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p.s. i have poked the pizza 25 times :) 

chase your dreams while you can :)

thank you so much for playing!! 
loved seeing everyone's reaction on stream haha

Breeeeead >:DD

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game! c: 

That's a really good point with the background music, definitely something I'll keep in mind for the future jams!

Toilet papeeeer >:DD

Finally, a game that reflects what a real end of the world would look like.

You did a really good job with this entry, it's simple and engaging :3

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This game is so addicting! I think I got to a high score of 14000-something, I just couldn't put it down. The music is so nice! It kind of reminds me of Geometry Dash, where they had a similarly awesome music that just made it a lot more fun to play. Did you post the music from this game somewhere? I would totally listen to the main soundtrack on repeat c: 

The gameplay is on point! It's such a good idea to have multiple cannons, it forces you to switch between different perspectives and makes the game challenging in a good way. 

(I also totally didn't anticipate that the meteoroids could destroy the cannons, so I just had a major pikachu face moment when that happened :"DD)

(I just sat there and watched this one meteoroid slowly descend towards my cannon, thinking "huh i wonder what would happen")

This is such an amazing game, and you did such a great job polishing it. Time to play some more :pp

It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to reach the roof on my first try. On the bright side, I'm so glad the end of the world was kind enough to wait for me to get to the top <DD

You did a really cool spin on the theme here! As soon as I saw the title, I knew I had to play it haha. The view was worth it :pp

Hahaha I see what you did there with the theme :DD

The game controls are really great, and the checkpoint system was a nice addition. It encourages people to venture out into the obstacles without the fear of losing precious progress. (and, well, helps them to get to the end of the world faster :pp)

A really cool and unique game. Good job on this one! :D

I swear, these civilians have a death wish :"DD 

A really cool and ambitious game concept! It would be really interesting to see what you could do with this game if you had more time. Right now the spooking itself is a bit of a hit or miss, which makes it challenging to control the crowd sometimes, but it's really nice to finally get them in and shoot them out of the cannon!

(I yeeted one into space)


Those sound effects though! The ghost! Love it! :"DD (that's how I imagine all ghosts sound) And the art looks really good. Just look at all of those details! You put so much work into this game, good job! c: 

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I'm joining the players who couldn't jump over the fireball :DD It seems a bit tricky. It always catches me on the first step, right when I reach the dog. Maybe adding an ability to speed up could help here? 

It's a really nice game though, and I love the idea! The game looks really pretty, too. One advice I have for the future is playtesting the game with your friends/family. It will help you figure out moments where players might get stuck in the game or things that need more explanation c: 

Bread gaaang :DD

Thank you for your kind words! Having multiple steps to bake the bread is a reeeally good idea, it could make the gameplay more interesting and rewarding.


it's truly the end of the world, huh

Thank youuuu! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it c:

Thank you, it means a lot! We tried to make the clicking a bit easier in this one because I personally have a reeeeally bad click rate per second and I didn't want to penalize people for not wanting/not being able to click super fast :pp

The music really sells it, doesn't it :DD The bakery burns real nice to the tune :p

Thank you so much! Hearing that our little game is your personal winner makes me happy c: Glad you enjoyed the experience!

Thank youuu! I'm still amazed by how much good quality art my friend was able to produce in just two days, she really shaped the whole atmosphere for the game!

Glad you got all the endings :pp Which one was your favorite?

Thank you soooo much! Loved watching it, and left a comment c: Glad to see the endings made you smile and laugh :3

This is definitely an interesting spin on cosmic horror and eldritch beings :DD

The art is gorgeous! The color palette is so fitting and pleasant to look at. And the story is so interesting :pp Definitely fits the theme. (I definitely pressed the hearts button at the end, no questions asked. Let me be with my eldritch senpai)

It's amazing how much you accomplished in such a short amount of time, well done! For your future games, I think it might be nice to make the buttons more responsive c: For example, whenever I pressed "Sacrifice", nothing happened right away, which can be a little bit confusing. Some sort of indicator that sacrifice is in progress would be nice! (I just typed that sentence out and realized how weird it sounds out of context. Huh)

A really nice game, good job c:

bread >:DD

Thank you so much, it means a lot!  Really glad we could surprise you! c:

Thank you so much for playing!! It warms my heart to see your reaction to our game. Part of me was actually a little bit scared of other people playing our game. I was afraid they will roast the heck out of it, but you were so kind and so excited about it! Thank you so much for that <3 

You were very close in understanding the ending! A few people were confused about the last line of dialogue, so we've modified it to be something else in version 3 that reveals things in a less roundabout way :3 

I wrote down a more detailed explanation with spoilers (and what exactly we've modified in the last line of the dialogue!) in the comment section under your video! Hopefully it will clear some things up! c:

Thank youuuu! c: 

I was surrounded by tons of enemies and was losing health quickly, so in my final attempt to escape, I... turned everyone around me into a bear. 

This was such a cool game, I spent way too long going around the dungeon and just shooting random spells at everyone :"DD I had a lot of fun. Great game! 

I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. The story was great! And I absolutely loved the writing, it had a very "British village where nothing bad happens" feel, you know. The unexpected was pretty unexpected! Great job on this one c: 

Thank you for recognizing our effort! It was definitely an ambitious idea for the game c: 

Thank you so much! c: Glad you liked the game!

A really well-made and polished game. Loved everything about it! I thought I would just play for a few minutes, and ended up being in the game for much longer because it was so addicting :DD It was a very good idea to include the leaderboard, that really motivates people to beat the highscore!

Thank you! Oh, space key already does that. But sometimes it decides "nope" :"D The weirdest thing is that the page is technically checking if the user pressed space in the update function. So as long as the page exists, it should always check and destroy the page if we hit space. Or whichever key I put in. So it's very interesting to try to hunt that bug down

Thank you so much! Loved hearing your opinion both on Discord and here, thanks for swapping feedbacks with me c: 

Yeeah that bug. Sorry you encountered it! Still trying to track it down :"D I think I might try turning off the ability to move during reading and see if the next person mentions any issues with the pages :pp 

That's a really nice game! It took me a little bit to understand what was expected of me with the attacks (and I even had a discussion with the dev about it haha), but for anyone who might be in the same situation as me: THE ARROW COMBINATIONS FOR THE ATTACKS ARE SHOWN ON THE SCREEN. Don't be me. Play the game right :"DD 

After I was able to get past that hiccup, it was actually really fun! This game definitely requires some practice with the combinations. The addition of the tutorial where the monsters don't chase and don't hurt you was a really great idea. It allowed me to practice and memorize the combinations in a chill setting, which I really appreciated, because I panicked way too much in the actual level :"D 

The music is very catchy! And I absolutely loved how the monsters were moving all at once, because it made it seem like we were all on a dance floor (a very deadly dance floor :pp)

And the fact that the levels are procedurally generated is very impressive to me! I've worked on some personal game projects, but I have yet to do anything with procedural generation. Very good work there.

I'm really impressed by how much you've been able to complete as a solo dev.  The game is really neat, and you should be proud! Great job on completing this c: 

Ooh I see how that works, thanks for the explanation.

Sorry to hear you got more bugs in the release! Yeah that makes sense to put the game in the debug mode then. Well, at the end of the day, it's all a learning experience anyway :3

i had to play the game again to make sure that actually happened.

left me with a "whaaaaaat" feeling. love it :"DD

This is such a nice game! Really good idea, and I loved the art c: Restart button doesn't seem to work, but I just had to refresh the browser page to keep playing.

aww that was cute, good job :3

Aww that was nice! :D I think it might help if you update the description to tell people they need to install Python if they don't have it (installed mine from here:, because otherwise their computer will be very confused about .py file haha. 

Good effort, I liked the dialogue! c: Keep making games and you'll get better and better at it :D  

(also I totally checked out the source code after playing) (I couldn't resist! :DD) (that was pretty nice heh)

The game looks very polished, well done! I like the atmosphere, and the music fits really well into the game. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on with the black things and whether there was some remedy/pattern to how/why they formed, so I didn't get too far into the game, but overall it was very relaxing to play! 

Also, the windows version seems to be built in debug mode, was it meant to be like that? If it was built for debug, it does little to no optimization to the game, and I feel like the game could use some optimization since it can be slow sometimes. (mostly taking this info from here: )

Aww thank you so much!! Really glad you loved the game and the twist, your words made me very happy :"33 

That's a loooot of work in just three days. You should be proud! Really good job!