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Good Luck!

A topic by Darkovika created Mar 13, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 2
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Hey guys! I'm Monica Prunier, aka Darkovika. I participated in the 2015 TyranoBuilder game jam, which had been a month long, and although I didn't win I did get a lot of out of the experience.

This time around the topic is "Fresh Start", which actually hit really close to home for me for some reason. I knew what I wanted to make right off the bat.

I won't be posting my Devlog here, I may post it in the Steam forum or on the game page itself if I just outright make one. I may also do a series of youtube devlog videos, depending, and either upload them as I go or upload them one by one at the end, once the game is released.

My biggest concern is the time limit. 30 minutes seems so long, yet also seems so short- from experience, I know it's daunting in the beginning and then frustrating toward the end, as you think "THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME FOR MY GAME".

I'm a Programmer by trade, so my art isn't going to be the best on the block, but for my idea I think it'll be fine.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi Darkovika. Thanks to you, I was able to learn how to use TyranoBuilder in one evening from your YouTube tutorials. I hope you keep up the great work, and good luck to you in the contest, too!

:D Thank you! I'm so glad they were helpful! It's great to see you stuck with it too! I wish you all the best!