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If you fight a monster but have no bombs, a window, showing your score, should open.

I just had one of the never-working jumping robots just jumping up landing right where he stood before (in the "five levels in one-level").

For some reason, just dosn't show me the Claim Steam Key-section on the download page O.o

Yeah, I realised about the logic behind the new enemies, I didn't notice that I was far enough for them at that point ^^

(I'm not sure why I write this stuff here, whatever)

Since when is in the city level, which used to have a lil camera problem at the start, on the third of the three final roofs an enemy?! I totally memorized that the third one doens't have an enemy! Got me there ^^

So, I have 3 questions,  the first 2 of which I could have asked already quite some time ago:

Why do some levelstarts have a teleporter and others don't? That inconsistency always irritates me >_<

Isn't it kinda a bug that when entering a new level while in Hyper-mode from level 4, one gets just as many drones as the level they are currently on when entering the new level?

And do I, as having registered as a tester back then, not have a Steam key, or am I just too dumb to find it?

I also just had a bug where the beeping of an explosive barrel followed my into the run after I died. It stopped when I paused the game though.

I just had that deathscreen doesn't register any input-bug, too.

These playersprite-changes were always so irritating.

Anyways, congratulations I guess! ^-^

In Memoriam Flappy Fly

Got 56346330 now!

Is it intended that the secret exit sometimes doesn't lead to the secret area?

Oh, and the house at the start of that one level with only jackhammers doesn't have a backwall, which can be seen by walking back to the left after walking to the right.

After I died at a bossfight, I now have music playing twice. Ok, I killed myself and one of them stopped, but when I got back to the menu, a new one started and the one from before continued. Seems like one music layer wasn't quite interested in ever stopping.

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18.12.2017? An update from the future :O

El. Psy. Congroo.

I feel like the "Eye"/Neon bossfight is kinda boring and too much waiting. Maybe it could be mixed up by taking away the invincibility and instead make the boss move up and down. It would make the fight feel less like waiting and would make it more interesting by adding another thing to take into account.

35 million something!

Out of reflex, I pressed my Steam-Screenshot-key, so I couldn't see the exact number ^^


I think I'm really getting too good.

I don't know why, but I just had a robot shooting while jumping again.

In the level with a lot of robots, the one that jumps from one to the other side of a spike-filled pit with a platform over it. I had it not really in-screen.

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The first one.

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The camera gets displaced after falling down from the highest level in of the ladder-tower, at least in the ice version.

(my level descriptions are somewhat strange)

Edit: the camera is only displaced when it already moved to the right while being on the highest level

I just died when enternig the anti-gravity-field in the level with the many "things that shoot from the ceiling" O.o

The Windows version seems to actually be the OSX-version, too or something like that. At least I can't find any .exe and some folders are named MacOS and osx.

I somehow got the game to apparently respawn me infinitly, while the old mes still existed O_o

My anti-virus detected something, "TR/Dropper.Gen", and wont let me play the game :/