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This feature seems to roll pretty amazingly.

The quality is so good it makes my eyes roll... back to the game.

My head is rolling from seeing this.


Is it possible to have 2 accounts related to a game?

Choose medic outfit it's sexy.

I think this game is an hidden gem (in four seasons)


Music: Good

Pixelart: Really good

Gameplay: Really fun

Bugs: Only 1 bug involving 2 items having switched shadows

Pattterns: Junko-like, still not as hard, just saying it's not supposed to be fantastic but it works really well

Movement: A little slow but it's really responsive

Length: A little too long, only reached area 2 but still took a while

Artwork: It's good but it looks a little weird, my friend who didn't play it started making jokes because of it like (disclaimer: he's one of those guys who's always making 4chan humor aka not very serious and very edgy): 

"cool game but hire some jap to do all the artwork", "all the portraits make me vomit", "Looks g r e a t", "dear god it's that fat mexican kid from steven universe cosplaying as reimu"

Please don't take his comments serious he's never serious

Score: 8/10

Well, looks like I'm gonna be the first commenter, I'll be back once I've played enough to give a review


Is it ok to do it?

I've seen Touhou fangames but Touhou's creator said fans can sell them

The fangames I'll make will be free


I saw it coming that you have been inspired by Undertale

but I wasn't expecting the writing to be so Toby Fox-like

Thanks for the info

btw Nintendo would take it down anyway

Thanks for the info

I heard it will

I too never had problems with this site

Most of the games I installed come in .EXE file and the others are in .zip and it contains the .exe file and a file that doesn't react with the game.

It made me believe there's some kind of compression, reinforced by the low size of the games.

It would be helpful for me since the osts I make are in a filetype that takes a lot of space

This game is so good

Generally I don't stick to a game for too long because there are many, but as a Touhou fan I'll stick to this game for a long time

Definitively worthed to download, especially for a free game

Thanks for the information, makes sense

(1 edit)

What if I do one on something that gets polemic after a while? Do I have to delete it due to the hate speech rules?

What if the easter egg is something that's not hate speech, but simply has to do with something that let's say... has a high age rating? 

idk why I even asked these questions, if something becomes polemic maybe I should see it coming and I don't even have mature games

Edit: Probably just coriosity

Not a fantastic game nor a bad one, it's average (but still good)

Now here's a summary:

I see there's only one music and the boss is a static image


The Spring pattern is the best pattern I have ever seen in bullet-hell history, it was great and I loved it!

Gonna keep it in my pc

Thank you for the information

Thank you too, I don't use Twitter nor have an account so I can't follow you (not a social media fan)

thank you very much, I feel free to post things here, my Unity classes will start next month so I'll likely post anything here in the end of this year or the start of the next.

Also the "name your price" system looks like good to combat piracy, it gives you the option to take it for free and the option to support the dev

There appears to be many modified games and idk if some games are stolen, is stealing even common here?

Ok, I didn't finish the game but here's my review:

Also idk if I just finished it because it's in early demo

+ means good point

- means bad point

= means a thing that's neutral and depends on perspective

  • The jump is delayed but you get used to it -
  • Beautiful pixelart +
  • Enemies are too though =
  • Not many music tracks -
  • Good vibe +
  • Good  music +
  • Not much enemy variety (at least I've only seen 4 enemies, at least it's in the early fase so there will probably be more in the future) -
  • Farming to get resources is bad because the enemies will take you more in form of damage than you can buy potions =

Score: 9.8/10

I'll take the game for free, not because I don't want to pay just because I'm not very rich, I'll do an amateur review in the comment section when I'm done with the game (or find a game-breaking bug if it appears, not gonna rage with it only review what I could do)