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Really nice. Short enough for a coffebreak, but still entertaining. For some reason #14 was the hardest for me :D

Also no way to quit after winning the game, but that’s total nitpicking :D

Or just get zero score - not end the game would be quite ok for me.

Nice and fun puzzle game! I wish it had time-free mode, so that it could be playable slowly and without any rush or stress - just lazily thinking and relaxing with a cup of tea. Couldn’t get past lvl.4 for time limitation and wasn’t in the mood replaying the level a couple dozen of times to memorize the first moves…

Inexcusably amazing and illegally cute.

Unfortunately the game rules aren’t explained in the game, so I couldn’t get past 2_3 - there might be some condition when the bird doesn’t fly away, but the hint is empty :)

That hit-and-run is a habit from an ancient Anvil of Dawn game. You might want to check it out on Youtube - it has a lot of similarities (and thus may offer some inspiration) to your game. They sell it on GOG, but I don’t recommend buying it, it’s too old to meet contemporary gaming standards + absurdly expensive for a 1995 game which creators ceased to exist since 2001.

A very nice and cute dungeon crawler, I love the graphics style. I’m not sure why not make rotations and movement smooth? Also the controls are a bit chunky - skipping keypresses in the middle of a fight becomes quite annoying especially at lower levels. For some reason the generated dungeons feel a bit boring for me - maybe because there are very long crooked passages without anything to do but to rotate or strafe. Also I’d really love if the map would not be visible from the start but initially hidden and explored (which unfortunately would become only more boring if the previous note is in place). Also (that’s veeery nitpicking, really) IMHO the grain filter is a bit too strong. Overall it was quite a fun experience :)

Nice Asteroids! clone, with new mechanics, powerups and fun. There are few minor bugs, but mostly it’s the clunky controls that make it very hard to aim and fly. Also, where is the promised in the main menu “S” key? :D When the asteroids are too close, the ship does 0 damage. Also the toroid space should not have borders it breaks the game feel a bit. Replay:

I can’t say the music is “bad”. It’s ok. But it’s an extremely short loop and it gets annoying after around a minute of play. In other words, should the track be 5 minutes it’d be quite fine. In this situation it might have been a bit better idea just to replace it for a (temporary) soundtrack from the internet with a reasonable license.

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Thank you for the review! Yeah, the game is “small” - it has very little game mechanics, so it’s mostly about getting the best score out of good luck. And personally I noticed that the more paranoid I become (achievement sound scares me too :)), the better the results are :D Currently there is a couple of hours of content in the game, and it becomes unbalanced the further the player progresses - my record was 61k and I was really bored in the end… But that’s an expected result for 3 weeks of one-man spare-time development, I guess. And it asks badly for custom graphics, maybe some day I’ll find strength to rework the tileset into a less confusing one :)

It’s blurry because it was tiny on my screen. Like 400x400 pixels :) I think I’ve screwed the sound because I have a limit of 15 minutes on YouTube and I’ve recorded 15:40 or something, so I’ve had to speed it up a bit and maybe somehow got the audio wrong. Nah, I didn’t look into Options menu (for unknown reason - I usually always do), I was playing in a maximized window. Yeah, maybe just standard approach of “click them to death” from usual RPG Maker games (unfortunately many people think that’s enough to have a good game, glad this game is not the case :D) closed my eyes to some obvious fight features.

Very nice RPG game (that received the love it needed!), however… Yeah, it left a feel of an absolute confusion of what is going on and what to do. The text is so tiny on my 1366x768 monitor that I barely could grasp the overall idea. A video of my sufferings :D -

The idea of the game is very cool and fresh. Especial kudos for GoDot! However, the game itself needs a lot of (a hell lot of) polish. Music is sooo annoying, arrrgghhhhh. The UI goes offscreen sometimes. It’s often easier to glitch to the upper levels, than to follow the same route again and again. The mechanics doesn’t seem responsive and it feels more like random than really depends on Player’s skill and input. And in the third map I just fell into the black void :) Replay video of first two levels:

Very nice. Leaves a good feel of tension (and clumsiness, but that’s optional :D). Still a bit too little content to enjoy the game for a long time. My best run:

Unfortunately it says for me “There was a problem parsing the package” Android 4.2.2

Amazing game about crates, barrels, cool skeletons and spiders. I’ve noticed that all the bugs I’ve experienced are already mentioned below :) So adding just another word of praise to the story :) Ah, yes, I should do at least some nitpicking. The non-pixelart fonts look a bit out of place and sometimes are hard to read (e.g. the one for Gart). But yeah, that’s really minor.

Unfortunately currently there is no reliable way to port Pascal code to Web (it’s on the way, but alas, not there yet). And as I don’t own a MAC (and therefore no XCode) I can’t compile and test for MAC. So… not this jam :) However, maybe you could try running a Win32 version through Wine? AFAIR my games ran through Wine pretty well on Linux, but yeah, that needs to install Wine and I’m not sure if it’s worth just to try a few games.

Thank you! Yeah, that’s DCSS tileset :) This game needs it’s custom tileset badly, first of all to counter that same problem of being hard to discern between the “passages and walls” that are “within the view and covered by the fog of war”… But I’m really bad at painting :) To get the higher score the Player needs to become paranoid :D Actually 26k is a very good score - it took me some decent time to learn to get that high consistently. My first runs (after upgrading enemy AI) ended with like 15-20k.

You might want to try out this set at least temporarily. I feel like it would fit the overall game mood :)

A true roguelike worthy of its name :) It gets a bit of time to get into the game (I’m still burning myself on constant basis), but it’s a lot of fun to play. From minor nitpicking - the game barely fits on my 1366x768 screen; exit is often obscured by wall tops. Also random might need a bit of polish - you can either burn the whole floor without taking any damage, or get out barely alive from full health, just because the very first room had a few tough enemies. Yeah, and I know it’s too much to ask, but some audio feedback on player’s actions would have been very cool. Got “Static charge” perk but all I got to the point was burning loot and firestands splashing on the player character.

Great background story :) I’d expect less laggy controls from an endless runner, maybe the “traditional approach” of switching lanes would be better? It would also allow easily porting for mobile platforms where such game is more demanded than on PC. Also High Score didn’t save for me for some reason. Overall - it’s quite fun! I love cat’s animations.

Good platformer game. I played “adult” mode and the control is ~~a bit~~ very chunky for me. Switching between static and moving blaster wasn’t intuitive even after a dozen minutes of play. Dialogue is advanced by “E” but clicking shots pellets instead, draining the ammo. I think that the first issue is that “you never know what’s behind the screen”. I know many platformers indeed exploit this feature to have the Player memorize the level and “do it better on the next run”, but I’m not fan of losing hearts because the snail is there and you’ve just jumped off a moving platform, or falling to death trying to understand where are you supposed to go. FPS-related shimmering on moving platforms is annoying but bearable :) The far background is too boring + some objects look like foreground objects (found myself twice trying to jump on a platform which actually was in the background). Fell from platform in the start of the second area to infinity beyond (after killed snails, removed the red light, and going a long ride on horizontal moving platform). Red colors are irritating to the eyes. Yes, I’m nitpicking here, but as the author mentioned “Will probably release this one on steam” I’m writing this comment (not rating) based on “game dev is 20% fun 80% hard work” - this game still needs some polishing done. Overall the game promises to be real fun.

As a fan of Rampart game - this is totally amazing. However, unfortunately the game is too fast for me. Something happens. Something changes. But I’m too busy looking for the “right spot for the new piece” on the screen to understand what exactly is going on. Is forest good? Or maybe wheat? Something is explained in-game, but in the meantime you already have to place another piece. I believe that pauses at “something happened” would be very good - or extend the tutorial to cover all of those hearts, placing castle atop wheat - is it good? Do the money generate with time or only when placed? etc. Or as the last resort slow down the start (maybe like training, without high scores), so that the Player will have time to look around the UI, not just tunnel on the current piece. But overall it has amazing mood, sound, idea and the potential is just perfect.

Same here - stuck on Unity load screen.

The screenshots look cool, but when I try to install it on a Prestigio Colorpad it says “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package” (Android 4.2.2)

A nice take on hard-childhood Paratroopers game. Still the controls are too chunky for me - my reaction isn’t good enough to fire at the target immediately as it appears and waiting for the cannon to return in place is often too late. Also as the game accelerates (maybe add a smoother acceleration curve, not just jump to high speed?) it becomes almost impossible to hit the targets, as even showering them with bullets doesn’t always work. I wonder why not add tap-on screen and make it for mobile platform? Such one-button (almost-idle) games look better there than on desktop and Unity enables to build the game for Android basically in two clicks.

It’d be a very nice game (Portal vibes!) if it wasn’t for so chunky controls (I got stuck in every corner, the cursor disappears after every level win, forcing to close and open the game again) and a bit annoying screen grain effect (though I must admit it adds some atmosphere to mask smooth environment textures). I really liked the idea with the world flipping on the side.

The game won’t scale to my 1366x768 monitor. So I was missing out a significant part of the UI (e.g. I couldn’t see my health, tutorial was cropped). Overall the game was fun to play until red guys showed up, they fled offscreen at hero’s speed and I couldn’t kill them no matter what I did.

Nice game, it was a lot of fun to play with computer and I guess it’d be even more fun to play with other people. Easy rules, lot’s of variation. I wish there were more board layouts to play :)