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Skin & Blend-shape Projection + More · By cwmanley

Mesh disappears on prefab after applying Skinn changes to blend shape names

A topic by vanmani created Jan 06, 2021 Views: 80 Replies: 2
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I picked up Skinn Pro for a fairly specific reason: I wanted to rename some blend shapes in some characters I had, so they'd be consistent with my older characters (and their associated facial animation files).

Everything appears to work when I click the context menu for the Skinned Mesh Renderer on the prefab, then go Skinn: Edit -> Shapes -> Edit Names. After I manually rename a shape however, or import a textasset filter to do similarly, everything appears fine at first, but once I save the prefab and return to it, the mesh reference is missing and the character is consequently invisible. Reassigning the correct original Mesh doesn't resolve the issue. I also tried doing a mesh combine, then making the blend shape name changes to the combined mesh. Same issue.

No errors or warnings appear on the console.

I did see your post re: mesh compression=off and read/write=true, as well as keep quads=false in the model import settings. These settings are set accordingly.

This is in Unity 2019.4.14 using 0.71 of Skinn pro.

Any advice or thoughts?



Are you seeing the prompt to save unsaved meshes when you create a prefab? 



I get that prompt when I create a prefab. However, I am trying to edit pre-existing prefabs from before Skinn was installed. It never prompts me to save the mesh when I edit the pre-existing prefabs, nor can I find a manual save mesh option...

Is this possible?