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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

What's the point?

A topic by Daylighter created Jul 24, 2017 Views: 442 Replies: 2
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I can run up and down the map, eat others, get their ability, and if i breed with them, add it to my egg, but it doesn't do anything.  I don't start with new abilities or gain access to new areas, I don't keep any power or start with anything besides an appearance shift?

What does the dna do? I have maxed it out four times and all it does is reset. I tried breeding with it higher and nothing happened.


Hey thanks for playing
Eatvolve is a work in progress so there are a few bugs, and there is no end game as yet :S
I'm working on it nearly every day though! 

The starting form having the correct abilities should be fixed in the next release, 

The DNA allows you to change your body at will, once you become that creature completely
press TAB or click on the icon to open the menu there.
I'll make a little tutorial for the menu at some point