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I actually don't remember, lol. It's been so long since I worked on this one.

Edit: I played through it and killed myself several times. I didn't hear anything I considered unintentional, so I guess that is a yes.

Thank you, I am currently working on art and ideals to expand the game further as time allows. I am most like gonna add a running system that allows for a sliding stop, but remove the slide from regular movement.

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Little confusing at first, but once I understood how it works I liked it. I would work on the walls of text. I mean they convey the controls and other options, but take away from the charm of the game in my opinion. Great game over all!

Very good game, I like the story, I loved the puzzles, the way you help player learn mechanics is textbook. Great job!

I love the pixel art, I liked the dragon? I think it was a dragon.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing. I will try to play your game tomorrow, because I am going to bed.  I tried to fix the screen tearing (I cannot figure it out to save my life.), but could not figure it out. I wanted the surface to slippery to try to simulate the player's running speed. You should have seen it before I reduced it.

I did want the game to be slightly frustrating, so no worries there.

I like the look, feel, sound, and vibe to the game. I especially loved the way you had different difficulty options. The logo, while simple, looks great. I think you could make something out of it, if you chose to.

A few things I noticed:

  • The game crashed twice on me before I could load it. After that it ran fine even after closing it, could be something on my PC, but I felt like I should note it. 
  • Using the mouse to pan was expected, I would like to see it  with the keyboard as well.
  • I have problems with the movement. I kept getting stuck, and had a hard time judging if I could  click to move to certain locations. I am not sure if it is the fog of war, pathfinding, or the not being in the correct phase. 
  • Speaking of phases, a better explanation of the phases would be useful. For example, what is plan phase? Why does some of them move faster than others? Is it for the player, the enemies, and/or both.

Overall, I enjoyed the game, and it has some very strong points.

Thank you for playing! I am glad you appreciate the art, why I always think is my worst ability.  The particles are a mix of hand drawn, and CPUParticle nodes.

I agree with a lot of what I read from you, and you have made some observations I have noticed myself, and have planned to adjust in the future. I like to know what I did wrong, it helps me brainstorm improvements. Constructive criticism, is extremely helpful and welcome to me. I use it to determine my shortcomings in scripting in Godot, and game design. It also helps me gauge how far I have come, and how far I still need to go. I consider it vital to progress. Again, thank you it is helpful to me. 

I think the spikes was a bad call, or could have been bigger. You are correct, the hitbox could be smaller. I had  meant to do this, but it skipped my mind.  I think if I adjust it, I will also make the sprites larger.

I picked the primary commands, based loosely off of the home row keys when typing. I had hoped to add a key bind mapping system (If you look in the options menu you will see the start of that), but remaining time did not allow for that.  That is why you have multiple keys that do the same thing.  I would like to note it has controller support as well.

I wanted you to think of the health as your lives. Once, you run out of health, you become the Devil and restart the game. In the future, I would like to use this system to implement a upgrade/skill purchase system (think rogue legacy, but much smaller).

Hopefully, I explained my reasoning behind some of the choices.  I have plans to make the game a little larger and better. I programed it in such a way to reduce that load because of that. If it ends up in a state to where I am happy with it, I will update what I have done.

Again, thank you for playing I find your insight making me not only question some of my decisions, but is helping me come up with ways to avoid similar pitfalls. For example, I will most likely come up with a easier to do key bind system, with remappable keys that I can program fairly quickly in game jams. 

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Thank you, Colorblind mode was really easy to do and only took me a little while with online resources. I wish I had time to do button mapping, but that is difficult for me to do although there is about a half finished system that has it. I opted for multiple ways to control the character.  Sound is controlled by an autoload variable. The music is a autoload scene.

Fun fact did you know the music is random too? There is about 8 tracks to listen to. I thought about random enemy placement, or a few preset groups that appear and disappear, but I figured that may be a little over kill for this scope.

Win or loose in any category or overall, wasn't my reason to join the jam. Obviously, if I won any part it would be great, but I just wanted to refresh my knowledge in the 2D side of Godot. I am working on learning blender mostly, so I can semi-quickly model objects to start getting more serious in Godot 3D.

Again, thank you very much for playing.

Here is mine, if you want to look at it.

I could see myself wasting time with yours as a mobile game with a touch interface. Good job on it. I really liked the art, simple but effective. Main character was well designed to me.

Very original game, I like the controls. I do wish I could easily tell if a monster required one or two hits. Great job!

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I go boom. Very simple game. Honestly, this type of game is not my cup of tea, but I can see the appeal in the game that others may have. The first playthrough I was confused when I blew up, lol. I think you did an awesome job, and if you plan to continue working on it I can see some great potential. Very good job!

I liked this game, I found it very relaxing. Dig collect, return, and avoid the snakes. Simple, but effective great job.

Thank you, I went a little out of the box with this project in some aspects. I've been learning Blender the last few months, and wanted to build a 2D game to keep from forgetting what I have learned.  I seen the wild jam, and decided a game jam was a good choice. I wanted to make something simple, mess around with some randomness and work with a few different mechanics. 

 I will check your game out when I get some time. Thank you again. 

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Thank you very much, I check your game out when I get a good chance. Thanks again. I can thank the art assets working well, due to a pallet I have used for awhile now.

Rated, very good game. I like it better than mine! I beat it, nothing too bad stood out. Only thing that I seen was that the yellow platforms (The Bouncers) seem to have a slightly large hit box. Very minimal observation there, it just caused me to not gauge a jump or two properly. Don't want to give away the ending, but I tried to reach the red triangle, and failed.. I figured it would kill me anyway so I completed the level.

Thank You, if I decided to do any more with this one, I may transition to Raycasts to make him less stubborn. 

Used a few of these assets for a Game Jam I am in. aesthetically fit my retro feeling game greatly in my opinion. 

Link to Game:

Used your assets again for a Gamejam game, you make great music keep it up!

Game Link:

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Thank you these are easy enough to change. I will see what I can do when I get some time today.


I posted a new update, Player friction has been increased, the player still slides, just not as bad. I do want some sliding to simulate the speed at which the player is running.

I also colored the traps to be more red, so they will be more visual to the player.

Thank you! The music is great.

Hello used your sound effects in

Hello, used your music in

Hello, used your font in:

Hello, used your assets to create:

Thank you, it didn't scale properly.

Thank you!

Yeah, I wanted to play with shaders a bit, and that's what I got.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah, I wanted the movement to be fast, to give a feeling of very little control. Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

I did, Rated and reviewed it. Great job.

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I like you game alot I could see it being a mobile game. One thing is that it is really easy to walk off the edge on accident. I;m one to talk with my spikes though, lol. Very good game!

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Little aqward to get started, I also had to close the game with task manager.  I like the ideal, its kind of like a vertical flappy bird. The peingun is cute, the controls are responsive. I had to look at the jam page to figure out the fire button. Bullets (snowballs) could do alittle more damage, with the trade off of a longer shot delay to require me to be more accurate. My biggest complaint, to me, is the font choice on the introduction scene, I had to skip it. Over all great job, you should be proud of your work.

Sure, I played your game. Ranking and commenting now. Mine is:

Well it is a little late for testing, regretfully. My main focus was to throw the player in a multi-tiered boss fight. I do have a few plans for improvement. Such as, more indication on where to put the white orbs, a delay on the spike(slime) collision shape, a more visual indication of when to expect the spikes(slime)/rocks, clearing the level after death, and a more reasonable respawn.  I showed it to a few people, but few actually played it as I don't really circulate in the circles of people that test games. Thank for your honest opinion.

I played your game, rated and commented. Well done, I liked it a lot.

Great little action platformer. I could see this Turing into a metroidvania, that I would play. I have two suggestions, if you run past the bats they should loose aggro at some point. Second the purple balls the plants shoot, it would be cool if I could hit them and know them into enemies. Also, I think the attack animation is too stiff. 

With my minor gripes in mind, this is better than anything I can do on Godot currently.!  Great graphics, great tutorial, overall awesome job well done!

Yeah, I didn't have a lot of time to work on it this jam, but I think it turned out well considering my skills at game dev. I have a few ways in mine to help with the jank, but if I do an update I will be waiting until after the voting period to implement them. I thought about having another phase where the boss has another attack, but I ran out of time, and I wanted to keep the game short. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you seemed to have enjoyed it!