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Hey, yes the issue is I think, the animation with a lot of keys have different frame duration. Maybe this could be improved in the future by introducing a time input instead of using the frames.
So yes for the moment. If all the frames have same duration, one key is created at the beginning and one at the end. Else multiple keys can be added if the frames duration differ. (I see there is a lot on the timeline maybe I could improve the amount of keys required)

Examples fixed, and depth displacement shouldn't crash (and has been improved) in version 0.14.5

I added more security on that in the new update (0.14.5) let me know if you still have issues

Is it random issue or you can reproduce each time ?

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You can make a whole object type unselectable in this menu

But not a specific timeline or object unselectable, I'll note that for a future update, thank you

Hi, thank you for the report, I'll check to reproduce the issue and fix

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Hello, that's strange for the depth displacement example because of course a weak gpu can have issue to run it but yours is far enough (I have a nvidia geforce gtx 1650)

Edit: ok the depth displacement example crash for a similar reason than below, it will be fixed for the next update, thank you 

Sorry about the examples, indeed the examples have been made in older versions, I check every time that all is working properly between versions but as I have the resources file on my pc I didn't see this issue. It will be fixed for the next update, thank you.

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Yes because animations are created separately, I could improve that to let the user choose (ah no I double checked and the option is already available it's called "create new" should be disabled to creation in the same animation, but yes maybe it could be improved to be more intuitive). Or maybe there is improvement to put easily the images frames to the animation, I'll think about it.

Yes, when you are in the popup menu of the palette there is a button "open" you can choose any image. If the image is 1 px height and less than 256px width, it's automatically handled as a palette.

No it's not a bug, indexation work that the colors of the image matches the nearest colors of the palette. So if nothing is near the pink color, each time another color will be used. For that case you can use another palette under the menu "match indexation".

Let me know if you need more details, I'll provide you short examples with screenshots

About indexation and match indexation you can also check this tutorial :

With an animation running or nothing ? Anyway I'll double check that, thank you 

Hi, sorry it doesn't work on your pc, I didn't put the specs requirements because for cpu it should quite low like somethin with 2 cores, 2 GHz and anything with 4 cores and 3 GHz should work fine. For memory, 4 GB should be enough. Same for GPU 4 GB as long as opengl 3.3 runs on it so yours is far enough.

But I'm wondering are you on the last update ( ? It enables low processor mode by default : 

Else yes, I think should be able to refund you as the program doesn't work ( not sure as you get it long time ago :/

Hello, thank you very much !

Hello, yes you need at least Ubuntu 20 because the newer version of this library isn't "officially" supported on Ubuntu 18. You could try to install it manually but you could have another issues so I don't recommend it

Hello, there isn't 32 bit version of PixelOver, and making one plus following the updates will be too much effort for very few users. And I guess if you have 32 bit system, your GPU is old too, if it doesn't support opengl 3.0 it will not work neither.

Hi JJ, thank you very much for your feature request ! Yes indeed, vector support should be very interesting. Inside PixelOver I guess it's just updating the mesh mode to handle bezier curve.

The hardest part should be the SVG import and export functionality. For the import part, I think I saw a godot plugin somewhere so I'll check this but for the export, it will be much complicated. I'm not sure the SVG format support animation natively and not sure how to handle if there is for example 3D elements in the PixelOver project we want to export.

But yes definitively I'll note that for a future update, thank you again for the interesting request like always !

Hi, it could be interesting indeed but I really need to think well to do that cleanly

Hey, unfortunately it's not currently possible but yes I got several feature request about choosing which property is herited from parent (position, scale, rotation, skew) so yes it will be implemented in a future update. Thank you for your request !

Improved in 0.14.4. Now you can choose the constraint (none, columns number, rows number)

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Hi, so to let everyone know, issue was fixed by updating PixelOver to the latest version.

Hello, about sprite sheets, so for the moment only columns number can be defined. So to have all in one row left to right, you can put the number of images in columns number. Or you can just put super high number to be sure (in case of several animations), it will be cropped to the necessary size for each sprite sheet anyway. But yes this could definitively be improved indeed.

For aseprite export, you can just choose aseprite extension and that's it : 

Patch deployed (v0.14.3.2)

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Yes so it seems mac has difficulties with post process materials. So I'll prevent post process material to be applied on mac (until I find a fix) so at least you will be able to import and edit most of the properties of your materials.

Patch up, now fixed so if you used compatibility mode you can switch back to normal


Hi, is it possible for you to send me example model on discord please ? (deakcor)

I'll have a look

ah 🤔 so strange

You have something in %appdata%/PixelOver/logs ?

And what is happening ? The app doesn't open at all or it's opening and closing just after ?

Mmh not everybody on windows 10 reproduce. That's strange, still investigating

Hi, sorry for that, I'll check to fix

Thank you !

Hi, thank you for these feedbacks and suggestions, I'll note them for future updates

- Animated frames already can be particles, there is a frames collapse. The particles run the animation with the specified fps.

- to have reduced speed at the end of particle lifetime, you should use a deceleration

- About the changes applied only when we release mouse button it was for a performance reason but maybe it's not required under a certain amount of particles, I'll make tests.

Merci !

Merci beaucoup ! Aha jamais 😁

Merci ! :D

Super l'ambiance et les idées pour troll le joueur, bravo !

Already 10k/50k reads quota in like 2h, so I ones again optimized with more cached data, some of you are crazy 🤪

Yes so I optimized (it will work again tomorrow) and added an error message when quota exceeded

Lol you destroyed the free limit of firebase. I'll see if I can optimize to make less read on the db but lol I didn't see that coming

Oui j'ai respecté le thème, soyez mignon 😊