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HI!, I'm looking for a pixel artist. Better if has experience in other game jams. 

I made several games by my one in the past and I have experience in other game jams. ( you can play them on my game's page)

I work with unity mostly, and blender and audacity with less frequency.


Glad to hear that! cool video!

Thanks! I have played  Lobbyist Clicker 3D. Really cool!


I like the driving feeling. Good work!

thanks! I wanted to create a more complex visual style but I run out of time!. 

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cool game!

I made games by my own and I like your artStation account so much. Look my games and if you are interested into working in some game with  me just let me know!

here is my e-mail:

Are you interested into joining a game? watch my profile games if you are interested!

Cool models btw

Hi! I always wanted a 3d artist to make my games look better.

I have previous experience with games, I made a few and here are some of my game's screenshots:

If you are a 3d artist and want to create a game with me, and participate in some gamejams.... just let me know!

I'm a programmer btw.

my e-mail:

I'm looking for a composer! here is my contact:

yeah! looks waaay better than the previous version! 

Great idea!, It would be great if the weight of the buildings could affect the direction of the turtle! Imagine an obstacle and try to avoid it buildding stuff.

Awesome work! really profesional graphic style!

thanks! I should probably upload an update fixing some things.

Create levels and then play with a friend! 


This game was made in one week as challenge for me to keep improving my skills in Unity, this time using the 2D.  The Editor mode has some bugs and some roads should not appear like that. Please consider to take a time to get use to the controls and remaind that you can't restart easly with  "9".

--------------------------EDITOR MODE

-space bar: instantiate a road, if your press again changes the direction if it's posible

-R: rotate road direcction.

-M : flag (only in road sprites)

-C: start the race ( works only if  a flag is in the game)

--------------------------RACE MODE

direcction arrrows : move Player1 (red)

-a,w,s,d:  Player 2 (blue)

-9 reset

What a game!, beautiful music. I'm in love =)

Interesting! What program did you use? I'm amazed how simple and also elegant the creatures are, great work there!

really good!, I love the character and the atmosphere.  Awesome for been your first game here! keep going =)

Try my last game (  cancelled )

A prototype that I decided to cancel. However I liked the results and the simple graphics. 



Wow, very cool, I love the feeling of killing an enemy. Great work =)

I love it! Short but with a lot of potential !=)

what is the game about? looks similar to my game XD

I thought it was a  video!  really cool.

I like it! it Looks similar to my game (not in game mechanics) Good job!

really cool! I love the lava and the wall textures

This is a game made in 3 weeks in  my free time. It's my first project!

The game is a puzzle game where you have to complete the levels in less than 5 minutes. I've been working really hard and I would like to get some feedback. Please visit the page and read de instructions before playing.

Thanks for your time