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Hello everyone,

We are looking for a creative game designer to help us to finish a horror game.

Contact me:

Discord: deadbyte

Do you have discord?

Hello. The game has checkpoints but no save


Thanks for playing!

Hello, thanks for the feedbacks. The cave in the first version i updloaded on itch it was bugged, so it messed up everything and i realized that without headphones that part it's confusing. I'll also check about the lag. 

Thanks for playing!


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A dark tale set in 17th century.You play as Liberty, a young girl living in a cottage with her parents and her loved dog. Unravel their story while something evil is lurking around them

Thanks for the feedbacks!

Thank you for playing!


i created a page for my game a few weeks ago. I uploaded a build a few days ago and despite the high number of views and download is not going up in the popular list. Did i do it wrong?

Thanks for the feedbacks. I just found out the cave scene is bugged. Player starts from the wrong point , that maybe caused confusion in the level

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

It's a small achievement :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Do you have a controller connected? It may be the problem

That's amazing, thanks for the support!

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Hello, i'm glad you liked the game. I admit the pawn in the vase was a bad idea. For the rest of the questions there are no answers.

Hello, i'm sorry you had problems playing it. We will try to optimize the game with next updates.

I will make some small updates to fix a few things, but i wont add anything else to the story

I don't have bigger than this

The video has no audio?

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2nd episode of the horror anthology Real Stories from the grave.

A mix of adventure game and fps


i'm looking for voice actors. 

Add me on discord DeadByte#4151

Hello everyone,

i'm looking for a 3d animator for a horror game.

The animator should be able to rig and animate characters (face and body)

For more information feel free to contact me 

Discord: DeadByte#4151



Looks great!

Try to contact the support, the download link is there

There is no download link?

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with your points. New chapters will come for sure but i dont know when