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Your PS4 controllers left analog stick might be misaligned and therefore the game registered left input while you were not pressing the A key on your keyboard. So while you weren't touching the horizontal movement keys on the keyboard, it would still register like a -0.1

I will make sure to add a dead zone during the update to prevent this from happening to any other players. Thanks for letting us know about this!

Were you using a controller by any chance? If so then it's because we never had controller controls in mind and therefore never set a deadzone for input. 

If it was on mouse and keyboard, then that's weird! What OS did you use? Any information would be much appreciated so we can work on fixing this in our next update! 馃榿 

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So many people didn't read the post I made earlier saying I wouldn't play anymore... 馃槄 Is there a way to lock threads? 

All music was made during the jam by Byronico! He was awesome! I'll let him know you liked the audio! 

Thanks for all the awesome feedback! 馃榿 

Glad you enjoyed it, and we'll definitely take your advice to heart! Thanks for playing/rating! 

I understand your game had to be reverted back to a previous version because of a game-breaking bug last minute, but it was still fun!

I definitely think it's an interesting concept, having to rewind the enemy's bullets back towards them after amplifying them. :)

Obviously there were a few bugs you already know about. Like not being able to restart after dying, and bullets not being destroyed after you complete a level so you end up dying as soon as the new level starts. 

Wish we could've seen what the non-reverted version was. Great job anyways! 

It was legitimately fun to play, I had so many close calls where bullets would almost touch me. It was stressful but fun!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

Just played and rated your game! :) 

Thanks for playing/rating mine!

I will be rating everything above this post. Anything below this post will be ignored. 

Just been really busy in real life and don't want to get overwhelmed by the number of people requesting I play/rate their game!

Thanks for understanding!

Good thing there's no rating for difficulty then 馃槀 馃槀 

But thank you! I'm sure if we had more time we would've found ways to prevent the player from rushing through. Or maybe we would've agreed to keep it that way since Ninja's are badass. 

Thanks for the feedback! 馃榿 

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Yeah one week is definitely tough, agreed! 

It was still a great game regardless! 

And Brackeys says it multiple times in his videos, but playtesting is never a waste of time 馃榿 Even if it takes away from development time. 

Just finished playing, rating, and commenting on your game. 

It's very cute! I can definitely see a few people getting addicted to trying to get the best score.

Thanks for playing/rating our game! :)

Definitely a cute little game!

Things I Liked:

  • Cute art style and music
  • Simple point and click shooting
  • There's a variety of enemies with different behaviors, which makes things more interesting!

Things I Didn't Like:

  • Crows swoop in way too fast to react
  • There's not enough instructions on how the game works. It mentions shooting enemies from the "Right angle" to gain time and "Wrong angle" to lose time. But it doesn't explain what the angle is. Do we always have to be on the left side of an enemy to gain time? (Like in the image) or does every enemy have a specific angle to hit them from. How do I find that angle? I feel like there should've been better explanations. 

Yeah we might add a scoring system post-jam! That way you're encouraged to hunt down all the enemies, even the ones in the dead-ends!

Thanks for your feedback! :)

We definitely plan on adding more post-jam! We actually had code written for a powerup that'd increase your maximum health but we never ended up using it! Never considered the piercing powerup though, that's a great idea! Thanks!

As for shuriken damaging enemies during rewind, we actually added that post-game jam already! Sorry that you weren't able to get to try it though!

Just letting you all know that I'll do my best to play as many of your submissions as possible for the next 2 weeks! I'll probably only be able to play 3 or 4 in a row though. Then I'll take breaks and come back to them later in the day! 

Thanks for your patience!

Just finished playing and rating your game! Great job overall, your game looked great and was a cool puzzle game!

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Great game! Rated it.

Things I Liked:

  • A decent music loop!
  • The rewinding animation is very smooth and it's interesting
  • Puzzles are challenging. Found myself with a mini-headache trying to solve number 5 since I had no idea one of the doors was opening! I eventually figured it out though! :) 
  • I loved the visuals! Everything is simple yet cool to look at!

Things I Didn't Like:

  • I thought I completed the game (forgot there was 15 levels) because when I finished level 5 the game sent me back to the main menu. So I closed the game, thinking I was done. Then I saw the screenshots on this page and noticed I missed a lot! So I recommend you send the player back to the level screen instead of the main menu screen. Or just send them to level 6 directly.
  • It's hard to figure out what's happening in the levels... Like level 5 and 10. How was I supposed to know that an electric grid would be on the floor after I flipped a switch? I died because of it and then quit the game. It felt like an unfair death, not knowing there's a new electric grid on the floor in a room that I was in before. Maybe instead of forcing us to reset the level, you can allow us to rewind to a time before we died. Then it wouldn't feel like I wasted all that time trying to figure out a puzzle before dying.

I just played, rated, and commented on your game! Thanks for playing ours!

Played and rated.

So here's what I like and dislike.

What I Liked:

  • Cute art style
  • It was cool that you could essentially paint the darkness away with your character! Definitely made my deaths feel less punishing, because I would uncover more of the map every time I died.
  • I'm glad you actually put some kind of story behind your game, instead of not explaining what was going on.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Feels like the movement in mid-air is too hard to control. Most of my deaths were me overshooting platforms because I couldn't adjust my character accurately enough.
  • You already have a checkpoint system in place, but you don't have a save/load system in the game. I got frustrated by the movement and quit, but if I decide to continue later, now I can't because I'd have to restart from the beginning. That makes me not want to start the game a second time because I'd have to re-do everything I already did.
  • Music was great at first but slowly started to get annoying over time. Probably because it felt like the notes for the song were random and it didn't feel like a true music loop.  

Overall though, great job! The game works perfectly fine and I never ran into any problems other than the movement!

I just played your puzzle game and it was awesome! Great job!

I also rated and commented what things I liked and disliked. :)

Thanks again for rating our game!

This game is great! Loved tons about it!

Things I Liked:

  • You guys found some great music for this game!
  • Cute art style.
  • Puzzles were challenging, which is important in a puzzle game! 
  • UI was clean and informative. I was able to quickly figure out what the UI was telling me.

Things I Didn't Like:

  • There's no indication of whether or not you're actually grabbing a cube or not. The sprite should at least change to one where the character has their hands out so that we know he's actually holding onto it.
  • I wish you guys made a save system so we can quit the game and then continue another day. I found it difficult to try and get 10 puzzles done in a row. I would've loved to close it and then re-open it to continue later!
  • Turret bullets actually push you back a little bit, which affects movement slightly. Just a slight annoyance, not really that big of a deal!
  • At some point I got stuck in one of the blue walls that has a button connected to it. I started with the wall down, pressed Q, then went and moved the box off of the button. Then when time returned I was stuck in the blue wall (which was now up since I moved the button). Should probably figure out a way to push the player to the side, I notice that the cubes automatically move to the side when they get stuck in objects!

Overall  you guys made an amazing game so great job!

Will do! Just going to bed for the night and will play/comment/rate your game tomorrow!

Thanks for playing and rating! 

Will do! Just going to bed for the night and will play/comment/rate your game tomorrow!

Thanks for playing and rating! 

Going to bed now but will play and rate the rest of yours when I wake up! (after visiting my mom)

Thank you in advance for playing and rating mine! :) 

I played it, rated it, and commented what I liked/disliked. 

It was fun! Even if I sucked at it so badly hahaha.

Thanks for playing mine!

So please don't take all the negative feedback too personally! 

I just really suck at this game and never got past the 2nd enemy before giving up.

Things I liked:

  • This bullet hell game never felt too unfair! It was challenging but surmountable. I'm definitely amazed at how well this game played for only being worked on for a week!
  • The music is dope. Combined with the black grid and simple graphics, you definitely made an environment that really felt like a computer simulation! So the setting for the environment is great!
  • From what I can see in the screenshots (since I suck and couldn't get very far in the game), it looks like you have a lot of enemy variety and level variety too! It looks like each level is its own unique challenge, and so it'll keep the player engaged. Which is obviously very important!

Things I Didn't Like:

  • Everytime I press the space bar it feels like I'm rewinding too far back. This was probably intentional for difficulty, but it made the rewind feature feel more like a nuissance than an advantage. So I tried to avoid using it.
  • When you die, you immediately get sent back to the main menu with no delay. I thought the game was glitching out, I didn't realize that it was sending me back because I died. Maybe you can make the player explode, and then wait 2 or 3 seconds before reloading to the main menu?
  • Maybe make the powerups  grow and shrink in size quickly instead of making them static images? That way I know that they're interactible. I honestly didn't know they were powerups on first glance, but figured it out pretty quickly!
  • Not being able to shoot an enemy if they were off-screen. I should be allowed to shoot the enemies when they're off-screen since they're able to shoot me off-screen. 

Overall, great job! Feels like a full fledged game even if I didn't get the chance to play most of it!

I've played, commented on, and rated your game now! Hopefully the feedback helps!

Thanks for playing mine too!

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Hello everyone! 

Congratulations on surviving the game jam! Hope you're all proud of your creations!

With that in mind, show me your creations so I can play, rate, and leave a comment on them for you!

In return, I'd appreciate it if you did the same to the game my team and I worked on

Thank you, and I can't wait to see what you've all made!

Click to play!

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Sorry to hear that the difficulty was a bit too tough!

I understand what you mean, you want to feel like an unstoppable machine. So stopping to dodge probably kills that feeling. On the bright side, they only go in a straight line!

As for the spikes being one hit kills, unfortunately that was the best way for us to make sure the player doesn't wall jump out of bounds. It also added for some very interesting level design in the final tower. Having to climb up vertically and jumping between walls to avoid the spikes was also a great way to add a bigger sense of danger and fun to the game. Thank you for your feedback on this matter though! It might be possible for a compromise somewhere, but that's something I'll have to discuss with the rest of the team if we continue to work on this post-jam!

Thanks for playing! 

I'm glad you find it fun too! We weren't sure how hard to make the game, so I'm happy to hear that the difficulty was challenging but complete-able! 

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks! It took a lot of work and headaches, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! 

Damn right they do!

Thanks for playing!