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thank you! this game was made for a jam under 48 hours, that's why it is so short, but glad you liked it :)

Nice! Classic yet solid :D

Aside from tiny bugs here and there (after disconnecting controller two or three times for some reasons, any controls stopped from working) and a lack of optimization, this is truly an impressive fan-game.

A VERY impressive fan-game, it really feels like you playing Danganronpa, but with it's own charm and personnality. Please keep up the great work, it's really really good! I would totally buy it even if it become a commercial project someday, it have such a great potential.

You have all my support, I'm looking forward to the project! Great job, really, it's freakin' insane what you all did there!

Wish you the best

On ressent clairement le travail derrière, bien joué !

Merci bien ! Content que ça vous ai plus, ça nous fait très plaisir ! Vous aussi vous avez fait un boulot de malade GG encore !

Merci beaucoup ! On a fait de notre mieux 😁

Merci bien ! Super je vais retester ça alors 👍

Le travail de DA est vraiment impressionant! Un travail massif, et pareil la musique est top aussi, bien joué! Cela dit sur les deux builds, le jeu a refusé d'aller au délà de la cinématique, même en cliquant ou appuyant sur presque toutes les touches du clavier, je sais pas si c'était prévu '^^

Encore un big GG à vous

Héhé excellent travail sur le jeu bien joué les gars ! Et l'écran de Game Over ouah ça fait peur xDD et en réponse au credits : pas de soucis les gars, content que ma lib cassé ai pu vous aider 🤪(bande d'ingrats 😂)

Excellent jeu! On y a joué à deux et on a recommencé plusieurs fois ! C'était très fun haha :D Cela dit, on a trouvé une petite faille : si on lance de l'eau ou des graines entre les deux potagers, on active les deux avec seulement un item ! Voilà un petit trick pour faire les plus gros scores ;)

Encore un big GG à vous!

Thank you very much, we put quite a decent amount of work within it regarding the gameplay or the polishing! And don't worry about the penguins, they'll come back with new exciting adventures :D

Thank you very much for your feedback! We worked hard on it, we are happy that you liked it that much haha :D

This is easily one of the, if not the best, entry this jam! A nicely crafted yet simple interface, decent amount of interaction, and definitely some attention to the detail (like the people only climbing in upper stage when there are shop, or people switch stopping by the shop and entering in them), it really shows that you worked on it quite a lot. It starts a bit slow (which is normal!) but becomes quickly very addictive once you get enough $ to build more and more stuff. Overrally I'd say the game was easy to understand, easy to play, and a very much enjoyable experience. Great job!

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Well that entry is simple but pretty nice! There is some polish to it, the gameplay is very imple, yet funny and addictive once you found how to play it, really you did a great job! The presentation feels nice too and nice that you added some sound to it. Great job!

Hi! Well as said @guillaumequillet, there is the base idea here, but it needs to be exploited further to make it some more enjoyable ^^ I'm sure with a bit more work put on it and it would be much better. Still cool that you participated so great job anyway! Looking forward for your next entry in the next jam!

Glad you have enjoyed it!

Merci beaucoup! Content que ça t'ai plu

Thank you very much! And thanks for the feedbacks, it wasn't as obvious indeed for the world map part for sure

A very simple yet charming entry! It was a lot of fun to throw sitckman and make them splash on the ground xD The concept overally is basic but solid, it works well enough for a jam, great job!

Woooah awesome game! I was planning to try it quickly but I finally stayed on it for quite a bit! It's really a lot of fun, the interface are smooth, the game itself is smooth (until I spam too much enemies on my screen looool) the game was a lot of fun and well balanced. Really I can see the work behind that and that's insane. Great job!

Well for a first Gosu Game I'm impressed ! You did make the movements, the animations handling, the jump with a decent gravity, this is a great first time ! I'm looking forward to see your next game :D

Great job, crounch!

Haha très sympathique le jeu ! Le doublage m'as bien fait rire, dommage qu'il n'y en a pas eu jusqu'à la fin, mais c'est déjà super respectable GG. Ca me fait pas mal pensé à Fallout : New Vegas l'atmosphère général (bouteille de (Nuka) Cola au milieu de nulle part, désert, etc...)

It was fun :)

Ormis quelques soucis de physiques par ci par là, le jeu est franchement beau et sympa la petite musique, GG à vous les mecs! Et excellent les jeux de mots xD

Extremely simple yet funny game! Even with the primitive graphics (and as @guillaumequillet said, the lack of visual representation of the wind), the game holds up remarquably well with such a simple concept. The physics of the ball works very well.

So, great job on that!

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Ho what an original concept! Great job on this one, it is very original. I liked how you need to manage both taking out the box and at the same time place box according to their colors. A very challenging game to my poor reflex :)

Great job on that entry! Although there are some issues, like the planets (which I see you tried to kinda do a gravitationnal force stuff around them) which some times move exetremely fast (and are impossible to dodge) and minor other stuff, I can see the work behind it and it is quite nice overally so you did a fine job :)

Amazing work, one of my favorite! The game is so simple yet funny! There's a lot of polish, the gameplay just feels right and the graphics are so cute (just like the cat :D!)! Definitely a great job over here, congrats! Loved it :)

Such a unique concept! The game was really enjoyable, along with a catchy music, it was fun to play. Although you needed to really not move the mouse too fast & it was hard, the concept is really ingenious actually and really relies on doing smart connection instead of just trying to connect everything just like a fool. It's a very creative entry for sure, great job!

Wow that's a pretty nice game! While it gets a bit too hard when progressing from levels to levels, the game is soo much fun! The concept is quite original and works pretty well, the musics is cool, and I'd like to point out the effort put on the polishing of the game, very smooth. Great job!

Thank you very much!

Haha thank you! We're glad you've enjoyed it :)

"I wounder if auto clicker would be consider as an cheat" => It is technically cheating but... At least you won't have to replace your fingers after clicking 200 times / a sec lol

lmaooo thanks !

Haha thank you very much! I hope a new mouse & finger will not cost you too much lol

Very nice concept and interpretation of the theme I liked it! I feel it would just need more feedback when moving the asteroids in space, but it is very good otherwise. Great job!

Hahaha I hope your wrists are still alive tho! And we're glad you "liked" the shopkeeper, he's a real bastard x) Thanks for playing & your review!

Thank you very much for your return!

Thank you!

The pixel art is awesome, the music is very cool, the story is well written and the overall presentation is top notch. Great job! I see a lot of effort behind the game. I hope you're going to push it further :)

Very cool concept! I love easy you can solve "complex" problem and bypassing obstacles. It was a very fun and innovative experience, you did a great job!

While the game is a bit hard and the collision can be sometime tricky, this is a very innovative and good entry! The craft system is really cool, and there is much polish here. And I liked that you did a complete tutorial which explains quite well the mechanics of the game. You did a great job there!