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I think something is broken, after the touch image to begin screen, it just shows Perlenspiel 3.3 and a blank grid below. Can't interact with it at all.

The one with four buttons you can stand on that reset after all four are pressed

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I realize you may not have looked at this game in ages, but for anyone who might read this, the old man is bugged to not close his dialogue after you beat him so you lose the camera, and the first god gets stuck on saying for me to take an artifact of war which isn't there. (Leads to god two not giving me a reward either, leaving me one short of the 5 skull and one spring goal.) Still a great game though.

Can't see prices of anything left of center sceen

1. Decrease crude bot inventory size from 6 to 4 so that you can just say hands full when using the first tier stuff.

2. Change the wooden ax in the router to a metal ax (or I saw someone mention a stone ax), so that the basic bots are less immediately available

3. A way to teach within the repeat functions, and beyond that having new teach commands go to a certain point within existing commands

4. Generalized recharge for all bot types (I just use basics right now so doesn't matter without changes)

This is spectacular. 

How do i score it?  I got to 780 on the first map, but nothing happened.  When I exited to the main menu, it didn't count it


Eatvolve community · Created a new topic What's the point?

I can run up and down the map, eat others, get their ability, and if i breed with them, add it to my egg, but it doesn't do anything.  I don't start with new abilities or gain access to new areas, I don't keep any power or start with anything besides an appearance shift?

What does the dna do? I have maxed it out four times and all it does is reset. I tried breeding with it higher and nothing happened.

It's not working for me

I''m not sure what's causing it, but for some of my basic workbots they have started not listening to repeat commands.  I could switch workbots and the same set of commands would work, but they wouldn't realize their hands were full and continue to repeat. They have now started to glitchingly jump back an action and run even without a repeat or forever bracket.

Find nearest foundation: I'm finding fencing to be a pain because I can't automate them to look for the next foundation

Loop function: add a number option to the repeat ability instead of just until empty or until full, so i can have them craft without worrying about supplies running out.

Functions or at least copying: Like if I want 3 bots all picking up logs I could just create a function for one of them and copy it over.

Determinable areas: I don't understand how the radius for each bot is determined, so I wonder if it could be something I could designate

I don't know why, but I had it hauling clay and then it came over and picked me up. Teaching stopped working so i couldn't even tell it to drop me even though it had that command already.