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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

some new ideas

A topic by Cyrok created May 20, 2017 Views: 213
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Hi, im new here and want to admit some ideas, hopefully i dont do something wrong ^^"

oh, and it can happen that i repeat something, that already exists, i dont read all things, like any other (like all posts in the forum)

what about multiplayer? its java based, so i think its posible to make it lan ready (for playing with one or more friends (would love to play this game with my mate) 

eventually in multiplayer the game get some higher dificulty.

what about some cute space-mices, that has to be slain for protecting the base? (because they want to eat the wires :D xD)

But even if this idea get in the game, i think it has to be posible to play it like now, (deactivate the mices and weapons)

the base is getting to fast leaks, so its not posible to leave it, if its half as big as the screen, but i saw that repair drones are coming. thats a realy nice idea.

i like the balance in food, life, air and energy, its not to much an not to les. but if you want to go further out there, i think a backpack or trailer for the truck would be a nice idea, because if you want to build an outside base far away. the inventory by it selv shouldnt be bigger.

i like the game realy, and even if this are many ideas, i think the game is on the right way, even to get released on steam (if it reaches its finished status), and i think it shouldnt come away from the game that it now is (or let this "gamemode" as one seperate mode)

further more i got some translation ideas to food, but dont want to screw the work of the others, who translate the game. can someone explayn how this works? (i dont realy want to register anywere too)

Greetings Cy