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Are you seeing the prompt to save unsaved meshes when you create a prefab? 


Sorry for the delay,

`That is strange. Usually if there is a scaling issue it has to due with the bind-pose (the resting pose of the skinned mesh). But this sounds like there might be some else going on. Can you inspect the rig a see if the transforms look normal I suspect there could be a root bone scaled to  say 100 rather than 1 which could look normal if the child bones where at a  0.01  but might cause some issues.  If that is the case you can unparent the child bones a set the scale of the root to 1 and reparent the child bones. 

If the transforms are not the issue you can try the Edit/Skin/Bindpose Command and if that does not work can you send me a unity package to debug the issue.



If the models are very similar in shape you can use the vertex mapper to archive this. You can use the free version to check out the vertex mapper.


Hi, Thanks

That sounds great.  I would love to check out your tool and work with you with whatever changes you need to make the integration painless. You can email me at


Hi, Thanks for you purchase.

"The copy and past blend shapes never worked between models.  I was able to apply blend shapes to the exact model with the copy and past function but not to a similar sized model with identical vertex order. (but overall different shape)"

Hmm, that should work I have been doing that with the new example model I am working on. I am getting the best results exporting blend-shapes as single shaped meshes and using the Blend-shapes/Load Command; as the blend-shape normals and tangents look better when unity calculates them as a single mesh.

Can you send me a unity package to test out? I should be able to sort out the problem quickly with out much back and forth I will not share your assets and delete them once I have found a solution.


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On Import there is a error message about 'missing internal data'.

  • You can ignore this warning on import, if it persist make sure the InternalData scrip-table object  is in a resource folder.

Skinned meshes with blend-shapes but no bone-weights can not be used as a target renderer with the Vertex Mapper.

  • Solution use a Mesh Renderer with the same mesh, the original blend-shapes will be added to the new renderer.
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Model Import Settings.

Read Write Enable = true

Mesh Compression = Off 

Keep Quads = false

Turning Mesh Compression off is important for saving mesh assets.

Quads are not supported yet.