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thank you. The main concept was the connection between the player and not being too far apart. It still needs works though but worked for the jam.

I personally felt the artwork is great but the camera movement with the player was difficult to look at. If the camera work is smoothed out I think you have the start of something here. 

I really enjoyed this short puzzle game. 

I could've played for a lot longer. The way you need to move the different players to make sure that they do not hit the lines when moving to collect the B, that was great. Good job. 

Really enjoyed playing the game. Really great idea and execution. How do you find the time to make all these games? Do you sleep?

Had fun with this and I enjoyed figuring out the puzzles. Good job. 

Thank you for the comment and I'm very happy you enjoyed the game. 

Yer, I didn't realise that you couldn't update the build during the jam. But there are updates ready to go after it has finished. 

I think because it was in vr it was difficult to control the player when platforming on the very thin platforms that you move up and down towards the end of the second level. 

I played this for longer than I should have. It is very satisfying to keep connecting the computers together and then get out of the death countdown with 2 seconds left. 

With a few game play additions you could turn this into a full release. 

Good work on this and keep it going after the jam. 

I really like the pixel art but the text sound got a bit too much for me to handle after the first set of calls.  

The idea is very in keeping with the theme and I enjoyed figuring out where to forward the call. 

Good job. 

yes that is one I know about. Couldn't fix it in time. Makes some weird gameplay though. 

Thanks for playing. 

yes I couldn't find a good key for the swapping of characters. If you have a controller it is easier to play :)

I really enjoyed playing that once I got the hang flipping through the book for the right piece of evidence. 

Like someone else said, probably the most polished game I've played so far. Good job. 

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I couldn't click the play button

I managed to find two pieces but I really struggled to control the ship. The Controls for up and down felt reversed to me. If there was an option to change that I would have carried on. T

he city looked great and the little touches with the moving ships and trams was great. 

I felt like the animations for the combat were slow and with no way to block I was always getting hit. The player could have used some textures to stand out and the weapon change didn't have an effect from swords to secondary. 

The other effects look great, I could see the idea being expanded upon and a solid wave game coming from this. 

I wasn't sure what I was meant to do after getting the companion. There is a long jump but I cannot make it. I think having more sounds and effects in there might have helped with the overall feel of the game. 

I enjoyed cutting the strings, once I held the mouse button down and didn't let go. The music was way too loud so I would suggest some music/sound settings to adjust the levels. 

I was enjoying playing the game in VR until I got to the second level and then the platforming towards the end became impossible for me to progress past. I enjoyed the story and switching between the different characters to move to the different sections, the music was also very good. 

Hi all,  unfortunately, I cannot update the game whilst the jam voting is still going on. I have a build with the updates available. If anyone would like me to send a Google drive link for download, let me know. 

1) fixed the issue with getting stuck on the side of some blocks. 

2) added back in some tips on how to switch player

3) Added in an extra trigger for the first jump that can be missed. You should no longer fall forever. 

Really enjoyed the level design at work here. 

This was something different to play. I was hoping for more puzzles. I found the font size to be very small to read when playing the game but liked the time with it.

I could only find one valid photos in the first room. I couldn't carry on with the game. 

I really enjoyed playing this. I want more levels :) Well done. 

That was my original idea to have that, but I ran out of time to correctly implement it. 

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Yer, I do need to update a few things. With getting stuck on the walls, if you stopped moving would you drop to the ground?

There is a slight bug when jump and going over the 20 distance limit. Something I need to work on. 

You will need the blue and green keys to progress through each door.

I did have some extra conversations at the start of the game to explain how to switch player. I'll add those back in.

There will be updates coming tomorrow. Hopefully you can give it another go :)

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I'm glad you gave it a try. I will fix the issue you mentioned about the first hole. I ran out of time to implement a death trigger here. 

The game is slightly easier when played with a controller (if you have one). You should be able to jump onto the blocks with a held jump. So, hold the jump button down fully and you will jump higher. 

I do need to fix the watermelon slice and remove the rigidbody from it. I found it funny when testing but can see how it can get in the way. 

These issues should be fixed tomorrow evening. Hopefully the fixes will allow you to get to  the end. 

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed playing. I thought I made one section a bit difficult but you managed to get through. 

I really enjoyed that. I do not have 5 million credits to pay the rescue team, does that mean I get left stranded?

No problem. I was getting FTL vibes so I was interested in playing this. I will try the game again with a controller and see if that helps me :)

I really enjoyed playing this. I will be honest and say that I was stumped on getting those bolts on top on the building but then I found the jet pack. That was really fun to use. 

Loved the art and the cinematic camera work. Good job. 

I had trouble with interacting with the different objectives in the game which meant I couldn't repair anything. I liked the pixel art and the starting story but I didn't manage to see it through.

I liked the idea of the game but I didn't manage to get past the first set of spikes. 

I enjoyed the game and that you kept it short. Really liked the light/dark mechanic. I did take me a few tries to get through the first part but that was me be an idiot. Good job and well done, really liked the art and the animation for when you die in the dark. 

I found the game difficult to play with the joystick controls on the screen. Personally for me, I would like to rotate the camera with WASD controls. I liked the designs of the levels and the environments. 

I had fun playing this but I got stuck on one level and could no longer jump. It was the first level with the green bounce pad and 3 hearts. I really liked the physics of the cubes connected together.

Bob is doing great. Currently on holiday. Glad you enjoyed your time with it. 

I had fun playing this. I did get stuck on a playthrough where I was in the gaps between the rooms. Not sure how I got there. 

Really liked the Castlevania aesthetic but there wasn't much in the game to do. I found only two enemies and I got to the end of the level.

Whoever made the intro knows what they're doing. Very well put together. 

I had trouble with the point and click to move and using the mouse to fire. Like another comment I think the movement would be better on WASD or controller left stick as I found it difficult to do both at the same time with the mouse.  Other than that I enjoyed my time with it.

Really enjoyed the art used and the story book feel to the game.