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A zombie shooter inspired by Duck Hunt
Submitted by Danjo's Games (@atzedanjo) — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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Use of the theme#92.8143.111

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Thanks for commenting.

The zombie sounds are from

I'm sorry, zxwt, but I don't know what you mean. There are no bullets in the game, the zombies just die if you click on them (or wait 5 seconds). Which operating system are you using?

This sight does not sync with the bulllet. Is it the design to mimic the effect of gravity or a bug. Other thing is fine for a simple game


I love the zombie sounds! The game is nicely done, but you could easily make more out of it.

Don't remove the green stuff (when you've shot a zombie) so quickly, for example. You could leave that at least till the next round, so the player could see what he/she has done. :)

I think small things like that could make such games a lot more fun.


Thank you very much for your feedback, Akien.

Yes, it's pretty easy. I made the mistake to test only in window mode, which makes the game a little harder. Also I probably should have made more clear how the game works:

On each wave you have to kill 1 more zombie then in the wave before. You have to kill 1 zombie on wave 1, 2 on wave 2, etc. Starting with wave 10 you have to kill all 10 zombies. This was originally a temporary solution and I planned to figure out something better but I ran out of time.

Jam Host

Kudos for a well organized code too :)

Jam Host

Nice work! Quite classical and well implemented. I liked the HUD too :)

I would have liked some more difficulty though, I played the first 6 waves but could not really notice an increase in difficulty, so it grew a bit boring as it was too easy. Having several zombies to shoot at a time would be pretty nice, as well as having zombies with higher speeds and maybe less predictable movements.


Thank you very much. Your feedback is highly appreciated


Classical game! Very addictive.

Maybe most zombie movement, not only lineal make the game more interesting. The music is a bit annoying. : )

Congrats! Good game.