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Yes. I’ve deleted a few files and the problem is gone. Thank you! So it was just too many old versions hanging around (I suspected that, but was worried that I can break it further if I start deleting something). I guess making a more clear error message in this situation may be a good idea (e.g. add “This may happen in case there is too much content on the game page”).

The readme is large indeed, but I didn’t edit it recently and it was saving without issues before. Maybe I have too many uploaded files? I didn’t delete the old versions of the game - and if it won’t break anything now, I can easily delete those.

Ok… I see it happens only on one of my games, others are fine. Maybe I’ve broken something when uploading last update? The error messages doesn’t seem to be helpful.

Today I’m experiencing a problem updating my game page (publishing a new version):

Is it something temporary? Because yesterday everything worked without any issues.

Yeah, thank you! I hope I’ll be able to add a few more soon :)

Ah, no worries :D It’s all cool :D

Thank you! :D Yeah, that was an experiment to have “paper” style with aim at testing how it would work for Lacerti Plague game (which is supposed to happen completely in character’s diary). Yet the fact that all the opponents look exactly the same (and none of them was supposed to look like that :D) and don’t change expressions/poses is just absolutely shameful… But alas…

Thanks a lot!

you can’t stack unlocking your rewards

Originally I’ve made this way for the same reason - there was no place on screen for multiple rewards. But I think I understood where I can put more now - I’ll try to fix it soon.

The crown picture on the right or left score tab

Good idea! Fixed! I’ll make a build soon. Most likely with some of other fixes (and hopefully tomorrow :D)

About Deery and Squirrly - yeah, I feel exactly the same. Deery is the most fun character to play. And squirrly was an experiment that eventually kinda failed. In the beginning it’s fun to 1-2-3-move-1-2-3-stop-1-2-3-move-1-2-3-stop but it gets frustrating soon. Maybe softening the difference between dashing and moving would benefit - I’ll try that tomorrow (too sleepy already to make proper test if it works well or not).

was there other sets of music planned for all the different characters at one point?

Well, I personally love when the game has a lot of soundtracks. But it was rather hard to find fitting music for this game and I barely managed to get 3 good-sounding tracks. In the meanwhile I’ve found 3 good tracks, but which didn’t match the first 3, so using them for a “unique character” was kinda reasonable. Of course, having unique tracks for all characters would be cool, but I think I went through all related tracks at OpenGameArt and there wasn’t anything more of good quality and consistent with the current style.

different skins could have different coloured attack sprites

Yes, this is possible. The issue here is that currently we’re using 1024x1024 texture for all objects on the map, and it’s packed up completely. It’s not a big deal to increase it to 1024x2048 size, but will need some time to. I’ll try to look into it soon.

Also I wish there was a way to go “Hardcore Mode”

Should be easy to add - I’ve been using this manually to record some videoclips, we only need to add a UI for the Player to change the settings. I guess I’ll just put this button into Options together with “Tileset” choice.

Huge THANK YOU for catching this bug! I’ve found the reason and fixed it!

Yes, sorry about that. I’m working on a fix right now (investigating how it can even happen…)

Yes, I can reproduce the bug on Windows! Working on a fix.

Weird, let me check. I must admit I’ve tested it lately only on Android and Linux, now let me grab Windows build and check how it works.

the game doesnt count it as a win and you are just stuck there

Ah, reading again… I think I get it. Most likely the game just froze (this seems to happen from time to time on low-level opponents). Try just restarting it.

Ughmm… this is intended behavior :) You need to win with the opponent tied up to capture her. Or maybe I didn’t understand you correctly?

Yes, there is a bug that sometimes after taming Lapine or some similar low-level opponent the game freezes. Unfortunately that one isn’t easy to fix, and would require reworking of the enemy generation system, nothing too huge, but will take some time which unfortunately isn’t available for this canceled project.

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Yes, absolutely correct. You need to destroy the big ship. Then “find” the small one (on Lapine it’s not so important, but for stronger opponents this may become tricky), tie up the opponent and finish the small ship.

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That’s most certainly doable and perfectly reasonable. I’ve created the ticket and will try to fix that in the nearest future.

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Huge thank you for the reply!

Yes, freezes indeed happen, extremely rarely on my end - but maybe there is something that can “make them more frequent”? I’m aware of those, but I couldn’t track down the reason yet. You may track the status of the issue here : (re-reading the ticket I noticed that it may be not related issue, so created a separate one for freezes when generating “regular maps”: - Maybe you can confirm it happened on one of the “upper levels”? (like level 1-5, not 6-10 and deeper))

Yes, indeed that bug with duplicate character also happened to me once. But as I was doing stress testing at that time, I thought it may have been a reason of some crash. You confirm that this may happen during a “normal playthrough”. I’ll prioritize to investigate this ticket: - and yes, you can switch between characters on current level through Pause menu, just as you would do in the settlement. She is just not properly set as “captured” for some reason.

In future there should be missions where you would be able to have several charters and switch between them. But that will be later (when I’ll make AI for companions).

Another problem is that your save game is now a bit glitched - there is no way you can extract that character from that level, you can only leave another in her place. You can “workaround” that by going into Options form Main Menu - you’ll have 3 red buttons on the very bottom and press “End Current Run”. This will set all characters not in the settlement as “captured” and start a new run. You should be able to rescue all of those without any issues later.

Huge thank you for your review! Things like that really help me to keep going on :D

About the pause screen - Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that… but… I just literally don’t have place to put the buttons :D That was the only reason to cover the gameplay field… I would wanted that feature myself, but alas, I’m bad at UI design. Always end up with no free space to put things.

About poses - unfortunately that’s complicated. First of all on the art side (all those poses need to be drawn, and I’m a bad painter, which among other things makes drawing extremely slow). Yes, I definitely want poses in the latest project - Vinculike. But in this game… it’ll just be way too much drawing.

I thought a lot about CGs… At least one for winning the game. But again that bumps into the problem that I can’t properly draw - and among other things it’ll take just enormously lot of time… I even abandoned a whole project just because of “too much art needed” (I’ll polish the prototype a bit and will hopefully release it tomorrow). It’s just much more efficient to me as a programmer to focus on making gameplay-oriented games, than adding (a lot of) art.

Ability to choose map tileset - could be easy. The only problem… there’s literally no place to put a new button :D

The bug with corners - yes, it’s a bug. A bug which eventually “became a feature” :D This game was initially made for Lewdie game jam in 12 hours, therefore the “foundation” below it is quite shaky, it was rushed and not done properly. Reworking the behavior to a better collision system is possible, but will most likely require reworking a great lot of game systems. So for now it looks much more reasonable to invest this time into Vinculike game project where it’s done right from the very beginning (and yet even there glitches occasionally).

And again, huge thank you for your feedback! I wish I could actually fix those issues instead of excusing myself… They all make perfect sense, and clearly show my two biggest weak spots - art and UI design.

Thank you for your report!

Can you please specify a bit more about those issues?

What is the OS you are using? Is it Windows, Linux or Android? What version?

Crash when going to the next level - I’ll investigate that. How often does that happen? How the crash manifests - you have some error message shown on screen or the game just closes or freezes?

Errors in start with 2 characters - does this happen on level “zero” or on deeper levels? On level zero (the settlement) - it’s intended. Every character rescued from the dungeon goes to the settlement and you can chose which one to control from Pause menu, there can be many of them. Other characters don’t have AI right now, but in future you’ll be able to take more than 1 character on some missions.

Thank you! :D

And I’m not sure what you are sorry for but no need to be sorry :)

Not sure why no size is shown near Android build, but I checked and it downloads and installs fine.

0.05 or 0.06? :)

Thank you! :D

Looks interesting. Special kudos for GoDot and OpenSource. I’ll be following your progress ;)


Thank you! :D

Hello there! Did you manage to install the game? If not, can you please tell me what exactly doesn’t work or which error message you get?

Got this crash: on first button in the latest version

Also shower reduces “by halve” (should be either “X halves Y” or “X reduces Y by half”, I guess)

I guess that’s the common reason for writing true indie games, LOL :D

Thank you! :)

Yes, I plan to add males in the future. However, most likely - in relatively distant future :) It will require a lot of drawing. So first I want to have all “subsystems” in place that would define “what exactly sprites are needed” (different species, poses, facial expressions) and “how they should be organized”.

Huge thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, losing the weapon is the biggest trouble Player can get into, and it’s kinda semi-random. There will be a limited inventory a bit later - I’m still unsure how I want it though, but the idea to be able to store one (maybe only small) weapon is really cool, I like it, thank you!

I’m working on introducing a better feedback for player’s actions now - I already see it’s a big issue for most players. But it requires quite a big refactor: right now the “actions” were “pushed” just to make them work. One of the consequences is that to have a different action for Player character I had to use a “debug” action which doesn’t support visual feedback (and also prevents ability to have multiple different actions choices, e.g. heavy attack or quick attack). And also it will almost immediately add more diverse enemies attacks and traps mechanics. Hopefully I’ll be all fixed soon.

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Hello! Thank you for the report! Can you please specify a bit more the issue?

Which OS do you use (Windows 64, Linux 64, Android)? What is the error message if any? You can’t extract the game, or the game crashes when you try to open it?

Note, there is a known bug on Windows systems, you shouldn’t put the game in folder that contains non-ASCII characters in case your user name also contains non-ASCII characters (e.g. in this situation putting the game on Desktop will hit the both conditions for a crash, put it somewhere into D:\Downloads\ or something like that).

Thank you! :)

Combat is, unfortunately, still a bit (significantly) confusing due to the absence of tutorial which is my horrible flaw. The biggest issue is absence of visual feedback that Player has performed the attack and can evade safely. But this is a prototype version after all…

So the main logic is that the character can attack and make a step back just in time to avoid monster’s attack (red/green/blue slimes). This way when getting into the rhythm player can avoid any damage very often. If too many enemies are around a dodge roll is usually safer as it gets away from danger quicker, but it uses vigor, so it’s not always an option to do it too often.

In future it’ll be changed a bit, and higher level characters will be faster in combat (which may determine it’s outcome completely). But in the current version it’s simple: Hit, retreat, hit, retreat.

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

Hi! Can you please tell what exactly problem are you experiencing? Some error message? If you are getting some vague “package parsing error” or “app not installed” can you please tell your Android version?

For me it downloads and works without errors.

Thank you!

I would recommend either your respawning on a “prison floor”

I’m working on this feature just right now :D The characters will get captured instead and next character will have to go down to the rescue :)

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I’ve just published a build with a fix for Android 12 installation (thanks to Deathcomes18 for reporting and testing it and Michalis Kamburelis for fixing it :)), can you please check if it helps with your issue:?

Thank you for reporting the issue and testing the fix! Michalis, author of Castle Game Engine, has fixed it and the new build is available!