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(Gameplay video help but first a mini review :D )

First of all, I really loved this game. Short and sweet, the writing, characters, and story was really amazing.

Second of all, I wish it wasn’t short! Haha. I really hope you make a sequel to this. The story gripped me and made me think of various theories as to what was going on.

Thanks for making this game! :D

(Gameplay footage below, but first a review :D)

This game really is just as the comments down below have said, and that is that the game is beautiful.

The aesthetic and the art style really captivated me, wanted me to wish there was more to do/more levels and story too.

I really hope you do more with this game because I would so love to return to this game in the future! :D (No pun attended. Or is it?)

(Gameplay video below but first of course, a small review :D)

This was a neat little experience with a unique creature as I haven't seen anything like this in forever. The atmosphere was very eerie and creepy, especially with no music on.

There was  a bug at the end where even though I escaped, I still got killed which didn't make any sense  given that I heard the sound of the truck turning on and driving off.

This definitely had the looks and feels of a PlayStation game so that was done just right! Thanks for making this sweet game, definitely spooked me haha.

You're so welcome! When it comes to games/interactive stories such as this that has a deeper story, I try my best to understand thoroughly what has happened in this persons life or story and explain to those that may not know exactly what's going on. :D

And once again, you are so welcome. :D I love playing games like this that has such a moving story, you know?

And it's okay, just hope you're keeping yourself safe during this time! :D

Ohh understandable. 

And really? Wow, I feel special then lol. I'll try to beat Hard on my own time aha.

You're welcome. Thanks for making this game as well as the compliment of the video. :)

(I’m behind on the video but here you go! Also a mini review too)

I liked what I saw here, really beautiful and relaxing. Definitely reminded me of how fun these kind of games were as a kid.

There were a few issues I had which I state throughout the video but there was more positives than negatives :)

I'm glad the video, the review, and my personal experience I used to relate to your story warmed your heart :D

I read everything I possibly could as well as took a look at the environment to fully be able to be in your mindset during that dark time, to completely understand what was happening and your thoughts :)

Thank you once again for making this game. It's so so good. :D

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At least you were able to turn a negative into a positive in my opinion :D It was a tough and long journey but you pulled yourself up and made this wonderful game! 

You are very strong and brave, as well as creative. :D

And yes, it took a while but I was able to find my way out of the dark tunnel and into the light. It was difficult, but I had to keep telling myself that it wasn't my fault and that it was just one of those things where it just didn't last because of a certain reason.

If that makes any sense?

Also, I don't know if this was a fairly recent break up or what but I want to say this:

Even though everything feels so heavy, everything will be okay. Despite what your mind may tell you. It's going to be alright. There are plenty of people out there, millions, billions! And one of them that's for you. Just have to know where to look :)

From one person who had to go through a difficult break up, I'm here for you, stranger. :D

Thanks for making the game once again, was a great interactive game to play through and to watch the story unfold.

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(First a mini review and then gameplay footage :) )

First off, really hope you see this review! :D I appreciate this game so much!

And wow..what can I say about this game? It definitely does show what can happen during a break up, what the person may do to cope with that pain.

The colors seen at first are very colorful, symbolizing looking back on the memories can be painful but bring back happy thoughts. but later on, the colors change to darker colors and black/white, symbolizing how it also makes you sad that no longer can you have memories with this person.

This was a beautiful game, definitely recommend it to everyone to try out. It was one of those games where I had to hold back tears while playing it as something similar happened to me too. 

No one should ever have to go through a break up like that. It's a terrible pain that I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Thank you for making this game!

Oh. Oh wow, I didn't know there was a separate download for any recent updates. I'm so used to seeing anything that says "Patch" as like, Patch Notes. Oof, my bad.

But yeah, I didn't have any issues at all with the game :D Ran smoothly.

(Gameplay below but first a mini review :) )

Really late with this but better late than never :D

This game is really good in various of ways. The gameplay is simple as well as “evolving” the cell. The colors mash really well as well as the music in the game. Very calming and relaxing. :)

Thanks for making this game, really hope you add more to it in the future!

(Gameplay below buuuut first a mini review)

I really have to say, I wasn’t expecting such a game as this. I thought it would be overly difficult to play this and I wouldn’t have any fun but boy was I wrong.

The level design and the music is fantastic and fits well with DOOM as well as the graphics. Really well done game!


(Gameplay below but first a mini-review :D)

This game made me yell out so many times during the video. Kept looking over my shoulder in the game, running and running, etc. Even if that meant running into danger, I just wanted to get off the street XD

Perfect amount of jumpscares that were conveniently placed and weren't overly used or put around cheaply as you would see in games like this.

The ambiance was eerie and creepy, the environment was beautiful too! 

5/5 - Definitely!

You're welcome! :D

(I ran late on uploading the gameplay footage, sorry! D:)

A mini-review for starters before the gameplay video :D

So I liked what I saw and played, I loved the idea of a horror game involving going fishing. Definitely a new experience that I liked. Wish there was music though and a sound effect for the gates opening.

There were a few bugs/glitches I found, like the fish would unhook and get stuck on the surface for example. But since this a demo, I know it'll get buffed out later :)

A recommendation for the next update is to fix the hitboxes on the fish and maybe fix the AI a little bit or fix the range of where the fish would be able to detect the bait. 

Either way though it was a fun game to play! Can't wait to try out the full game! :D

You are very welcome! Can’t wait to see more from you :)

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(Gameplay video below but first a mini-review)

I'm late with this video/mini-review, sorry! D:

This game was actually a nice change of pace from the kind of games I've played in the past. Wish it was a bit longer and more variety in the words seen throughout the town but for what it is, it's not too bad.

To be honest, it's a kind of game if I was a teacher for English, I'd have them play this game :D Which is good because all games should be educational and a learning experience for everyone :)

*gasps* A game dev who actually doesn’t want to rely on jumpscares?! I think I’m in another universe XD

But really though, that’s great that you won’t ever rely on jumpscares. I mean sure they get me but sometimes to actually all the time, it’s done in such a way as like, just a cheap way to get scares, you know?

Can’t wait for similar games in the future! :D

(Gameplay footage below with commentary but first a review)

This was a pretty decent short horror game but I felt it was too short and didn’t necessarily have too many scares in it.

I would have liked it if there was more auditory scares or like, a flicker of the garage lights causes the screen to flicker an image of the creature/being.

It wasn’t too bad but I was a little disappointed because I wanted it to spook me and it didn’t really, to be honest.

Except for the part at the end. That part made me tilt my head and go “Oh heeeell no.” Haha.

Not too shabby in my opinion, hope you make more like this but a little bit longer and more scares.

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(Gameplay footage below with commentary but first, a review :D)

I did not expect that ending at all haha. The moment I was thrown into the game and I looked at the monitor, I was thinking "Oh hell nah."

Loved the atmosphere of the game, how it didn't rely on jumpscares and how most of it was auditory scares.

It was fun to play and had me looking behind me a lot, thinking someone or something was chasing me.

please make more games like this one :D

without further ado, here is my video :)

(Gameplay below but first a review :D )

First, I gotta say, Idle Clicking games are a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure they can be boring sometimes but feeling that sense of accomplishment because you got all the upgrades in the game as well as getting lots of money just by doing nothing is amazing.

Second, I wished there was more I could do with the game. Maybe like, disband the heist team and when I hire new people for the heist, they have better stats and I get more benefits from getting rid of the old team, and rinse/repeat, if that makes any sense?

But anyways, thank you for making this game and here's my gameplay video :D

(Gameplay below but first a mini review :) )

This game was absolutely wonderful to play! Literally felt like I was playing Megaman as well as playing a Game Boy port :D

It felt smooth, no bugs or glitches either! Definitely download this game whenever you guys can :)

(Gameplay is below but first, a review :D)

First off I gotta say, I had a feeling there was more to this game than meets the eye. Something about the cheerful music seemed way too off for me haha. My gamer intuition told me something’s happening lol.

I loved how the controls were simplistic as well as the game. This was a neat simulation of paying taxes (wink wink) and totally/definitely not a game that’ll weird you out for sure!

(Gameplay below but first a review :D)

I loved how simple as well as short that this game was! I went for both endings because I got the good ending first and I thought maybe there was a bad ending as well.

It wasn't too difficult at all, managed to get through everything rather quickly too. I enjoyed myself though nevertheless.

I originally thought that the game would be like, trolling because I've played similar games to this, but nope. It was all about going with your gut and choosing who was telling the truth.

Definitely think people should try this game out :D

Aw you’re welcome, you’re welcome! :) It was a really fun game to play and I’m so glad you liked the video as well as my voice, including my take on your game.

I can’t wait to play another game like this by you! :D

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(Gameplay footage below but first a review :) )

First off, I have got to say, after all these months of playing games on and recording them, never have I found really a game that hit me harder than this one other than Depression Simulator.

This game tackles issues that are common in the family household and unfortunately it does end up with the children with being the bystanders and this event tragically effecting them, causing them to blame themselves sometimes as well as anxiety and depression later down the road.

Seeing the events unfold in this game made me cover my mouth in awe and gripping my chest tight after seeing what was it that Aiden wishes he was brave enough to do something about.

Thanks for making a game such as this. It definitely hit me in the feels for sure.

The only issue I see is the grammar but to be honest, it's something that doesn't bother me because it didn't distract me from the overall story :)


You're so welcome! I hope you guys make more stories like this one :)

(Below is a gameplay video of mine on this game but first, a review of the game :D)

This game was so beautifully designed as well as written! I loved guessing what the story was about as well as what was going on between the two friends too.

It was a fun and adorable game to play and always had me guessing and making my own ideas of what was going on in the story as I went through playing it :D

The music was also wonderful to hear as the characters were thinking back on their high school life and what they used to do together as well.

The ending had me in tears to be honest, not going to lie, once I found out what it meant (if I was actually correct). My feels have been targeted and hit haha.

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good game with a good story! :D 5/5 Stars!

You are so welcome! I hope my review came out to be just right and not too criticizing but at least more positive than anything :D

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(Gameplay video below with commentary but first, a short review :) )

First off, let me just say that I love the design of this game! Definitely made me feel like I was playing a NES game for sure. I liked the enemies in the game and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to go through the available levels too.

The only issues I had was first the helicopter because it felt when it charged at me, if I jumped, it knocked me off the platform and if I just stayed there and crouched, it would knock me off as well.

The last issue I have is that it felt a bit too challenging, even on "Easy" for some reason. I have a feeling it's me and not the game due to me not being used to platformers but this really was a good game tbh and the best John Wick game we can get for now :D

Definitely recommend, 4.5/5

(Below is a Gameplay video but first, my thoughts and review on the game :D)

First off, I really liked the idea of the game and the premise. It was an interesting game however I had a few issues with it.

One or two of the levels, especially the first level was extremely difficult to me. Difficult to the point where I literally had to find a "cheese" to narrowly avoid the debris. In the first one, I had made it completely and was right there at the exit by got hit by a flying object.

Luckily through perseverance, I finally beat all of them except for the first level. I will say though that the game was fun and interesting, I also definitely recommend this game to everyone.

I also found that sometimes the slowmo mechanics end up messing me up and I just end up going too slow. Hopefully in the future the game gets updated so it can be even better!

Thanks for making this game :)

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(Gameplay is below but here's my review and thoughts first :) )

This was really fun and terrifying experience! Reminded me so much of a game I played on my channel last year called "VANISH" where it was the same premise just minus the shotgun haha.

The atmosphere as well as the creatures was just pretty well done in my opinion. The only issues I had were the running, reloading, and the creatures health being a bit too high (at least using 6-7 bullets to put one creature down) because it's overwhelming to see two creatures coming at you at once and it takes 6-7 shotgun shells to put down one and you're in the middle of reloading and get killed.

But other than that I was definitely frightened by this game :D Really worth playing in my opinion and I recommend the game to anyone!

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(Gameplay below but first, my review and take on the game :D)

This was a really fun game to play! I loved the bits of comedy in it, stealing toilets and sinks for what ever reason too. Especially that picture of "Nicolas Cage" haha.

My favorite is when you bash the glass and break it, and the music stops for a few seconds which I found to be quite hilarious in my opinion. 

Loved the details in the game whether it's the glass breaking in different ways or the music stopping when the glass breaks.

Definitely recommend :D

Saw this recently when I was looking for lots of games for the channel and wow, just the story alone behind this game was enough to get my attention to be honest.

And I'm glad I played it. It was extremely colorful and beautiful. This is definitely a relazing game at least for me because of flying around but still, you know?

I recommend this to everyone :D

Just followed! Can't wait to see the final product :)