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A nice puzzle game. It has the general idea of box moving puzzles, along with many additions, such as the objective to solve the puzzle to get to the top, avoid obstacles (oil spill), and objects that move across dimensions, teleportation.

The most cons were the keyboard controls and menu gui. It was not automatically indicated which lighted text was the selected option. Thus I thought the game started with the "Exit" option highlighted, because it was lighter. It's easy to distinguish the chosen option when you press ESC in game because there are more than 2 options and the odd colour out will imply the chosen option. But on the menu where its one or the other, its hard. I had to restart the game at first to make a new decision after mistakenly choosing escape.

Additionally, on the web version of the game, pressing escape first took it out of full screen, and then opened the menu. I could not restart the game with keyboard shortcuts such as R. So I could not play in full screen, as I had to esc -> esc -> restart many times. It also would have been preferable if you allowed either arrows of WASD to move, but it's more of an accessibility than a con.

Cons aside, man I did feel like a boss solving some of these puzzles, first mentally and then in practice. And I mean...if only the teleportation device could work on Dr. Ottos xD

The larger levels did add an increasing level of complexity. It's amazing how you added so many levels and variations in the time span. I'll be honest, I eventually began skipping levels because it got too hard xd but I did enjoy the amount of time I spent playing this game :D

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Looking forward to this jam already!

Thank you for playing my game; I'm glad you loved it.

Glad you got used to the controls and had fun! I'm also looking into the 3rd party cookies (it seems that when using iframe, you need 3rd party cookies enabled for SharedObjects, so I'll have to do more research on that.

As for an infinite more, that certainly sounds fun indeed!

Thanks for playing yo! I really have to look into SkiFree at this point. Everyone is mentioning it but I've never played it before.

I'm not sure what browser/webview the app has, but it's sad to hear it doesn't work there though. I think as of now, too, it doesn't work in incognito chrome (especially s an iframe)

But thank you for pointing these out, so that I can fix them for future versions of the game engine!

Oh, glad you asked. I used a custom game engine and editor written by me, in javascript.

It's called FlevaR and is an HTML5/JavaScript 2D game engine.

You can check out the editor at (although note it is very barebones and heavy work in progress)

Thanks for playing my game, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! :D

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to you too!

Elf: Oh no, Santa is concerned, I think it's best I go check him now over the lake!

Me: Welp, I know what I'm gonna do today! *explores map instead

Not selling out anything, I kinda got all right away and played the ending dialogue only and skipped the end credits by quick "space" pressing, so I did it over and went to Santa properly this time, doing everything as intended, haha! Standing in front of Santa was weird though because he still showed above me:

The controls were a bit tedious (With the lack of diagonal movement I had to release a key to press another and go in that direction) but nothing overbearing at all.

Neat graphics and sound. I see assets I recognize from Pokemon amongst other's amazing how you brought everything together to make such a nice map! I would say that at certain times roaming, all the bright light green was a bit hard on the eyes...but it could be because I was staring at screens all day, haha.

Overall, wonderful game and great creation! Thanks!

Haha, easy mode's too easy! I collected endless rocks and could spam it at full speed! The cops could never catch me!

With the actual difficulty, though (easy mode off), it was not much harder. It was simple to time the rocks without speeding up or slowing down, though in the end I did test out how it would be when the cop caught me, or I ran out of bells, haha.

The music is fine, not too catchy for me specifically, though I preferred to keep it on regardless (so I didn't use the turn off option in the settings)

The animations are dope fun though; player blowing gum, just not caring about his neighbours at all on his endless street; the officer buff and ready for an endless chase! xD

Nice game!

Nice puzzle game that makes use of strategy. I hoped the checkpoints saved my memory as well, but it was all lost. It was a task that felt gratifying when completing the bell combination to move on. The zombies were too slow though.

I think I was at the boss battle (after the transition scene) and collected the first purple orb which "killed" the zombie...except, I still got damaged by an invisible zombie and lost everything, having to restart the boss battle, and even the final scene transition. (I gave up at that point though =w=)

Really smooth animations and eerie atmosphere though. The bell progression felt fair and it felt great when I got the bell that gave 4 jumps.

It's a really interesting take on bells, haha, bells indeed.

I assume the left and right circles were the players. Maybe a highlight (yellow or something) on the current player would have added to the experience. (With that being said, I played with both player 1 and 2, as I had no current partner, haha)

I tried around looking for consistencies between the parts of the bell and which part you can use before it broke, and which parts made the most noise. It was nice that high power to the lowest part made the most noise, while high power to the base of it broke it; and low power to the base made barely a sound, haha made it seem realistic. Nice use of the green and red gradient to show high or low power.

Overall, the concept was just ringing it over and over until I decided, for shame, I shall break it now!

When I saw the amazing menu screen with the credits, the bell, and the epic music, I thought that that was all there was to it...until I tried to quit the application, pressed a key and it advanced.

I explored a bit until I figured out the controls, and the physics is quite...robust to say (got stuck on the ground, flew around a bit, etc). After losing all my health once (trying to jump on the enemies like Mario, and could not find a key to use to shoot them) it took me to the story screen (which I believe I may have missed the first time pressing everything which probably skipped a lot of screens and went right into game for me.

Afterward, I did a speedrun taking advantage of the clunky movements. Just stayed on all playforms above the floor and jumped form one to another throughout each level. All levels having their own theme sets was very appealing, so great job on the variety!

Since it is 20 bells for an extra life and 25 points per bell, I knew that I'd get a new life every 500 points. However, it would have been more helpful to have an actual bell counter on the screen so I can see when I get close to that 20 bell mark.

In the end the "You Win" was satisfying, and after trying to close the tab from the Taskbar, I assumed I needed to go into the game and press a button again to exit. Does that mean I would have been held hostage otherwise, had I not beaten the game?

Haha, nice entry, and hello to you and your team in Germany from the Caribbean!

Overall, it was a really fun game! Clickable buttons or hints to press keys (such as "Press a key to continue") would certainly help things that can otherwise be skipped if the person does not think of intuitively doing it.

One of the first noticeable things is the easter eggs even on the menu screens, with the gift box catching the ball xD

Using 10 balls for all bells with each level, while trying to time it to land in the box as well for more balls allowed for so many strategic and time-sensitive moments. In the end I got stuck on level 3 over and over because I kept running out lol.

But I did find funny things such as pushing the ball into the box at corners sometimes made the ball roll out and back in, giving 2 free balls haha. Once I tried aiming far top-left and mistakenly pressed the back key, going to the menu. The "Levels" button just took  me back to level 1 though lol...but I got to level 3 again in no time (and was stuck there again :P)

Fun game overall though! Nice use of bells, and really upbeat music that didn't seem to get annoying at all.

Decent mechanics and game loop. I felt around with the controls before I realized they were in the description (I should probably scroll down first before a game in the future, haha).

Sometimes it's difficult to get a feel on the sense of distance when aiming, so you have to switch views often to estimate the cannon position as well. Additionally, for some platforms, it's more of a trial and error when you miss until you get it right, meaning losing 2-3 points until you just regain 1 point in return, which throws off a feel of a highscore system and takes away a bit at the fun.

Aside from that though, the art is pleasant and the music is calming as well. The cannon blasts did scare me a few times from its thrust, haha xD. And sometimes I made the same 1 bell "ding" twice, so that was fun. I'd say you did pretty well on that bell concept, bells ahoy!

I appreciate the play. I more had time creating the level generator than full customization of levels, but I'm glad a sense of progression gave a feel of play.

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for the review. It does seem fair that it should smoothly swerve with the direction pressed, instead of gradual clunks.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm not old enough to have played that game but I certainly do recall a web-browser skiing game in the past, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it  :D

I understand what you mean. The world art was more basic coloured, while two characters had vibrant colours. Thank you for elaborating.

As for scene art, it could be how I shrunk the arts when in towns versus encounters. A last minute decision, I didn't think much of its effect, thanks for bringing it to my attention, and again thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing! I respond on my own behalf:

From Pros
  • I agree, Yaga was amazing with the art!
  • I also agree, Shirou's sounds brought the game to life! It really livened the game after staring at screens and transitions for 25 hours straight.
  • I got addicted to many mini things so I'd tweak and adjust. I'm glad it had such a noticeable effect :D
  • I worked the hardest on the ending cinematic, glad it worked out!
From Cons
  • Can you say which areas specifically? I'd like to adjust to suit, if possible.
  • Ideally there were plans of scoreboards and achievements, which never got realized due to time constraints.
  • Ideally, we wished for images per encounter and a unique image per town, but time constraints again, as well as the extensive criteria that would have been required of Yaga. Even still, they did amazing with the arts created; we did our best to wrap the flow of the story around that instead.
  • Thank you for the tip!

Again, thank you for playing! I too would love to see this expanded on (I'm pretty much addicted to it) Sadly, other creators have already moved on, so other than potential highscore boards in the distant future, this game won't be expanded on again any time soon. But, there's always another game jam to join and more knowledge of what to prioritize.

Thank you for letting me participate!


Me: *drops box on the flat surface*

Box: *reeees off to the front and back of the flat platform*

Okay, the browser physics was really unpredictable, sometimes annoying. But I was stubborn to quit and successfully finished all.

I think 15 as one of the really hard ones.

Definitely unstable, I think I had to rely on luck a lot, and when it worked, it was satisfying.

Good game

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Okay, I like this. There were some bugs causing boxes to fall before I release them, or push other boxes in the stack when I didn't get the chance to move, but this was overall a fun sandbox to explore. 

Props to the extra options on the death screen for more experimenting, the instability was enjoyed! :D

*edit* High score was 56 because I spammed boxes while they started falling xd

If there's anything to say about this game, is that it's really unstable xd.

It wasn't clear which state the boxes were in "active" or what shooting them did. Even with no reactions, they still changed colours endlessly and had enemies. A lot of stuff was unpredictable.

The movement did have me flying alot, as the read lines wold push me in the air and keep me there. The random rotating also had me flying which was fun. Unfortunately, there's a bug that your "highscore" also resets when you start over; making score and highscore basically the same thing.

But in terms of the theme, this game definitely gets it! Good job! xD

Aside from the janky movements (up down left right conflicts with the diagonal/isometric nature of the game), it was decent. The tutorials were very helpful, and the unstable shaking animations were subtle but definitely noticeable. I had one problem a time when every time I stabalized it a bit, I had the same routine to prepare over and over (snake, tree root, rat) which is lengthy. Other times it randomized.

Fairly straightforward gameplay though, nice game!

(Also I love the 3D visuals and it really made me jealous of the fact that my engine only supports 2D xd)

Wheew these horses are craazy!

This required mad mechanics though lol, as you needed to be quick to catch one horse on this side of the screen, while on the other the horse was going off there. And if you moved too quickly it'd clip through the horse.

But the rotating physics was a fun thing to work with while pushing the horses into a box as often as possible. 
"No no Billy, this way- hey where're you going now Willy!?"

p.s. extra points for the pun in name :3

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Oh my gosh this was so hard! Props to you for putting the start button in the center below though.

From someone who doesn't know how to ride a unicycle in real life, this was a pain at first. I had to start over every 2 seconds (the crack effect helped xD)

But overtime, I realized, this game required skill! I finally passed 10 in score...and then the cycle got longer. Back to the drawing board of learning how to balance lol. I couldn't have had enough of trying not to fall off and instead slamming myself into the grass in the other direction instead.

Surprisingly enough though, it got really long yet was much easier to control...then the ground went *BOOM* Unfair! xD It was surprisingly still easy to balance though. In the end I finally died when the comet launched me into a flying pan, before I had a chance to react.

Nice game! Awesome physics I cannot have possibly seen myself creating yet (I need more big brain first)

Personally, I prefer the mouse controls as they are, as opposed to AD or Left Right. It requires skill and I think it's worth it.

*edit* I played again, tried to beat my score of 52. In the end I got launched into a flying pan again and lost at 54 xd

Who needs to walk when you can glide and block? Holding left or right while moving had me sliding xD

Okay, while very basic, this was fun. I really like the way you went about "Two Colours"

I spent some time playing around with the physics first before I attempted the game:

I could fall off xD and fall for a while. Or fall slightly and then walk through the floor at half height. (I used that a lot to my advantage when almost falling through a hole.

It was simple at first, but oh when I got to some 300 and fireballs descended like comets flooding the earth, such catastrophe; with the music, it was a sight to behold...THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

XD Nice game!

I'm off to play it again

When you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to play. At first I was really confused because the controls were weird on the first try. However, it became easy to understand, even after reading the controls in the itch page.

My dodging skills are pretty good, however speed was my disadvantage xD (the char was so slow) But I had to use enemy bullets to kills other enemies for me. Just that overtime their shooting reload and speed increased, but my movements did not.

Overall, nice game!

Thank you for the extensive review! I do appreciate all your comments.

I'm glad that there were so many pros. Once we had a decent game plan, the idea was to just work on that and try to fine tune it.

Sorry about the cons, since they all fell out of time. We just made some random objects and didn't get to use a direct story-line with increasingly difficult riddles. I agree with the objects as well. Originally, all was meant to be clicked. Time constraints again :sweat_smile:

But that's no excuse! I'm satisfied by how much we were able to do in this time-spam, and I fully accept and embrace my limitations encountered. Changing it now would be cheating :P

Thanks for playing!

Nice! I restored life support and completed the mission. Solid game!

One thing though, on the last level you can walk through the walls in the long hall lol. Glad I didn't get stuck and had to start all over though. I finished the level in all fairness.

Well, I'll be looking forward to it~

Blushes intensely lol

Amazing game! Originally, upon first launch, it lagged so badly I was near quitting playing because "I'm not putting myself through this!"

However, after relaunching with the integrated graphics processor instead of the GPU, all was good, and amazing was game!

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Ski Mask Gang are out for you! Beat some baddies in this fast-paced brawler! (>:[=)

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 45

Play it here: