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Skin & Blend-shape Projection + More · By cwmanley

Objects mapped come in really really small

A topic by diggerjohn created Dec 24, 2020 Views: 69 Replies: 1
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I am importing objects for mapping just like always.

Just recently all of a sudden it isn't working.

When I Vertex Map them they come in the Scene but really really small.

Then when I check them in the Project Folder/Inspector there is no rendering of them.

If I select Reimport on that object I can see them again.

If I drag that object into the scene it is the proper scale.

Please Help!!

Sorry for the delay,

`That is strange. Usually if there is a scaling issue it has to due with the bind-pose (the resting pose of the skinned mesh). But this sounds like there might be some else going on. Can you inspect the rig a see if the transforms look normal I suspect there could be a root bone scaled to  say 100 rather than 1 which could look normal if the child bones where at a  0.01  but might cause some issues.  If that is the case you can unparent the child bones a set the scale of the root to 1 and reparent the child bones. 

If the transforms are not the issue you can try the Edit/Skin/Bindpose Command and if that does not work can you send me a unity package to debug the issue.