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Update (17.05.2017)

A topic by MOKKA created May 17, 2017 Views: 474 Replies: 2
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Developer (2 edits)


This will probably be the last Update before I'm going to press the big, scary "full release" button on June 1st.

To be honest, I didn't keep track about what I changed within the last few weeks, so apologies, if some changes here are not mentioned:

  • Improved the pause screen visuals
  • Improved the death screen visuals
  • Added two more music tracks to the game (won't tell you where they are)
  • Changed some things in some bossfights, which hopefully makes them a bit less boring
  • Changed the visuals in the water levels (some more background graphics and a nicer looking water surface)
  • Some levels will now have additional enemies, if you manage to survive long enough.
  • Changed the level sorting algorithm, to make it less likely that levels repeat themselves

While playing, I did run into a very rare issue, where sometimes the "deathscreen" won't register any inputs (and also would not play any sound effects). It's very inconsistent and I have no idea what causes it. If you run into it, please let me know. I also had one crash, where for some reason the game failed to load the array that initialises the level sorting stuff. Again, if your run into that one, let me know. However this isn't a permanent thing, and should be "fixed" by just restarting the game.

Oh, you can also get your Steamkey now, if you purchased the game here. The version the should be there same as here, only with added achievements.

I just had that deathscreen doesn't register any input-bug, too.

I also just had a bug where the beeping of an explosive barrel followed my into the run after I died. It stopped when I paused the game though.