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hi, im currious now, i see the video from markiplier and im a bit confused. why the relation to the darkwing site and why does it shows a popup abbout their bluewing stuff? im realy curious... are you the owner from this site?

i know, im necro posting, but any way this has changed? i think it would be nice to have the game on the go. and btw youre dooing great. its nice to see that you dont let go of this project and works further on it ^^ i hope mewnbase gets more recognised in the future, i wish it you :3

do i need to buy the game another time? i got it already, so im wondering...

i think on itch is an older version than on steam. pls update it. thank you ^^

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so the name comes from a spelling fail? And no, i think the name is great ^^ i buyed it because of CAAAAATS :D

thats nice that we get steam keys ^^ i thought first a steam release doesnt comes. had seen it in the faq and wantet to know it mor detailed ^^

And no, everybody i knew and plays games i give such insider tips of games. my brother and my mate are the only ones i share only with booth of them ^^ but anyone who shares with a complette class? i understand that this is something realy terrible... i know i do something wrong this way, but every game i try to check out, testplay before i buy it, and most games i loaded/played when i was younger, i buy today... im feeling bad for this... xD

badly itch only offers creditcard payments in germany, so i had to search someone who can buy me mewnbase :/ (i think thats why every one asks about steam)

(argh, sry, but my english is terrible i think D:)

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Hey Cairn4,

i want to know how you got to the cat character and the name. if i look at things, it looks like this wasnt the at first intended name for the game. (hope intended is the right word for it D:)

And seccond, in an post over 100 days before you wrote that you try to get the steam page. can you get an update to it? and it would be nice if you could add the steam stuff to the faq.

and if the game get to steam, are we itch-buyer get the game on steam? (could be added to the faq ^^)

oh and what i want to know, are you beeing aware that all this here is drm free? is it okay for you, if i give the installer to my brother? this would speak for steam, but steam has family sharing, wich i am using for my brother ^^

thanks for reading and keeping on the project ^^

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Jo, its the razer driver, i get the almost same problems with my pc, only windows recognizes some input like i press it continualy, but try to press it again, then it stops. its anoiing as fuck. try to start the pc, start the game and try to change the usb port ingame. if this stops, then its not the game ^^

i use a ds4 with ds4windows driversuite, and i got no problems with my gamepad. its using a wrapper that converts the ds4 inputs to xinput (xbox-input)

PS: i am using the older (fullsize) blackwidow chroma with the normal, newest driver for it ^^

lol, youre right :D i tryed to hit the middlepoint every time xD

Sounds nice ^^ i would pay for it :3 i think on android it would be some more intuitive, but i think even there you need a zoom funktion. these displays are even mor smaler xD

nice game, would be nice if it were longer, but the idea is uniqe and realy fun ^^

it would be great if a zoom function would be build in

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Want to say...

I wan t to say that i am realy happy with this community and its nice that the dev, carn4 talks with us. 

carn4, you got all my support

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even if youre slow, i am slower xD 

so its possible but not one of the things you think about right now?

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Multiplayer

hope cain4 is reading this.

i got friends who are using my account to play this game, cuz its a realy nice game. its fun to play. but if multiplayer would someday be added, it would mean, that 2-5 friends of mine would buy the game too.

wanted to mention this.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Flicering cuts

The generation is made from "blocks" on the edges from these you can see, that the textures from stone isnt corectly conectet if you move around. its not happening with all blocks. i mean the ground textures.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic some new ideas

Hi, im new here and want to admit some ideas, hopefully i dont do something wrong ^^"

oh, and it can happen that i repeat something, that already exists, i dont read all things, like any other (like all posts in the forum)

what about multiplayer? its java based, so i think its posible to make it lan ready (for playing with one or more friends (would love to play this game with my mate) 

eventually in multiplayer the game get some higher dificulty.

what about some cute space-mices, that has to be slain for protecting the base? (because they want to eat the wires :D xD)

But even if this idea get in the game, i think it has to be posible to play it like now, (deactivate the mices and weapons)

the base is getting to fast leaks, so its not posible to leave it, if its half as big as the screen, but i saw that repair drones are coming. thats a realy nice idea.

i like the balance in food, life, air and energy, its not to much an not to les. but if you want to go further out there, i think a backpack or trailer for the truck would be a nice idea, because if you want to build an outside base far away. the inventory by it selv shouldnt be bigger.

i like the game realy, and even if this are many ideas, i think the game is on the right way, even to get released on steam (if it reaches its finished status), and i think it shouldnt come away from the game that it now is (or let this "gamemode" as one seperate mode)

further more i got some translation ideas to food, but dont want to screw the work of the others, who translate the game. can someone explayn how this works? (i dont realy want to register anywere too)

Greetings Cy