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Super jeu, je l'ai torché! Mais du coup j'ai plus rien à faire, j'en veux plus :p


Hi, I don't see any licences. It is free to use by crediting you?

Hi, sorry I don't develop this game anymore. The game engine, that I used to do it, wasn't really adequate. But I develop a remake, full 3D. Both languages, English and French. Here a preview : 

Hi, this pack doesn't include the 3D models?


Thank you, I will update the game soon with bug fix :) 

OK thank you I will fix that too :) 

the moving trunks?


I always try the games before looking at the description, it's a bad idea :p Thank you

I understand better, thank you!

Yes, thank you :) the game is good (because you made it with godot best game engine aha)

Thank you! I will try to fix as many errors as possible after the end of the votes.

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Due to the limited amount of games submited, we decided to postpone the return date until tonight. Good luck to all of you!

Oh yes, the game is actually good! It's too bad you don't have a tutorial in game. A lot of people must have skiped it because of that:/

I will do some updates after the end of the gamejam

The game could be good but there no feedback if we hit something or not so it seems like nothing's happening.

Really hard to judge :/ The game is good but the criterias are not suitable for this type of game

The game is good but it's a shame as soon as you touch a wall everything is stucked, you just have to leave the game with alt+f4.

Sorry, I didn't see that we must use a controler. But there is nothing to do in the game I don't understand. It just a brick breaker but without brick :s

I can't play, we can't fullscreen. You must add the option on (allow fullscreen or something like that)

The game dosn't restart when the ball go outside the screen...

The controls didn't work for me

5 for music and sounds x'D

The game didn't work with my screen :/

Thank you, but it's really more easy than Getting Over it :) 

j'ai commencé à 10h du mat et je l'ai rendu a 1h :]

Yeah sorry the game engine that I used didn't support so much a big quantity of images HD. The game must be rework entirely on an other game engine but I prefer to work on other projects :/

Hi, this game jam is in English and French ^^ enjoy

Tu as rajouté quoi dans l'update? :)

Merci :D

Merci ! :) 

Super j'ai vraiment bien aimé :) l'ambiance est cool les musiques fonctionnent parfaitement. Le gameplay est bien dynamique ce qui colle bien avec la musique ! Et les skills du boss sont bien trouvés aussi. ( a la fin j'ai flippé j'ai cru que j'avais fini je faisais plus rien x)

Merci beaucoup, heureux que tu l'aies apprécié :)

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I don't think there will be a final développement ^^ all the game must be re coded because the actual engine that I use didn't support a big project. And I did a lot of mistake (for example I didn't think about multiple langage) My next games I think about that now. 

Edit : anyway your name is OK now (but he can overflow somewhere) enjoy ^^

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Oh sorry I stopped the développement of this game I will change your name on the data base ^^

Edit : I don't find you :/ it's Kuronicl your name yet? 

Ouaip :p tu aurais pu simuler de la 3D vue du dessus néanmoins mais t'inquiete c'était une blagounette il est très bien comme ça ^^

Dommage je voulais a la fin full 3d vue fps :(

d'accord merci !