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Awesome game dude! I really like it a lot. Thank you.

Great game! I like it a lot! But pls, add possibility to start not at first lvl after die.

It is connected by story, but story telling start only after that katana level :D Anyway thanks for playing) I will nerf turrets.

You need to click at person, then click at orders, and wait. When your cook will try to cook something atch at top of his, and to the dish (which this cook is cooking). If art on top of cook and art on order are same - cheer him (click cheer button). Else SCREAM at him, and he will remake. 

You need to click at person, then click at orders, and wait. When your cook will try to cook something atch at top of his, and to the dish (which this cook is cooking). If art on top of cook and art on order are same - cheer him (click cheer button). Else SCREAM at him, and he will remake. 

Yeah, it is actully needs tutorial because I understood what iam supposted to do only after 10-15 minutes of random clicking and praying :D

Really great game! I love it! It needs to be finished but this is still really great project! I love your arts, and funny gameplay!

It is not funny to complete tutorial over and over again :D

This game is EPIC. I never seen something like this before. This mechanic is soo good, your art is really really nice! SFX is good too. I hope you will be in list of winners. 

Ok you maybe should add more sounds, cuz when you leave the house it is sooo quiet.

Really great game! I like it a lot. But you should to save all items when reaching next lvl. NOT exiting the game after death and make a possibility to skip tutorial. But I really like this gameplay and artstyle.

Great game! I like JoJo references heheh. But maybe add something interactieve like interview with some aliens or humans, and during the interview player will understand who is it. But I like your art-style and music.

Great game, but remake camera following. Maybe add hook and last boss. SFX is great and I like it.

Great game, but maybe add something to know who is the maniac? Also fix your tiles bug. I like this music, but I can't hear everything in the garden, so maybe increase boom-box sound range?

I really liked this game! Really interesting story, but I dont know who are that enemies. So maybe leave a note, that will explain who are that enemies. Also I found some bugs: when enemies touches killed people they just fly far away, maybe you shold disable collisions with enemies and killed people.  Also you have some troubles with walk-sound. And when you jump you should not play walk sound. But despite all bugs, I really enjoyed playing. Thank you!

Great game! I was interested during all story.  But, maybe add some interactive at the end like: when you fall into your memories again - you will fighting against the hero. Maybe the text is not always the best way to show information. But I really liked your game.

Really great and hard game! I also really love this pixel-art. And this game fit for theme really well! Good job!

Hello! Great game, but you should add some delays fore AI.  Mabe add turn, and add field of view. Also I found bug, when you come to the 6th lvl you instantly die. And 6th lvl is empty. But I still really love this game. 

Really great game. But I cant complete it. I stuck at one level. but Iam really want to know ending.  I really like this style, and your voice acting. Specially that moment when you started singing xdd.

Great game, but you should add more kind of bosses, and mobs. I love your art and sounds. Thank you!

Great job! I like this game, but it needs to be finished. Your helper is too op I think. You can just do what he said and you will won. It would be better to add names to the characters, and player should remember all information by himself. Also at end of day when someone should have return your money but he didn't done this, you should be notified about this. Maybe add diary, where king writes person's name and information about this.

Great game! I really love it! Maybe in future add more endings and etc.

Nice game, but I think it need to add some mechanics. Or maybe just add boss-fight, and pre-boss fights.

Great game!

Great game, but it is need to be improved. I think would be better to start after die on a first lvl. I had a bug, when all musics were gone. In your game I can click as fast as I can and I will shooting really fast, but I think would be better to count cooldown of your guns. When I bought new gun, it was maybe was same, or even worse than start one. Also in pixel-art games I use square-shape particles.

Really great game. I love it.

Will be better if you make it hard because of mechanic, not hard because I cant understand what I need to do. Or maybe iam stupid, but I made 0 progress at all playing 15 min.

No, I restarted the level and there was a lot of ghost blocks. 

Also dialogues are too fast. Add pressing on button to move to next message.

(1 edit)

Sometimes I can view ghost-blocks (that I can't hit with my body, but i can view it).

Visual is good, but need ability to shoot at mouse position. Also there are A LOT OF BUGS. Bats are dying for NO reason. Knights collide knights and cant move.  Fix this bugs, add new features and make shooting to the mouse pos, and the game will be pretty good!

Ok. Actually when you start this game is hard enough, and it is good. BUT when you have max fire speed, and move speed - even 3rd boss can't kill you. Also you have some bugs with generation. When I killed 3rd boss it just dissapear. Fix this. Make new enemies, and balance game. Also that mechanic that you just spaws the controls is not making game hard. I think it would be great, if you add reverse ive shooting or something like that, that would make game feels harder.

Ok now I understand. It is was hard, iam kinda stupid. I will play  in your game again and rerate it. Sorry)

When I was playing this game I didn't understood that is this a feature or a bug. When you complete the level froze the ship forever. I think it is not good. Maybe the feature (or it is a bug) that when you restart level all your progress is saved, is good. Also need more kind of enemies, and remake a screen shake (it is kinda weird).

Great game! Great idea, but sometimes it works not pretty well. But I think I never would have guessed this idea!

Really great game! Good job.

Really great game! Good job.

I will fix it :) Thank you!

Great game dude! Gameplay is good but it needs to be finished. Add some medkits, and make a dash-ability. Also I can get out of bounds and get on a rooftop where no enemies can hit me. Enemies AI is pretty simple, enemies can just fall out of a platform. I think it would be better if they will stop at the end of the platform. Maybe will be great to make patrool-ability. Our game is little same, and I think games of this type should be faster, and more dynamic. Also check out my game :) 

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