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Well an anthro horse race wouldn't be a bad idea but I'd really say go with an anthro pegasus from greek mythology instead of unicorns or MLP. Pegasus would satisfy bronies as well as not be off putting to anyone who doesn't like MLP or unicorns.

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We already have 17 races, some which are rather weird, such as spider, goo, and squid. So why not Ponykin, halfpony, unicorn, and pegasus? They seem way more tame than spider-girl.

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Imo the core game should focus on more variety, that is races completely different one from the other. Little differences should be handled via mods. There's no need to have four, very similar, equine races: one of them is fine.
If I could, for instance, I would get rid of drows and dark elves and keep just one, large class of elves to be expanded* through some mod. I would implement dwarves and halflings, instead.
Just my 2 cents.

*Eta: I should have said "extended" :P


Sure, four is overkill, but perhaps not two? 

- Besastkin pony

horse tail, ears, fur, and horse-like stats (+endur, - intel).

Possible hooves and digitigrade (backwards bent, walking on toes) legs.

- halfkin pony

horse tail, horse ears,

human hands, pantigade feet, and human skin

And an option in lab to add wings or horn(s) to any girls we want.

Actually I wonder if races could be handled like sexes (now, if you give a woman a penis, she becomes a futa, and if you later remove her pussy, she becomes a man).
I mean, instead of having halfkin and beastkin ponies, you'd just have "ponies": the game would check their animal features and say if they are half- or beastkin ponies, depending on how much furry they are (for instance: torso: 20%, face:15%, legs, arms:10%, hands, feet/hooves: 5%, tail:5% and so on. If the sum is over 25%: halfkin; over 50%: beastkin).
Through lab mods, a character could turn from halfkin into beastkin (or into human), or even change its race. Also, their children would inherit features their parents already have, even if un-natural (e.g. a horse with feather wings could have winged children, despite wings not being equine features).

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I feel like you should post this as a separate suggestion, because it sounds really neat.

It isn't easy: the more I think about it, the more questions I have.
For instance, as d.stu said, some races differ very little.
Another thing: while the halfkin<->beastkin change can happen automatically, I'm not sure about the race reassignment. Imagine if you have a seraph, you cast a Mutation spell on her and she loses her wings: should she become a human and lose her racial traits (and boosts)? Well, some players would find it cool, others would not.
Things would be different, though, if some boosts depended on your body, instead of your race. E.g. wings should give you more agility, no matter what you are.

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I would be very OK with all of this.

Maybe change it to exactly 1/8 sizes, for consistency.

  • horse cock = 1/8 = human
  • tail + ears = 2/8 = halfkin
  • tail + ear + horse cock  = 3/8 = halfkin
  • tails + ears + fur + horn = 4/8 = beastkin

  • 1. Skin (scales, fur, goo, ...)
  • 2. Tail.
  • 3. Ears.
  • 4. Other (horn, wings, animal genitalia).
  • 5. legs. (digigrade, pantigrade, testicles, snake tail, ...)
  • 6. Arms. (claws, paws, ...)
  • 7. Torso.
  • 8. Face (Muzzle. fangs, long head, ...)

System isn't perfect because for some races the only physical difference is pointy ears (elves)  or wings (seraph) or whatever.

Well I don't think we expect them to be tame.. read : they are "monster girls" after all.. 

Spider(Tsuchigumo) and Slime are pretty much from Japanese ppl being perverts turning horrendously scary things into cuties.. cause why not.

Scylla.. well just look it up, that was a monster even in mythology that looked like an irresistibly charming woman (at least the part it showed above the water before horribly eating those who sailed close enough.. I mean if we look at t this way.. our scyllas are WAY more tame.)

Yes, different people have different tastes. Yes, some people like spider, goo, or whatever girls. My main point was that since we have such a wide variety of oddball girls already, why can't we add one more relatively 'normal' beast race (IE, Horse girls). It doesn't have to be MLP. Just give girls a horse tail and horse ears and, bam. Donezo. I bet I could go into the game files and do a replace all on 'wolf' -> 'horse', and be 95% the way there. In other words, It would be easy to add. (Correct me if I'm wrong).