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@Jupiter Hadley: You're right, I should have made an exe. I didn't do that because I had some troubles uploading it some time ago (bad internet connection). But I'll do that next time and I'll try to upload the exe for this game soon.

If you want to run the source, you'll need the godot game engine, unpack the source zip and import the engine.cfg file in godot. Than you can run the game.

@pigdev Wow, thank you! I think, I haven't played it for 2 hours.^^ Your comment made my day! :)

Yes, it works now! Great game! Thank you! :)

It looks and sounds nice, but I can't run the source files correctly. I get a lot of error messages and can't even quit the game. The enemies don't spawn and when the time runs out nothing happens. I've tested it with godot 2.1 and 2.03.

Really nice game! I think the wizard would control much better, if you'd map the jump to the "w" key or (even better) to the middle mouse button. ;)

This looks very promising! I think the controls are a bit confusing and i think it would work better, if you could move the player unattached to the looking direction.

I've changed the after death thing and also worked a little on the level design, so there's more variety when you play it now.

Thank you! I didn't think of that. The dying animation was one of the last things i threw in before i posted the game. I'll change that.

Also there is no real end of the "maze" - it's just a dead end. So don't search for it! :)

Very nice round game and very addictive! I like it a lot!

Sometimes the background pretends that there are walls between the cat and the ball chain, but you could just shoot right through them. I think that's a bit misleading and could destroy the illusion.

But that's just me nitpicking. ;)

I love the zombie sounds! The game is nicely done, but you could easily make more out of it.

Don't remove the green stuff (when you've shot a zombie) so quickly, for example. You could leave that at least till the next round, so the player could see what he/she has done. :)

I think small things like that could make such games a lot more fun.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! :)

Ok, now I can play it. :) I made a small change though to do that. In the line 25, i changed it to: if get_viewport().get_mouse_pos().x < scr_size.width/2:

The game looks really nice and you made very good use of the theme! It's kinda hard to control though. I think a variable run speed (maybe with mouse pos distance to the player) would be nice.

Like GameDL8 I also couldn't play it. The mouse runs to the left wall as soon as I click play and than I can't change the direction. Would like to play it! :(

Great minimalistic game!

Yesterday i've reached over 82m, but I don't remember how much ball contacts I had. ^^

I agree with dibuzapping: this needs a savegame! :D

The use of the theme couldn't be much better! The game feels really good, although it could get frustrating quickly. I cheated a little and used my graphic tablet in the higher levels. ^^

I think some more save zones or respawning to a midpoint or something like that could lower the frustration aspect and increase the motivation of the player.

This is awesome! A nice quiet game to relax a little on a stressful day. :)

I think an interpolated camera could compliment (i don't know if that's the wright word?) your mouse character (which i really like) better.

I was struggling with 3D for the last month and I think, I could really learn a lot with your code. So thanks for that!

Thanks again! :) I like your idea with the jump and the powerups! I was planing to randomly spawn cats as deathtraps in later levels. A jump could get really useful then.

Hi Akien,

I never been on IRC, but I'll try that. Thank you! :)

Wow thank you that's so nice! I'm still having trouble with the uploader, but I've added the source to my game site.

Unfortunately I couldn't upload my game to yesterday, but maybe you would like to see it anyhow.

I put it on github: three hungry mice