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OK  Thanks! That's probably what I'll do.

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Quick clarification about this Q/A:  Can we sell the games (for the jam or post jam)?

Do we have to make it free for voting? Won't making it paid hurt our chances as some people might not want to buy a game and therefore we would lose their vote?

Ok, thanks!

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Thanks! I did see that, however, I wouldn't include 3d models and animations as video assets.  I picture  video assets as cutscenes or a actual .mp4/.wav files. This is a 48 hours game jams though so most people won't have a game with trailers or cutscenes.

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My question is about the types of  Non-code assets we are allowed to use.  If we have legal rights to use it can we use 3d models or 2d sprites  from the asset store or do we need to create our own. These are the assets I was planning on using, only because I have NO modeling talent lol. 

I own both, I bought them a while ago and use them a ton for most of my  prototyping 

Ok, thanks I appreciate the responses :). I already have a great idea.

For example  could I make a game with rpg elements like magic,  zombies, etc. Does it have to be something we do in the real world?

I'm very impressed with the art. I also made my art in photoshop and it doesn't compare. Some minor bugs like you automatically respawn when you fall off instead of "try again" showing but that's expected. Other than that good job!

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Thanks! Yeah currently there is no goal. I got caught up in making all the cool features like the menu that by the time I came to combat the deadline was almost here lol. I have a bunch of ideas on how I'm going to progress with it. Think elder scroll online combat meets sword art online dungeon generation with bosses and such. There are classes that have different play styles but can fill all role (sustain, damage, tank, etc) depending on how you build. Each class will play differently for example the alchemist could have to combine materials they find to make potion that enchance effects as well as throw at their enemies. The elementalist will combine the elements to create spells or something (maybe a heat mechanic like the champion rumble from league of legends). I'm still brain storming sorry for the long comment and thanks for the feedback.

Nothing unique to my comment! Same as everyone else. Great art but I couldn't figure out what the game was because the character has a seizure whenever I press a movement key (WASD).

Great game! I  love the ship textures and story you implemented.  I found this to be the most challenging game I think if I didn't get hit but the monsters as much I might've beaten it, however, I suck so that didn't happen. The only feedback I have for you is quality of life: Enemy Healthbars, visible bullets (I didn't know where I was shooting or if I even hit the enemy), a minimap to guide the player along the story, and the stamina regen was really slow making it I ran out and I had to wait a long time for It to fill again. I understand it was rushed so these are just ideas you can add or ignore. Other than that it was a cool and unique game that I enjoyed playing.

This is a really clean game. Not many loose ends, and to quote MaplePoki, a great base for a puzzle game. Of course other features like highscore and a level selector could improve it. One bug I found is in level 4 (assuming you start in level 1) you can get stuck on the bottom going back and forth and be unable to complete the level.

Thanks! I appreciate the comment. This is my first game jam so I started with a weekend one. I'm already starting to brainstorm ideas on how to improve this game because I know I want to continue with it