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Hey dude, you forgot to include the data folder. Game can't be run.

Apparently I had to tick a box. It should work now.

Please provide a link to your missing submission documentation.

Brett Young – Serious games for health (Exergaming Australia) –brett@stompfit.com.au
Stuart Ferguson – Behavioural Psychologist (Spec. changing behaviours) – Stuart.ferguson@utas.edu.au
Nadia Ollington – Specialises in Autism and early education –nadia.ollington@utas.edu.au
Janet Freestun – Clinical Psychologist –jfreestun@internode.on.net
Peter Gee – Pharmacist – pg@me.com

Amanda Lo - GP

Jan Radford - GP

Andrew Williams - Exercise physiologist

Anne Todd - Pharmacist

Created a new topic Ideas and Examples

Hi all,

Various ideas and documentation were shared around prior to this event.

For easy reference, that's all available HERE.

Created a new topic Submission Documentation

Hi all,

You'll need to submit a decent amount of documentation with your game. This is very important, as a full 50% of the score you will get will be based on the IDEA of your game, and how it relates to a health outcome, rather than the execution. Please allow at least a few hours to put together a good submission document.

Download submission document here.

Any questions, just ask an organiser.



I'm Ivan. I lead a team of game developers within the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania. We make serious games, notably simulators to train healthcare professionals, as well as games designed to help people achieve better health outcomes.

In my spare time, I also tinker at making games and audiovisual experiences, for the fun of it.