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So happy about this being on steam.
Been playing this for over an year, glad it's doing well, now that it's on steam can get auto updates
Just wanted to know if you prefer to buy from steam for publicity or patreon directly?

figured it out

they were in prison but contraceptives were enabled while they were outside and stayed active even though not visible in jail

Tried the below configurations, no pregnancies:

1. player daughter futa halfkin  cat with futa goblin

2. player son beastkin wolf with futa goblin

3. player son beastkin wolf with dark elf

4. player daughter futa halfkin cat with player son beastkin wolf

use lab to increase strength and agility limits by 2

magic can be increased by 2 using tattoos

and endgame has infinite magic increase via sacrificing people

I'm not able to get children to give birth

bug or feature to balance builds?

Btw love the game

Hope you can develop it in the future

I have 3 aristocrats but can't get bigtits guard

It's grated out and says 0/3

Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

That is the end of currently available game-play

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is there any way to keep Heylayna and Alexia in room?

I'm at the part where i have to side with someone to take over the first city but after i side with anyone at the inn all options from the city disappear and I can't meet up with the people i've sided with
Also on another save when i go to the orc camp nothing shows up even though i hav't made them allies yet