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so the name comes from a spelling fail? And no, i think the name is great ^^ i buyed it because of CAAAAATS :D

thats nice that we get steam keys ^^ i thought first a steam release doesnt comes. had seen it in the faq and wantet to know it mor detailed ^^

And no, everybody i knew and plays games i give such insider tips of games. my brother and my mate are the only ones i share only with booth of them ^^ but anyone who shares with a complette class? i understand that this is something realy terrible... i know i do something wrong this way, but every game i try to check out, testplay before i buy it, and most games i loaded/played when i was younger, i buy today... im feeling bad for this... xD

badly itch only offers creditcard payments in germany, so i had to search someone who can buy me mewnbase :/ (i think thats why every one asks about steam)

(argh, sry, but my english is terrible i think D:)