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OKAY, I uploaded a working file! I also removed the Italics. As great as that idea was, there's a weird issue where not all links are affected by that CSS, and the discrepancy was bugging me. Until I learn how to fix that, I outright removed it.

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Thank you for the comment! I'll take a look myself. As a hint (assuming it's working) take a look around the living room. Make sure to click anything in italics.

Edit: Aw nuts. Looks like it isn't working. Which is odd, considering I managed to get through the whole thing in testing. Let me reupload!

Awesome! Thank you! :D

Created a new topic Untimely Update
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All right so I had ZERO idea that so many people were playing Generia and possibly following it, so here's a little update on the project!

Livestreaming the game's creation process will return on May 22, 2017 at 5:30pm. It will continue "every day" with a few exceptions, usually on a thursday, and the limit of 7 days is now not a hard limit.

If you're wondering what happened, there was a family emergency that essentially sent me flying to another state to care for a family member that had had a stroke. Suffice to say, I literally dropped everything and basically only notified my youtube channel. Good stuff!

As a reminder to anyone looking through the posts, Generia is a project based on being a very generic video game. The current, playable build is playable in browsers on mobile but is not the latest nuild. I livestream every moment of this game's creations, apart from tiny tweaks I might do offscreen for fear of forgetting. You can find the livestreams here: http://twitch.tv/darkovika.

Thank you again for checking out Generia! Literally expected like 0 hits to this game versus the steady 9 it's been getting haha. <

Created a new topic Day 04 - 04/28/2017

We had to skip yesterday (Thursday) on account of the fact that I give a cello lesson on Thursdays.

Today in the livestream, which was about 1 hour and 30 minutes long give or take, we created a dungeon for the player to get through! The latest version of Generia is up and running with rewards, treasure AND a boss monster that I haven't exactly tested yet, so I have no idea how it'll go! There's no new weapons just yet, but there will be in the future. I think I may tweak the items a little to give the player a larger advantage over monsters, as they're kind of too evenly matched at the moment.

If you find any bugs in the latest version of my 7-day game jam imposed on myself, let me know!

Created a new topic Update - 04/26/2017

So today's livestream was about 2 hours and 11 minutes. We managed to crank out the entire first area of the game, plus the startup quest that will lead them to the town of Castleton! Off stream, I did add some shops and make sure the player wouldn't get stuck anywhere (hoepfully), but otherwise seems like everything's going smoothly.

I didn't end where I wanted to end for today- I wanted to try and wrap up Act I by the end of today, but it's looking like that'll have to happen tomorrow. Which may not happen actually because I remembered I have a cello lesson I have to give... That'll be interesting.

I plan to hopefully record myself going through the game and explaining everything we decided to do. We also, heat of the moment, named random characters in the village of Forrestia after people who were chatting in the stream! Now they shall be immortalized within Forrestia, the generic starter town in my generic JRPG!

Very fun day.

Created a new topic Catch Up - 04/26/2017

I realized it'd be a really cool idea to post the progress of Generia as I'm working on it, to kind of have something to look back on. It's not going to be an impressive game by any means, but it'll be completed and that's all that matters. The progress of Generia is livestreamed every single day I work on it at http://twitch.tv/darkovika at 5:30pm PST. The end date of these streams for Generia is 05/01/2017, or if I can't stream on the weekend, 05/03/2017.

As a brief overview, even though the main page describes Generia pretty clearly, Generia is not meant to be groundbreaking. It is meant to be Generic and JRPG and fantasy and if you come into this expecting the latest and greatest in JRPG's and RPG's in general you are going to have a bad time. It will be short, it might not have a fully filled map, and it will be using the stockiest of stock images, but it will be finished. That's literally the goal of this lol.

Day 1 of the 7-Day Jam: 04/24/2017. First Livestream, went for about an hour. We worked solely on the System of the game, ironing out the points of each character within the game. No characters were created and all names given from the moment you open RPG Maker MV were kept, so we literally have Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius. Lucius's nickname is LuLu. We kept the four classes, Hero, Warrior, Mage, and Priest, and we renamed some of the items to keep them more generic- potion, elixir, ether, etc. All work done was for the classes by ensuring that of the 8 stats available, each character has 2 Amazing Stats (++), 2 Good Stats (+), 2 Bad Stats (-), and 2 Terrible Stats (--). I'd jot down the entire method used to churn out the stats for each class, but of course my notes didn't save to my freaking One Drive.

Day 2 of the 7-Day Jam: 04/25/2017. Second Livestream, went for about 2 hours. Ironed out the rest of the system, including using the class system to figure out the stats for three monsters the player might come across. Added a few spells, and managed to create a "Flan" type of monsters, called a "Wet Slime", in which water magic does Zero damage to it and spark magic does 200% damage to it, and physical attacks are mostly useless.

The starting town, Forestia, was built, and the bare minimum characters were placed in the level. On the Overworld map, we blocked off the path south and also placed what will later be Castleton. I'm not joking, this is supposed to be generic. The art and placement of doors/characters took up the majority of the livestream.

I will be posting images, pictures, and even a playable test of the game each day from here on out, even if it's just a walk around version.

So after an insane amount of rewrites and alternate planning, I have a butt load of mechanics figured out and set up- including inventory- and everything works.

And hen it came time to make a story.

Boy howdy, harder than it sounded.

I'm so far pretty deep into the intro for one idea. It's got a feeling of Persona 4 and my favorite theme in the world: Robin Hood. Player has skills they level up through choosing the right option, and while the story is linear, choices help give flavor and skill bonuses to the player as they go. It gives an opportunity ro build relations with other haracters

There's a mystery to be solved of unfairness and crime breaking, but no one trusts our main character due to a shadowy past completely covered by gossip.

I'm pumped about everything but the art.

Can't draw >.>

I'll figure it out.

Awesome XDD i think i've got it so far, it's not like a complicated inventory. X

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Hey Guys! I wanted to get in on the Devlog fun, though my project is still in the game document stage. I have a lot of really cool ideas, mostly mechanics- I'm a mechanics kind of girl- and some story to go along with those mechanics. This first Devlog is going to go over my first mechanic, and the main function of my game- a traversible Map with rooms. This is not a rogue-like map, or mystery dungeon, it's definitely a more "hard coded" map with rooms that you plan out, but it does have the feel of a 3D world versus a 2D visual novel world.

I've yet to really find the perfect method to explain this technique, except that it uses one of my most favorite techniques- Bitwise Calculations. Explaining that is actually kind of difficult- believe me, I've been trying to make a "beginner" tutorial for it for ages, and it's been a challenge. I really want to create a tutorial video on it though.

My biggest mechanic issue now is getting TyranoScript and Javascrip to play nice. In PHPStorm, I was able to create a mockup of a 2D inventory space made up of "Dictionary Objects", but I can't seem to get the process working in TyranoBuilder just yet. I could be overcomplicating this, but as I mentioned in PHPStorm, it was incredibly simple. I realized belatedly as I was creating Object definitions for each item available in the game that I should create a sort of Parent object, since they all share similar defining traits- like Name and Quantitiy.

Basically, in plain old Javascript (not considering TyranoScript basically), this is my process for a basic inventory, in its earliest markup:

var AB = {
name: "AB",
quantity: 0
}; //this is an item called AB, with a name AB and an initial quantity of 0.

var inventory = [];

Now there's actually two ways to create items here, and while this one is my preferred method (despite being a little lengthy) you could also create items as the player comes across them, depending. This could get really messy though, so I'm just going to stick with the one right above.

for(var i = 0; i < inventory.length; i++) {
if(inventory[i].name == "AB") {
inventory[i].quantity += 1;

The above is important. Even though I KNOW which location in the inventory array is AB, I still need to run that for loop as a force of habit. Later, the player could have countless items, and I may not necessarily know which item is actually in their inventory and where it's located. This way, the for loop checks only for the item, and if it finds it, exits the for loop. Neat, smooth, and careful.

I figure I'd better turn the for loop into a scene of its own to work like a "function" in TyranoBuilder, so I can essentially call it whenever I want. This can be made easy, if I use a temporary variable to carry the name of the item the game is looking for when jumping to that "function".

The only problem is that this doesn't translate perfectly to TyranoBuilder- just trust me on that. It'll take some finesse, but I can figure it out. XD

I'm very excited for these mechanics. ;D

:D Thank you! I'm so glad they were helpful! It's great to see you stuck with it too! I wish you all the best!

Created a new topic Good Luck!

Hey guys! I'm Monica Prunier, aka Darkovika. I participated in the 2015 TyranoBuilder game jam, which had been a month long, and although I didn't win I did get a lot of out of the experience.

This time around the topic is "Fresh Start", which actually hit really close to home for me for some reason. I knew what I wanted to make right off the bat.

I won't be posting my Devlog here, I may post it in the Steam forum or on the game page itself if I just outright make one. I may also do a series of youtube devlog videos, depending, and either upload them as I go or upload them one by one at the end, once the game is released.

My biggest concern is the time limit. 30 minutes seems so long, yet also seems so short- from experience, I know it's daunting in the beginning and then frustrating toward the end, as you think "THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME FOR MY GAME".

I'm a Programmer by trade, so my art isn't going to be the best on the block, but for my idea I think it'll be fine.

Good luck to everyone!

There's been a big silence from me on this game, and I think I still have to work on getting used to updating things like this.

The state of the game is still in development, but as of right now I'm working on going through the Hero's Journey. I was having a lot of difficulty feeling good about the progress of my game, the flow of the story, and whether or not I was doing it justice. The short: I never felt like I was. This is an important story to me, and an important game, and I think I've either made this into a monster of a project, or I simply don't have the right knowledge to accomplish it.

That said, I decided to research story writing, because it's been a fairly long while since I actually took creative writing classes. Specifically, I looked into the Hero's Journey, and I realized that that is the reason my story feels so... bland. I was making Vaughn into an untouchable, unlikeable, inhuman character, with no real flaws or no real stake in the journey.

So I've begun a few projects to kind of iron out my own flaws and work with Vaughn on creating his. We're taking some time to get to know the world of Sherwood and its characters, but I'll keep you guys updated! X3 I'll start posting interesting things about the process, if I think it might help keep interest in Sherwood up. Anything I create that may be interesting to Sherwood, I'll post to the project page.

Created a new topic October 2016 Update/Blog

I should be updating these more, as I believe there are people who are actually watching for this game to be completed.

I don't recall if I mentioned, but Sherwood has actually been completely started over. After having a discussion with my partner, he made me realize that my main problem I had with the story of my game- and believe me, it was a huge one that had caused me to rip out entire sections of the game and start again- was that it wasn't following the Hero's Path. I was trying to begin the game in the nitty gritty of the dark point in our hero's life without even establishing his character or even his weaknesses.

In realizing this, I sat down and considered what this might mean, and realized that an overhaul would be required. That's right- all those beautiful quests I created (except the rat one, which I am immensely proud of and left put together) have been deleted and all areas started over, apart from their creation, as I had actually edited several maps to suit my needs.

This means it'll be even longer before a playable mini-sode will be available for testing, and I thank everyone for their patience. In the meantime, I'm actually taking the story of Sherwood and writing it out in novel format for NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month. My very, very rough draft is at about 11,000 words or so.

What that means is that a book will probably be completed before the game. That's all kinds of funny, awesome, and crazy. I'm unsure if I'll be selling it or just plain releasing it for free reading (It'll be the first one I ever publish, if I do at all), so stay tuned on that development.

Again, thank you for being patient. For those who haven't noticed, the main page for Sherwood has been updated to have much more information that explains the plot and specs that you can expect from the game. I hope you're all excited! Robin Hood is my favorite character of anything, and it'll be wonderful to finish something themed around him.

Created a new topic Announcements

This isn't an update to the new version that should be released for Sherwood, but it is an update in regards to the status Sherwood is in.

After carefully reviewing the course of the game's beginning and council from Brent, I've made the decision that the intro doesn't follow an interesting path and is just not interesting at all. I'll be revamping the intro, but in the process of doing so, much of what we're already used to in terms of gameplay and what you've all seen so far is just going to be removed outright.

This is going to take some time, so the next updated test release will likely be the new, revamped intro. Thank you so much for your continued patience!

Posted in Version Reports

Okay, so when I mentioned I was posting a new visual novel counterpart, the project that is up *now* is the project that was **SUPPOSED** to go up 8 hours ago. Again, NOT the final game. The final game is a RPG; what you currently have is a VN companion project that I plan to keep free on launch.

Posted in Version Reports

Addition of Visual Novel "Sherwood Elements"

The addition of Sherwood Elements is actually a companion Visual Novel that literally just documents pieces of the world I'm creating. There's a lot going on in the Sherwood universe, and not a whole lot of ways to tell it without creating a visual novel by itself. It's not *required* to play the game, but it will make the experience a little more interesting.

There is a chance that as this project continues, the VN will change. Sherwood itself has gone through several revisions on ideas and concepts I had previously thought solid, so the VN is in no way a representation of the final product. The stories and history glimpses should be short and quick though, so not too painful of a re-read. Something will be added at every update of the regular game- or twice as often, as it's a bit easier to create. The map may change as well- this is I think the third iteration of the Sherwood Overworld map that you're looking at.

Upcoming Playable Update v6?

Normally I'd probably just tack some numbers at the end of the previous update and call that finished, but in actuality, this update will have so much added to it that it really deserves a whole new number. The entire first section should be completed- ignoring any possibilities of spelling errors. Entire scenes have been revamped- some were lengthened, some shortened, and some completely taken out. New quests are added, and hopefully, you guys'll make it all the way to the end of Part 1. Chapter 1. Something #1.

Created a new topic Update - 07/07/2016

Sorry for the late update guys, I've been wanting to release another testing version for you all but because these don't exactly make for layering I'm trying to update for testing with bigger releases. Basically, I'm trying to make it so you all don't have to keep playing the same things over and over again haha.

In the latest build I've been working on, we have quite a few cool things I've implemented:

1) Several new quests featuring Vaughn, Much, and the people of Loxley Castle. This will actually give you a chance to run around, see a little story, and get to know some of the characters more, including Vaughn and the mysterious Lord Loxley. Areas are locked based on progression as well. There's also a mission involving character growth for Vaughn and ghosts. Yeah, I'm serious, ghosts. HAUNTED PRIORY!

2) A slightly different intro. I don't know how else to explain it. I've added text, then I took away text, I changed the time on cut scenes, added music, took music away. I'm not even sure if I've made it longer or not. I know I worked to fix Will Scarlet's name because I remembered Scarlette is feminine. That, and I worked to make him a little gruffer than he was before.

3) Crafting! Sort of. It's very basic crafting at best. Sort of find a recipe, see if you have items for it, and use the recipe to make the item you're wanting to make. There's nothing terrible complicated about it just yet, and no skill involved... Yet. I'm debating making a cooking skill, a foraging skill, and so on and so forth. These may be hidden skills from the main game. Right now, if Vaughn has salt, potatoes, and carrots, he can make soup. And it heals for quite a bit.

4) I'm refactoring the items. I don't like using the same-old "Potion" and "Elixir". Like who hasn't heard those a million and seven times? I'm also working on new equipment. Enemies aren't fully stabilized yet, but that's the next big thing- stabilizing the system. It's actually the hardest thing to work with.

Let me know what types of crafting you guys would like to see in a Sherwood game. Do you like the idea of hidden skills for it, or no skills at all? I'll be focusing on Sherwood a lot more now that I'm out of school.

This is exactly what is sounds like. This upload is currently ONLY one section of the beginning of the game, which has been heavily edited since V5 came out. Technically, I suppose this is V5.1, but it's not the fully beginning of the game. The exit to the cellar should be closed off, but if it isn't, don't go through it. You'll have to sit through the scene that starts the castle area, and you'll have to complete that before you can return to the cellar.

As usual, critique is a must! Play it out as long as you like; play it like you would your first time through. Don't do anything extra, and tell me what the experience is like. On your second time through, touch and read and bump into everything. Test text, test rats- the more testing, themore likely we'll catch bugs. If text seems weird at ALL, letme know! It could be poor storytelling on my part.

And on that topic, tell me how the text feels, the brief window of story you get. Is it believable? Interesting? Emotional? Flat? Empty? Boring?

Posted in Version Reports

I forgot to post this here recently.

Version 5.0 - 3/31/2016

  1. Connected the Rat mission to the main storyline.
  2. Added dialogue and cut scenes.
  3. More NPC's to the castle, all with unique dialogue.
  4. Closed off the cellar until the player speaks with Will Scarlette.
  5. Changed some spelling errors so Will's last name is "Scarlette" and not "Scarlet".
  6. Included text explaining the mission objective for the Rat Infestation.
To be edited in the next Update:
  1. Indicate that Much is actually a Boy, he's a bit too feminine to tell.
    1. Add a few cutscenes to the rat mission between Vaughn and Much.
    2. Correct a few issues with Will's speech.
    3. Add more to the opening cut scene, possibly change the text for the intro.
    4. Increase the time spent on Vuaghn checking his family members.
    5. Change NPX dialogue in castle to indicate hints to the next quest.
    6. Add an item to Vaughn's inventory that will change based on what quest/mission is currently active.
    (Edited 1 time)

    This was everything I was hoping to get in terms of feedback!

    So, here's what I'll promise to change in future updates:

    1) Explicitly state Much is a boy- I forgot he was super feminine-looking, but cannonically Much is "Much son of Much the Miller" haha. This is good for me to know!

    2) Make the actual beginning a little longer. I'll add a little more character, story, and flavor to the beginning of the game. I think you're quite right, it does go a little too fast. Later on I'll explain what Vaughn was returning from, but for now, we'll add a little more character to him.

    3) He's exactly supposed to be like Squall! XD I'm glad I got that across. I wasn't thinking Squall in particular, but he's the broody, quiet-type. He's emotional, so he's not deadpan like Cloud could sometimes be, but he starts off rather closed off and flat. This is good! I'm glad that's how he came across! I'm going to make him a little less whiney though, I think I made him a little too whiney for a couple of statements from him.

    4) I'll speed up the NPC's in the kitchen, you aren't the only one who got blocked. The girl wouldn't let me in the dang kitchen! In fact, I think I'll just make them stationary- no sense in making them obstacles in a small, closed off area. That's just irritating haha.

    5) I'll see if I can add some wrinkles to Will Scarlette, he is a bit too clean-looking for that hair/beard combo. When I made him, I don't think there was too many options, but I'm also thinking I MIGHT be able to just craft one haha!

    Thank you so much for this!

    Created a new topic Version Reports
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    Whenever I release a new update or version, I'll post a comment here discussing version logs and updated aspects of Sherwood. People not able to play Sherwood (in the beginning) will be able to watch as it grows.

    Version 4.2 - 1/18/2016

      1. Added more content to the opening cut scene.
      2. Changed "rat" graphics to actual rats, instead of bats.
      3. Created "spawn" points for the rats. Now you can't just sit and "talk" to one repeatedly.
      4. Added another mission with underpowered bosses (working on it).
      5. Added ability to change class as a reward for clearning the latest mission.

    I want to see this turn into the best thing ever.

    How familiar are you with Lovecraft and his works? It'd be great to see references to both stories and actual abominations.

    I have some questions for any incomers:

    1. Should Vaughn's hair stay purple?
    2. Is Vaughn (pronounced Vawn) too difficult to read or pronounce?
    3. Do you like Vaughn?
    4. Does he feel like he fits in the Robin Hood universe from the little that you've seen of him?

    For now, don't worry about the other characters. Vaughn is my biggest concern, as he's... Well, you.
    Created a new topic Critique / Bug Reports

    This is a discussion for any and all critique you may have for this game as it progresses. Critique may involve:

    1) Enemies are too powerful.

    2) Main character is not interesting.

    3) Enemies are too weak.

    4) The items are not actually aiding me in battle / weapons are not powerful enough.

    5) I was able to walk into a wall / off the map / an NPC blocked me in / I couldn't end or activate a quest / I got stuck.

    Anything like that should be followed with a detailed reason, analysis, or inclusion of the area/what you did to make the bug or bad thing happen. I am more than happy to hear your critique and bug reports- I will have another thread for suggestions, so this is NOT for suggestions!

    Can I just say that that dragon is friggin gorgeous? Wishing I had them artistic skills. Programming is wonderful, but that second screenshot has me yearning for the creative side of game development.