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Shows potential, but I think, that viewport should be bigger. Anyway, keep it up!

Game is nice. I like the way AI player plays. Have you made graphic assets on your own?

Help Me, I Am Shrinking is twitchy action game, based on usual (as far as I am aware) concept.

You are just a white box. Your objective is to destroy as many red and pink boxes as possible. To do so, you can... Explode!

If your explosion hits other box it will stop moving, allowing you to suck matter out of it... Oh did I mention, that you are constantly shrinking? Well, you are. And you have to parasitize the other boxes to survive.

You can also destroy the stunned boxes by exploding at them again. Actually you should do that, if you don't want them to transform in the pink boxes, that will try to kill you, by shooting missiles.

Sounds like fun?

PS: The game is still in development. Any feedback will be appreciated, because I want to make this as fun as it is possible.

Cool concept, but i have few concerns:

1) I think, that bullets should leave trace. It would make them easier to... Trace actually. Especially when there is a lot of them on screen.

2) The game kinda lacks feel. Try to add some animations and/or effects.

3) Some music would be nice.

Also I've found bug on level 3.  Sometimes the doors were open after my death.

Anyway, keep up the good work :)

I like the idea, but I could buy EVERYTHING after first wave.

Also there seeems to be unexpected feature. When my ship gets in collision with shield, the game restarts.

My team info, in Discord notation
Team 3DDJ:

Team Members: damoch#7739/dominikm#0354/JotKa#8508/vahaal#3486/czkawka#4732

Um, didn't noticed prototype label, sorry my bad.

Now, this IS low effort.