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GJ. I love the simple graphics and models!

I like it and i beat the game developer. (7 deaths). Anyone 0 deaths challange :D ?

Good job!

Thank you so much!

Thanks! What error do you get?

This is our first gamejam, but it went not bad. I know, the game is little bit weird :)

This is our first gamejam, but it went not bad! The game is a bit weird, I know :)


I already did :D

Wow, amazing! Really interesting graphics :D. Love the idea.

Thanks for opinion! Yeah, I'll check that out.

Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty hard, but I like it!

Great job! I like it's 3D even though many people did simple 2d.


Thanks! I'll check yours of course.


I suppose you should disable adblock if you have.

What? Could you send a screenshot? That was definitely not intended.

Great graphics! I'm wondering how did you make it look like this in Unity. Awesome concept.

Wow! I really like the visuals. Very fun to play and clever idea.

Thanks for the feedback!

I like the art style and scene transitions! Overall good job!

Great game, fun to play tower defense, but it's not that easy! I really like that bugs can push your towers. Got score 64. :D



Ok, hoping it's not something serious.

Love it! So funny.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we ran out of time. We didn't want checkpoints, because the level is pretty short. Controls of course could be better :D. 

I don't know why are you getting this error...

I love the style!

You 've read it wrong! It was a+d.
a+d makes you wider and shorter.

Very good game, simple but a bit hard, well made and polished.

Very good interpretation of topic! Great idea, it's very fun to play.


We are developing in Unity for over a year, but this is our first game jam.

At the beginning, we had no idea for the topic, but then something came in. We made a 2D platformer based in age of cavemans, which is featuring a few bugs (mechanics) that you must use in order to complete the game.
Feel free to rate it:


Thanks for your opinion! I'm glad you like it.
Here you go :)

(not) Simple 2d platformer, with interesting mechanics (bugs) based in caveman age. Can you beat locusts and reach the end?

Cool, but hard! I like the graphics and visuals. It's fun!

Wow! Interesting idea and great visuals!

Nice and interesting game! I like the animations.