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This was....a really weird but interesting game. I loved the overall message of the game and the way everything felt.

It creeped me out a bit but in a good way too. In one part of my video, it made me feel like Hannibal Lector haha.

But good job on the game!

Really loved the idea that you play as a child who has been left behind alone in a game. To be honest, at first glance I thought I was going to be thrown into a horror game or something but I was very wrong.

Really enjoyed the aspect of being able to kind of immerse yourself as this child, like playing with blocks, pulling chairs out, etc. Loved that interactivity.

You did a pretty good job utilizing the Unity engine as well :D Nice job and I enjoyed the game thoroughly!

This was a really good and well thought out game. Loved the idea of gathering clues to the reason why you're there after having no memory of what happened beforehand.

I loved the story especially because in the end, it all came together and made sense :D Really was a neat game to play and a change of pace from the games I usually play from Itch.IO.

Well done :)

This game was amazing! Loved the mechanics once I got used to it and I loved how simple the graphics were done not over the top like, but just right.

This kind of reminded me of Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey to be honest. Really enjoyed playing this game and recommend that everyone play this because of how easy it is to play it.

Really nice work!

You're welcome! And aw thank you! It was fun to play for sure and I enjoyed it. :D Really can't wait to see more with this game.

I know I'm late to comment but I finally got an opportunity to play this game. It is definitely fun, I will say that. I love games where a buddy can play the same game with you using your keyboard as well.

Wish there was more things to do in this game but for what it is right now, I will say that it was amazing to play. I love the physics especially.

An issue I do have is that I feel like the circle is a little buggy and that the square mat seems to be the easiest mat to use to win a game if you know how to play the game. But other than that, I enjoyed myself. Thanks for making this game!

I know I'm late but thankful I had a chance to play this game. I loved the game for what it was worth, loved the way that you couldn't really cheat your way through it like you could with GTA V (lets use that as an example since this type of game was used in a GTA V gamemode) and that you had to dodge left and right literally to get to the very top.

The colliding sound is a little bit annoying but not to terribly annoying. Felt that it was too easy to get up to the top but hopefully there will be more game modes/more challenges to play with in the future.

I will say though that overall, I loved the game and what it had to offer, I hope it can be even better in the future through updates :D

Ohhh well now I feel like a dumb dumb LOL XD This was still a hilarious game though. Had lots of fun with it.

I came expecting a Bus Driving Simulation but what I experienced was more than a simulator. I found some crazy experiences! 

And don't worry, that's good at least in my opinion. Seeing crazy glitches and bugs like me being lifted up in the air and cars driving forward even though the car is tilted sideways, etc.

Seeing these things made the game even more enjoyable and hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and hope people will try it out for themselves!

..I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play this game! It was fun and a neat short game to play. Loved the humor and gameplay style and how the camera worked too. Thanks for making this game!

it was my pleasure to play! I'm glad you thought the background music was a nice touch as well as the voice acting and the sound effect of a record scratching. :D

I love doing little voices and I have had people even tell me that I should do some voice acting at some point. Would be nice to voice act for a game one day haha.

I'm not sure why the bug happened but with a browser refresh, it fixed it. I'm not sure if it was something that I did or what but still, was a good game in my opinion.

This was a very intriguing game. I loved how trippy it was and how it defied physics. I also loved the fact that the end of it kind of made me feel like someone watching was saying, "No matter what you do, no matter what glitches you find and exploit, you'll never break free and you'll be stuck in this continuous loop for all eternity.

I loved the concept of the game and the puzzles weren't difficult at all which I enjoyed too. Hope to see more content like this soon because I think it has potential to have more in it. Great job!

A few days ago I recorded gameplay of your game and I have to say, I liked what I saw. Reminded me of the days of Newgrounds where people made small little Flash games and I remembered how I enjoyed plaything those.

Thanks for making a wonderful game!

I found this game as I was browsing for new games on Itch.IO and holy moly, man. This game blew me away.

I loved the gameplay as well as the mechanics of it. The fact that you have to rely on ricochet and using just one bullet to complete the level/game fascinated me.

The set up as well as the models reminded me a lot of SuperHot (which is one of my favorite games) and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game and recording it on my channel.

Really hope you make more levels to play through because this game is one of those games where i just want to replay it over and over again.

Aw you're welcome! It was a really interesting game to play and I think you've done a good job with it so far. I really can't wait to see the finished product! I love playing these indie game because it gives exposure and more people wanting to download it as well too.

I love what I’m seeing for certain. The story is interesting and the way you have plenty of choices to choose from. 

The only things I take issue with is the length (but I understand though that it was made for a Jam and that it’s still in development), not really a lot of scenarios, and that it’s a little buggy such as text not fitting into the box.

But other than that, I enjoyed the game and can’t wait to see the future of this game!

You are very welcome! The bugs and the length of the game didn’t really bother me all that much because it wasn’t anything game breaking but I really did love the concept of the game for sure.

Can’t wait to see the future of this game :D

I recorded and edited the gameplay video last night and I have to say, I really love what I'm seeing here. The concept was well thought and original, just wish it wasn't so short. The game has a few bugs and moments where the hitmarker doesn't want to register, but it was still a neat and fun game to play.

I really hope you work more on this game or make a sequel because I think this is a game that a lot of people would love to play that's new for a change. Thanks for making this game!

This was a wonderful and silly game to play! Reminded me a lot of Muddy Heights but from a different perspective.

I loved the controls, the way you had to guide where it would land and the sound effects was just phenomenal! I couldn’t stop laughing because seeing people running into poles was hilarious. 

I made sure to link back to this game page as well as the STEAM page. 😊 Thanks for making a wonderful game!

I happened to stumble on this game through New & Popular And oh my god, I haven’t laughed or enjoyed myself thoroughly in a while!

Really love the style and feel but wish that the old men didn’t have annoying sounds. I still enjoyed it regardless!

You’re so welcome! Thanks for making this game! :D

I really loved the whole noir feeling of the game as well as the old flame aspect of it. Really captured the many elements of the noir genre definitely, at least to me. Had lots of fun playing it! Hope to see more like this in the future. :)

I absolutely LOVED this game. It reminded me kinda of "To The Moon" and how sweet and cute it was during some moments. I loved the pacing and the length, the colours and environment went really well.

And the music? HOLY..I thought it was amazing! Made me move my head to it. I loved the little hint that the two of them get together in the end. Really really adorable.

The story was amazing and I loved how it reminded me a bit of how depression can be too. Seeing grey and black, not wanting to leave the house, feeling down, and feeling like there's no need to try to really do anything.

Hit really close to home for sure. Thank you so much for making this game and I hope you make more like this too!

I couldn't help it haha. But I really do like the game still, that hasn't changed for sure. :D

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Soo I felt really bad and felt like a jerk so I downloaded the recent patch, re-recorded the gameplay, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw like before as well as the changes.

The difficulties that I played it on (Journalist and Normal) were just the right amount of challenging that I had hoped for. Thanks for making such a great game and I can't wait to see the future!

That was my fault haha. I should have made sure that there was a new update because I think I had downloaded the older version a day or so before the new version was released.

I’ll make sure to play through it again and try it out again :D

I loved what I saw in the game and I do see great potential! The colours blend well and it’s very colourful indeed. But the only downside I see to all of this is that it blends too well and I get confused on what to avoid and what’s safe to collect.

And also the difficulty too because for the first level of a game, this seems pretty difficult. However I do recommend people who love a challenge to play this game for sure!

As far as the game, design, and gameplay goes, I enjoyed it. But to be honest, it was a bit raging at least for me especially when I did everything to wash all the blood I could see only to find one thing hiding. Kind of annoyed me but it was an enjoyable game nevertheless! Recommend it to everyone to play for sure.

I loved the creepiness towards the end of the game as well as the humour too! I love games like this that is on the same level as “Don’t Push The Button” or “Dude, Stop”. 

Hope to see more like this in the future!

I had so much fun playing this game! It's hilarious because this happened to me a lot but in school haha.

Really was humourous though, couldn't stop laughing haha.


You're so welcome! Updates to the game too? Can't wait to see what's in store! :D

You’re so welcome and thanks for making this game. So many people in the world think they may understand depression when they really don’t and this game helps clarify what depression is and how/what it feels like

Hey! I saw this game and thought that I should play this because I have depression myself and I knew it would be a good game to play to spread awareness about depression.

It was hard to play definitely but when I got to the waterfall, I felt a little better, that everything’s okay.

In my gameplay video, I also added links to Crisis Text Line as well as Suicide Prevention Lifeline do people can donate to those charities too. There’s also donation cards if people wish to do that too. 

Whoever is reading this, you matter so so much.

First off, I want to say how much I loved playing this game. I love how all your choices mattered later down the road and when you were getting low on money, you’d have a choice of making a very bad choice, a bad choice, or a good choice that would appease everyone across the land.It was very interesting to see all the choices you chose coming back to bite you in the butt. The only thing I’d say was bad (which was hard to do tbh), is the repetition of the characters, is all. But other than that, I’d say it’s a game that’s worth playing!

I'd say that you have the atmosphere and the feel of the 90s-2000s down pat!

Hey! So I definitely liked what I saw but I just wished the game was a bit longer. D: I loved hearing the footsteps, the lights turning off and then turned back on again, I loved the atmosphere of it.

Maybe the next game would have more thrilling moments like the feeling like something is behind you or approaching you?

The graphics as well were really well done, felt like the '90s for sure!

Keep it up and you guys will do great things!

I really enjoyed playing this game! I thought it was nice, short, and sweet. That ending though got me for sure haha. The music was great too! The Wahoo! Answers questions was funny too.

You're so welcome! It was a blast for sure! I loved crashing into the cars personally haha.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I even decided to do different voices for the game too! Primarily Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This game was really fun to play and I thought the physics in particular (like when the vehicles you crash into random fly off the map too. I love little games like this!

Aw thank you! Glad you liked the video though :D