastkin and halfkin horses those so inclined could easily just do a MLP portrait and rename them something MLP-ish.

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Another bug I'm noticing (I think it's a bug anyway) is during sex I click Missonary and it clicks the repeting action for insert tail ass while I'm clicking Misssonary. Also for group sex/orgies when you click fuck in turns it also clicks fuck ass in turns.

I'm playing 0.5.19d.

True dat just like harpies should only ever be female/futa starting out.

Well an anthro horse race wouldn't be a bad idea but I'd really say go with an anthro pegasus from greek mythology instead of unicorns or MLP. Pegasus would satisfy bronies as well as not be off putting to anyone who doesn't like MLP or unicorns.

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My next suggestion is to have male lamia be called naga instead since it would be more correct that way. Female/futa could stay as lamia, naga would only be male and lamia could ony be female unless modded in the lab.

Exactly which is why I would like there to be more available specializations so you could enhance more jobs.

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That was just the first example I could think of at the time I made that post but yeah I guess it would be a management job. Although since the requirements for jailer just are poor or higher not confidence it would be better if there was something that could make detainees obey you faster or something.There's also public entertainer that there is no specialization that matches up with it as well as guardian and slave catcher.

There are some great specializations in Strive already but I would like to see more specializations that match up with the jobs. For example of the current specilizations which would I pick for say jailer? Housekeeper I guess since it at least cuts cost of living down for the character, but it would be better if there were specializations that could enhance more of the jobs that are availible. 

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Personally I agree with the MC getting up off his bum and being able to work. It would help you level them up faster instead of doing mindless battles as being the only way the MC can level up. the bandits raiding your mansion could be intereseting as well as long as it's not so frequent that it's taking away from what you want to do. I also would like specializations for MCs as well it could really help with combat or "other stuff" you want the MC to do.  

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I also have noticed this same issue. I was trying to change a male aracna into a female by removing all male parts and giving him a vag and it's still showing male and having a male mate with him eventually just caused the aracna to get the homosexual trait. I am also playing 19c. Just for laughs I gave the aracna an amnesa potion and renamed him Nadia Pryce XD. I also just tried making a human female into a male and it still shows it being a female but it says her womb is streil. 

I didn't see any yellow triangles when I looked through the drivers. The Windows drivers it told me are the best there is but I did update my graphics driver. I still got not responding when I tried to make the window bigger while it was loading so maybe that's why that time. It does clear up and run so it's probably not that important to do anymore digging. Thanks for the help.

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Yeah I don't know I just have the game itself I didn't put any portrait packs in it. I also play Steam games with high system requirements and I have never had any issuses like that with them or any other game I've played.

Yeah I don't know maybe. What drivers and how do I update them?

I have an Intel Core i7 prossecer and 12 gigs of ram already.

I've been following Strive for awhile now, great game by the way the main issue I've beem having is when the game first opens I always get a not responding error and I get it sometimes on the title screen as well when I either load a game or start a new game. They do go away and load after a min or 2 but it's annoying that I keep getting them. My OS is Windows 10 home 64 bit  and the game version is 0.5.19c.  I also have noticed that slaves can improve there relationships with each other so I think slaves should be able to become lovers with each other and if they do they should be able to share a personal room together so they take up less space and can be together.

I really can't wait to see how it progesses.

I would really like to see how the realationship between the MC and Izze progresses after the first date.

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I really like this game so far but I just have a couple questions.  The MC is on a quest to obtain a harem of 151 girls and the game keeps track of girls out of 151, so why are there only going to be 32 collectible harem girls and 14 different party members in the final version? Also will there be furries?

I really like the concept and am looking forward to seeing how this game progresses.