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Thanks for playing! Looking back on in I probably should of made the enemies not kill u, or maybe do the level design so it's a little bit easier.


The concept is interesting and the game is beautiful !

It's really cool! Love the idea. It's challenging some times but I like that.

I love the art style and it's a really good idea!

Really cool! It's well made!

It's a really interesting game! The idea is cool and unique!

Haha ha! It's a really cool idea and it's really fun. I love how the game knows when I'm hating it and when I'm loving it.

I love the game! The art style is cool and the mechanic is really nice!

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Thanks! At first I was planning to be able to switch with any character you want but the puzzles became a little bit boring, so I decided with this approach. Looking back I should of probably added a sign pointing at the nearest enemy, to notice it better, and making it less confusing. Thanks again for playing it and giving me feedback :D


Really cool! I like the mechanic. 

I love it!! The mechanic is amazing!

WOW! It's really cool and a really interesting idea. Loved the puzzles and the art.

I like it a lot, the music is awesome, the art is perfect and the gameplay is really cool!!!

THX!!, I can try your game :D

WOW!!! This is really cool!!!!!

I forgot about the numpad in mi next game I will make sure to add it. I should of made a tutorial. I should of maybe made the dots go slow at the  start and then get a bit faster. Thank you or playing it, and for the feedback  :D

You are right! Some people didn't see the words or didn't think it's interactable. I should of made a tutorial so people know what to do. Thank you for the positive feedback!!

I think I should of made the balls be slower and then faster, that would probably make it much better. Thx!!

You are right, they go too fast, and it get's really hard, I should change that. Thank you!!

It's cool I like it!!! The music is good the art is good and the game is good and interesting!!!

xd, ..... literally the full game, I think I should of made them closer xd

Or maybe they are just perfectly far ;D

Amazing!!! The graphics great, the gameplay great, the music great, the idea great, etc... I really liked it!!!

Really cool game it was fun and a really good idea !!! 

The best looking game in the jam!!!

Aliens where having a war against cats, that shoot laser out of their eyes, when the aliens won they celebrated by playing a dice game in their space ship that looks like a poker place. What is weird about that? XD

Really cool!!!! It's an interesting idea, and a really good game!!! :D

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I like weird, weird is what I was going for

The game is cool!!, I found a bug that when you go threw the wooden door mi character becomes invisible. Overall the game is nice!!

Really cool, it's fun and a really good idea!!!

This look's amazing!!! I love the page the art and everything!!!

Haha, wow

This is an amazing puzzle game!!! I like everything about it, it is probably going to win!!!

Cool game!!, I could only kill 8, xd

Haha, love it!! Great idea

soo nice!! I could spend hours playing this game!!!

That is cool!!