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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Moon- and Mewn-Base name and posible faq aditions

A topic by Cyrok created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 451 Replies: 2
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Hey Cairn4,

i want to know how you got to the cat character and the name. if i look at things, it looks like this wasnt the at first intended name for the game. (hope intended is the right word for it D:)

And seccond, in an post over 100 days before you wrote that you try to get the steam page. can you get an update to it? and it would be nice if you could add the steam stuff to the faq.

and if the game get to steam, are we itch-buyer get the game on steam? (could be added to the faq ^^)

oh and what i want to know, are you beeing aware that all this here is drm free? is it okay for you, if i give the installer to my brother? this would speak for steam, but steam has family sharing, wich i am using for my brother ^^

thanks for reading and keeping on the project ^^


Nope, it wasn't originally a space-cat game. Just sort of morphed into one after struggling to come up with an original name. My wife just said something to the effect of "mewwwn base" - and we both thought a space-cat would be amusing. Certainly gives it at least a slightly interesting differentiation from just "your a little cartoon dude on mars".  

Steam release, will update the FAQ soon once there's more progress on it.  Been pretty busy past few months, just haven't had the time to get that ready for public release yet. People that have already bought the game on itch will get a Steam key for it as well.

Perfectly aware that it's DRM free. In my opinion that's one of the great things about buying games on It's up to the players to make that kind of judgment call as to what they do with their copies. Sharing with a family member, totally cool in my book. Sharing it with every one of your friends/classmates/collages etc, less cool, but it's up to you where to draw the line. As the developer, of course I'd prefer everyone buy their own copy of the game if they're able to :P

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so the name comes from a spelling fail? And no, i think the name is great ^^ i buyed it because of CAAAAATS :D

thats nice that we get steam keys ^^ i thought first a steam release doesnt comes. had seen it in the faq and wantet to know it mor detailed ^^

And no, everybody i knew and plays games i give such insider tips of games. my brother and my mate are the only ones i share only with booth of them ^^ but anyone who shares with a complette class? i understand that this is something realy terrible... i know i do something wrong this way, but every game i try to check out, testplay before i buy it, and most games i loaded/played when i was younger, i buy today... im feeling bad for this... xD

badly itch only offers creditcard payments in germany, so i had to search someone who can buy me mewnbase :/ (i think thats why every one asks about steam)

(argh, sry, but my english is terrible i think D:)