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Yes I heard some issue with windows 11, I should make an update when the engine I use will be more stable on windows 11.

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Hey, thank you for your report, are you on windows 11 and what's your graphic card please ?

Hey, thank you for your feedback. "it breaks" means the game crashes ?

Hey, yes should be nice, thank you for the suggestion. I'll check to add that for a future update

Implemented with 0.10 !

Implemented with 0.10

Some progress on gradient, for shape and lines (alpha is supported), will be released in next update

Some progress on this, it will be released soon

Now fixed

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Thank you ! Nice, don't hesitate to share some screenshots if you want !

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I just moved the object to be well placed on the layer

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I moved the object manually, as you can see the origin of the object isn't well placed, you can maybe change it in blender or other 3D editing software.

Btw your model shows me there is loading freeze with obj, I'll try to fix that.

But there isn't any issue here, as the turret origin isn't centered so should be centered manually in any case 

Or maybe because you want to use the full model at same time, with rotation of the turret different with rotation of vehicle ? But it will be a complexe scenario for automatisation.

Got it, I'll check that, thank you

Btw for the moment, if your clipboard is empty should not crash 

Hi, thank you for your report, it's something I reproduced too, it's due to clipboard, now fixed it will be in 0.9.2

Hi, now fixed in 0.9.1, thank you again for the report.

Thank you for the report, a bug from 0.9 shortcuts update, my bad, it's now fixed and will be in 0.9.1 update (should come soon)

Hi, thank you very much for your help. For the moment it's not possible to change translation file dynamically so I need to rebuild with your changes. (I'll integrate this soon)

It's possible for you to use discord to communicate ?

Hi, seems I can't download your file, can you send me with another way please ?

Yes should be nice for a future update, thank you

Hey, sorry I missed your report, it is certainly inaccessible path due to location. Did you try to save on diffrent place and maybe with less frames ?

In about one week normally

Hey, thank you, do you want to rig your 3D model ? Because it's not actually possible. Next update will allow you to upload gltf model (so rigged with animations)

Sure, I'll with add that in the future. I thought also about something to generate dithering from a balck & white image to do custom dithering scheme.

Hey, if you drop multiple files (or select multiple files when importing), a dialog will popup then you can click on create animated image, after a second dialog will propose you to create an animation then you can just export so it will generate each frame.

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Hey, no for the moment the res stay 1:1 but for the export you can rescale to put the size you want. In the future I want to implement a project more pixelation oriented with batch apply and pixelation % setting instead of transform.

Thank you for the details, we are agree it is happening when you have multiple objects selected like that ?

But there is certainly a specific case I missed because I can't reproduce, you do exactly the same action ? I'll try with the clipboard.

That's really strange. The issue was, when you select multiple images focus out the software then focus in it applies the last selected image to all, it's well exactly this action ? On my side it's fixed for this case but I'll investigate more, I need to reproduce the wrong behavior.

Hello, sure yes could be nice to have this threshold for the lines. 

For the moment you can maybe use filter/opacity and use threshold alpha it will remove pixels with alpha under the threshold.


30% for the title :D

Hey, maybe I think I don't understand the goal of this. To be able to place sound in right timing and export the whole animation of the audio ?

Hey, thank you, I don't think a slow parallax animation should be done with images export especially if it's a very slow movement and if the size of the background is big. Should be better to just generate one image and make the animation in real-time in Unity or any game engine you use. Like in the tutorial you linked.

But yeah PixelOver should be able to export 2k frames and quicker, there is maybe some optimization I could do in this way.

Fixed with 0.8.3

Fixed with 0.8.3

Added in 0.8.3 

Yes, gltf will be supported soon (target 0.9 with rigged animation)