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So, I have 3 questions,  the first 2 of which I could have asked already quite some time ago:

Why do some levelstarts have a teleporter and others don't? That inconsistency always irritates me >_<

Isn't it kinda a bug that when entering a new level while in Hyper-mode from level 4, one gets just as many drones as the level they are currently on when entering the new level?

And do I, as having registered as a tester back then, not have a Steam key, or am I just too dumb to find it?

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If you claimed your download key, you should have one? If not, let me know and I'll send one your way. I have plenty of them, so I'm not holding them back or anything.

There's a logic to the teleport pads.

There's also a logic behind new enemies suddenly appearing


There's also a Forum for this kind of stuff, having these comments under a blogpost is slightly irritating.

Yeah, I realised about the logic behind the new enemies, I didn't notice that I was far enough for them at that point ^^

For some reason, just dosn't show me the Claim Steam Key-section on the download page O.o

good to know! I'll send some emails out in the next few days. Apologies if it may take a while, I'm really tired and ill right now.