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This game has clearly had a lot of work put in to it, but without any graphics settings I can't run it at a playable frame-rate.

Unfortunately, it seems to be broken (at least on my computer). The game runs really fast and I lose in less then a second.

Doesn't seem to run unfortunately :/

This is awesome, the sound and art are great. The gameplay is really good too. This is one of the most polished jam games I've ever seen. But, maybe a bit too difficult because I wasn't able to get past the second night. ( I'll come back to try again later!)

A creative game

Very fancy presentation. But I am not sure how fall damage works? I kept dying from falling. Perhaps there was a text box that I missed.

The music is great, I at first thought it couldn't have been made for during the jam. Unfortunately, though the idea is interesting, I think this game suffers from insufficient development time to execute it.


Good game, would have appreciated if the camera caught up with me when I get ahead.

Enjoyment: Pretty fun! it would have been nice if the gameplay had tied into the opponents in some way. Perhaps some characters limiting you to certain operators or numbers, or adding negative numbers or fractions.

Creativity: I have to say, I feel like I have seen this kind of maths game before. Even so, the way you worked in the randomisation did introduce some new opportunities for strategising which I enjoyed.

Presentation: I like the art, but it clashes a bit with the super clean looking UI. Also I missed the first dialogue because I was still reading the "How to Play" LOL.

Thank you so much! :)

Is stuck on "Loading game for the first time..." for me :(

Wow, I saw your GDC talk on this game. Cool to see that it is finally released. I have a lot of games on my "to play" list right now but I'll definitely check this out when I have the chance.

A lot of fun! The difficulty is a bit all over the place but that's to be expected in a Jam game.

If this was made into a full game I'd be willing to buy it.

Very interesting, but it's the kind of thing that can only be played once.

Overall very fun! But the hitboxes are a bit if-y.

Though original, it just isn't very fun.